1. Wino

    Question CD Player to wireless headphones......without amp?

    Recommendations accepted - I am wanting information about CD Player with a very good internal Headamp for wireless headphones. Any help appreciated thanks. Wino.
  2. A

    Wanted Toshiba HD DVD Player

    Hi, Looking for a Toshiba HD DVD player. I have quite a few HD DVDs and my old player packed up some time ago. Thought it would be a good idea to revisit these ! Thanks.
  3. cls75

    I need a player that can play HBO-GO.

    I never had a blu-ray player, only a DVD player 10 years ago. In that time players didn't have available movie streaming apps. I need such a player because my TV is not smart. I have a 58'' Samsung hd tv. Can you help me choose the right player? Any suggestion are welcome.
  4. Luke1206

    Desktop music player suggestions

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent Windows 10 desktop music software. Free or not. My requirements are: 1. FLAC compatibility 2. Can play local library 3. Has some kind of plug-in or compatibility with Airplay (ideally, but could settle for just Chromecast). 4. Podcast functionality I have iTunes...
  5. M

    Question Vinyl and CD player

    Good day. My sister in law is looking at buying a music system that can play CD's and vinyl. I gave her a pair of Mordaunt Short M10s so she doesn't need speakers or speaker cable. Can anyone recommend a reasonable system in the £300 range please? Cheers, Martyn.
  6. alebleicker

    Question Sony VPL-HW40ES how to get a Roku player and soundbar to work?

    I've got a Sony VPL-HW40ES with a Roku express player connected, which I'm trying to figure out if I will be able to get a soundbar to work. I believe I will need some sort of HDMI splitter to get the audio/video from roku player and then split into a video signal to the projector and an audio...
  7. D

    Samsung HT-D5100 Home Entertainment System Blu-ray player disc playback problem

    I have a problem withe the blu-ray player where discs regularly get stuck on playback. Initially it might get stuck for a while and then skip forward a short interval and then it happens again or in worst case gets stuck completely. It doesn't happen with all discs, although it seems to be...
  8. T

    Question Looking for my 'last' CD player.

    Moving around some older separates at the moment....thinking of buying CD player...wondering where the smart money is going these days??! Thinking 2nd hand....what higher end (but older) player might be a candidate for what might be the last CD player I'll ever buy (Given moves towards...
  9. M

    Question Panasonic Blueray Disc Player DMR-PWT420

    I have just renewed the batteries in the control unit (yes there in the correct way round). The set switches on and then displays SET 4 on the player. None of the other controls now work regardless of which buttons are pressed it returns to SET 4. Can anybody tell me how I should proceed.
  10. J

    Question Buzz/hum from CD player

    Hello. I have a new CD player (Roksan Blak CD) which is producing a buzz/hum from inside the unit — possibly from the transformer, I’m not sure. It isn’t constant — it gradually builds in loudness, stays constant for 5/10 seconds, then gradually fades to silent, stays silent for 5/10 seconds...
  11. Cerec1

    4K DVD players better than CD player?

    So I’ve posted here because the guys with more acute hearing may have valuable views on this subject. I’ve been using a Marantz CD 62 Mk II K1 for a few years through an Arcam SA10. well I’ve now bought a Pioneer UHD LX500 and can’t decide yet if, 1 the Pioneer is matching the Marantz 2 If ...
  12. X

    Question disk or player audio issues?

    have a Sonos system. watching thru my apple 4k tv no issues whatever. when I wanna watch a 4k I simply unplug high end HDMI cable from Apple TV and plug into Sony xb700 player. Most disks play fine. some tend to have a subtle audio hiccup every once in a while.(annoying). But some disks are full...
  13. D

    DVD Player pixelating and freezing at random intervals

    I recorded a short example here: 15 second recording It audibly has trouble finding the tracks of the discs, is a laser adjustment/replacement in order?
  14. Perplexer

    Question Xbox One X 4K player vs stand alone - is there a big difference?

    Hi, I have an X hooked up to a Denon 2400H with an Atmos speaker config, LG B8 and use it for gaming and 4K movies. Am I missing out on quality by not having a stand alone player? If there is a difference is it significant and would it require a player that cost much more than the X to see the...
  15. SFkilla

    Ready Player One (Titans of Cult #4) (4K/Blu-ray Steelbook) (FR/IT)

    Ready Player One (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: / Release date: 29/07/2020 Status: Available to pre-order ---------- Ready Player One (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Release date: 27/07/2020 Status: Available to pre-order
  16. S

    Question Looking for bluray player advice

    My Pioneer BDP-170 has failed and I'm looking for a replacement. I want something that can play media files from a USB drive. Films from .mkv files with 5.1 soundtracks and with embedded subtitles. Also I would like to be able to play FLAC 5.1 music files. My Pioneer managed all this. What else...
  17. i7gamer

    Panasonic BLu Ray player black screen everytime? on a new tv..

    Hiya guys can anyone help me please? I live in England and I bought a new Blu Ray player "DMP-BD84EB-K" and I also have a Philips 4k tv (50 inch), So when I switch them on the tv flashes the players icon "Blu Ray" and then its a black screen? Both of them are new and I have tried numerous...
  18. H

    Dolby Vision Media Player

    Hello my friends I'm not a specialist but I think it would be great to talk about media player they can read Dolby Vision content other than streaming. Lot of TV have now Dolby Vision compatibility and for me (and for most) DV is the best "HDR" advanced feature. First all, what content can be...
  19. danez

    Question What would you go for, cassette or CD player.

    Hi guys I am using a Yamaha v377 Av receiver, been of late watching and listening to lots of HQ YouTube audiophile music, now I want to listen without the compression that youtube uses. I also have sennheiser RS 180 headphones. I don’t know if I should go for a cassette player or a CD player...
  20. I

    Question Oppo ud203 as a network player

    I'm trying to play my shared files I have stored on a synology nas but I'm having difficulty. Looking into it it seems I can only use ROON. Is this correct or can I use other services like DLNA and if so how?
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