1. Matt_C

    Upgraded my mums network - didn't quite go according to plan...

    My mum has always been plagued by poor wifi coverage in her house - it's not a small house and wifi upstairs (router/hub is downstairs next to the phone socket) has always been sketchy at best. Years ago I installed two dedicated cat5e runs from the hub downstairs to upstairs bedrooms: one at...
  2. The Dark Horse

    Help with cellular plan for Apple Watch

    Hi, just some advice re watch plans please. I'm considering buying my first smartwatch (Apple Watch SE cellular version). As I understand it BT do not support Apple Watch but my iPhone is with BT. Can I still get a watch plan with another provider or does it have to be linked to my iPhone...
  3. jason1wood

    Upgrading Sub in open plan apartment

    Any help is greatly received I'm running a 7.1.2 M&K system with a VX-1250SFX sub, in my apartment. Its an old converted chapel so has a central staircase through the levels to a mezzanine bedroom, with vaulted ceiling so I know I won't get any pressurised LFE. My question is would going...
  4. Eugene Zekai

    Is 7.1 possible in Long, Narrow, Open Plan Room

    Hello Everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing day. I am currently running 5.1 and looking to upgrade to 7.1. I have attached a sketch of the Living room. Is there a way that i can put side speakers either to front or back of the sofas since the right side is entry to kitchen? Sofas...
  5. SirZeke

    Quick and easy plan for home gym.

    Hi, can you guys help me out? I'm looking for nice plan for working out to gain masule mass and loos as much fat as posible. I will be working out at home so no jumping exercises or running. I have a skipping rope but can only use it when weathere is nice. As for rest of my equipment I have 60kg...
  6. elmoe

    Odd floor plan need help determining how best to do atmos 5.1.4

    Hi all, we just moved in to our new place and I'm stumped as to how to design a 5.1.4 given the odd space we have to work with. I've attached the floor plan with the primary and secondary viewing seats and TV locations marked. Please help!
  7. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Qobuz launches Family Plan subscription option

    Quobuz has announced the launch of a long awaited addition to its subscription offerings - the Family Plan which grants access to the service for up to 6 members of the family under a single account. Read the news.
  8. Vic 0681

    Question Position of surround sound speakers in open plan living area

    Hi All, wanted to get some help please on the positioning of my rear speakers on a 5.1 setup in the living room of an open plan layout. I have the ceiling wall mounts, but am struggling on where to position them in my new open plan extension which is currently under construction. option 1...
  9. S

    Question 5.1 to 5.1.4 Dolby atmos KEF speaker placement advice (plan)

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. After some years i'm more and more buying quality equipment. and i think i will only buy more and more as sound quality is so important for me. My next investment would be 2 new subs. as currently my sub is a visonik xxxx sub. a impulse buy in a audio store. My...
  10. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Virgin and O2 plan merger to take on Sky and BT

    Liberty Global, the owners of Virgin Media are in confirmed talks with British mobile operator O2 which could see the creation of a new TV and mobile service in the UK. Read the news.
  11. vaderag

    Question How to plan speaker/amp upgrades?

    I have a fairly old Yamaha receiver (HTR-3063) and the speakers that came with it as a set I've been pretty happy with it but am feeling it's due an upgrade as recently moved rooms and feel could use something more imposing Amp needs a 4k upgrade tho I'm working around it with optical out from...
  12. A

    Home Theatre / AV system - Plan made, advice needed

    Hello, I am looking to set up a Home Theatre / AV system in my new house. The set up I am looking for is: 7.4.2 surround sounds in the living room 2 ceiling speakers in both the office and the kitchen (on the same level) Be able to have 1 zone with all speakers playing the same music in all...
  13. pjhaahl

    Game plan for home entertainment room / Living Room - Brain teaser challenge!

    Hi All, I'm just waiting on delivery of my new Panasonic 65GZ2000 which arrives this week from Richer Sounds. While its on its way I'm trying to come up with a game plan on my interim room setup taking into account what I need to work towards so I don't waste too much money buying things now...
  14. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Qobuz drops MP3s and introduces Studio Premier Plan

    Qobuz, will finally drop MP3 support and introduce Studio Premier Plan - a single monthly Hi-Res streaming subscription plan. Read the news.
  15. Mayandi2

    Question Home Cinema for an open plan lounge

    We have a second home in Bangalore, India, where we plan to live 6 months of the year - November to April. I am planning a Home Cinema with surround sound for the lounge but the room is very open plan, leading on to the dining room at the back and opening out to the curved stairwell and the...
  16. K

    The Prestige, Prison Break, Breaking Bad, inspiration needed for a real life wedding anniversary plan

    This is a long shot, I've always loved film and stories, some of my favourites are The Prestige, breaking bad, prison break, Mr Robot, Saw, Now you See me, to name a few. You know that feeling you get when so much planning and detail has been put into a story? Or a plot trist happens but the...
  17. GreggusMaximus

    Change of plan

    Ok so I posted a thread the other day saying I'm in the market for a new set in the bedroom, but after the response I'm now considering moving my 50inch panny vt50 into the bedroom and replacing it with something a bit bigger and a bit meaner on spec but I've been very pleased with my VT50 so...
  18. r.vernon1

    Unable to get Mobile data plan with Apple Watch

    Hi, I have an iPhone MS Max on o2 with the latest version. I just bought a new series 5 cellular and tried adding the data plan from the Apple Watch app on the phone and I get an error saying Connection failed, the connection to the server has failed, please try later. Anyone else had this and...
  19. R

    55" in open plan living - distraction!!

    So, I recently upgraded 10 year old Sony plasma 32" to an LG C9 55". All well and good. The new TV is fantastic at the things I love, movies and sport. Thing is my living space is large but open plan; kitchen, dining, living room. The TV is visible from pretty much everywhere. While this is...
  20. Pecker

    Multiple Amazon Echos/Devices on a Family Plan

    Okay, I currently have a couple of Fire TV sticks, and a handful of Kindle Fire tablets. I'm on Amazon Prime and have an Amazon Unlimited Music set up, too. Currently all of these are fixed to my one Amazon account, which I also use for music on my PC and our iPhones. Multiple devices, one...
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