1. cineman

    How can I tell if my Denon AVR is decoding sound formats, or my Blu-ray Player?

    Hi. My memory isn't what it once was and I'm sure I should know this but... Having gone through manuals for both devices, my BD player tells me to set audio through HDMI to 'Auto' rather than PCM, which I have done, but, having set up my AVR as I think it should be, Both the player and AVR are...
  2. Ewoody

    For Sale Panasonic DP-UB9000 4K Blu-Ray Player

    Up for sale is my Panasonic DP-UB9000 4K Blu-ray Player. Comes with store receipt, power lead, remote and small instruction booklet. Purchased from the movie rooms in May 2019. Online price just under £800. Great review here ...
  3. mbmapit

    Wanted Zappiti HDR Player

    Hi All, Anyone got or thinking of changing from their Zappiti HDR player please let me know. Thanks
  4. B

    Wanted Panasonic UB820 Blu-ray DVD player

    If you’ve got a Panasonic UB820 going spare at the right price please get in touch. Thanks. Bill
  5. graymattor

    Question What Ultra HD Bluray Player to match the Dennon X3600H & Samsung Q85R

    Hi All, I am almost completed putting together my small home cinema system, the last piece in the puzzle, for now, is a Bluray player, it looks as though it depends on the equipment I have as to what player would be best. I have a Samsung 75Q85R, this will be hooked up to a Denon X3600H, all...
  6. hamid22


    For Sale Zidoo X10 Media Player in Excellent Condition Plays Everything You Throw At It Selling As ive Bought a New Player Selling for £110 inc
  7. cottonpickers

    For Sale Once upon hollywood; Spiderman Spideyverse 3D, superman MoS 3D, + other 2Ds

    Once upon a time in Hollywood with slip £8 Spiderman into the spideyverse 3D +2d version SPANISH version (but plays in English) 12.00 Superman - man of steel. 3D+2D with lenticular sleeve 4.50 And some more 2D below: Magnificent seven - original version 5.00 True Grit 3.00 super 8 (ex rental)...
  8. M

    Windows Media Player 12 - casting to 2 devices simultaneously with same music

    I can get WMP 12 to cast to my Denon S-302 in one room and to my Yamaha RX-740 in another at the same time. Step one done - good. But what I really want is to have them synched, playing exactly the same thing in both rooms on both units. In other words, I don't want to cast 2 separate...
  9. D

    Question Can you test Netflix speed on bluray player?

    My tv license is due to run out so its time to move to Netflix, Problem is my bluray player doesn't support 5ghz and I know there is a problem with the 2.4ghz sometimes I get good speeds other times I dont, So I would like to make sure everything runs fine before I go ahead.
  10. A

    For Sale Lexicon RT-10 universal disc player

    Lexicon RT-10 universal disc player In good condition apart from remote not working, no sure if its remote or player. No problems playing any type of disk its intended to play. This was used as my CD, SACD, DVD audio transport, unlike other universal players this is an excellent CD player...
  11. A

    For Sale Silver/Grey Linn Classik Movie Player + Free speakers

    Silver/Grey Linn Classik Movie Player In good condition with remote and manual. Plays CD's fine, fussy on DVD's. + Free Pair of Mission 780SE £150 collected.
  12. M

    Is this a problem with my 4k player?

    Hi all, this happens a few times when I first turn on my LG 4k player, is this more of a player issue or hdmi cable issue? Normally have to switch it off and on again to get it to work normal. Player in question is the UP970
  13. Smiffy 2

    For Sale Sony BDP-S7200 3D 4k Upscaling Blu ray player.

    An oldie but a goodie........... –– ADVERTISEMENT –– Got great reviews when launched.... https://www.techradar.com/uk/reviews/audio-visual/blu-ray-players/sony-bdp-s7200-1279478/review Had it from new, it's In fair condition (few very light scratches on the very top of the unit (not seen from...
  14. cineman

    Question Sony BDP-S7200 BD Player that doesn't play discs!

    Hi. I have STILL got a Sony BDP-S7200 blu-ray player. It's been great, doing all the internet stuff really well (that people have complained about on this model) and playing CD's, DVD's and blu-rays just amazingly well. However, major bugbear, is that it has now decided to STOP playing any disc...
  15. M

    For Sale Free to a good home: Toshiba HD-XA1 HD-DVD player

    Hello, I have a Toshiba HD-XA1 HD-DVD player which is available for free. Collection only, from Islington, North London. This player is a US unit and comes complete with stepdown and remote control. The unit is in excellent condition and fully functional. My only ask is that if you are happy...
  16. IWC Dopplel

    Anything new likely on the player Horizon ?

    I just wondered if we have seen the best from Denon, Pioneer, Marantz, Panasonic for a while ?
  17. M

    Question Dolby Atmos 4K Blu Ray player

    We've just treated ourselves to a 55" Panasonic GZ2000 OLED TV. It has excellent, on-board, Dolby Atmos speakers and Atmos decoder, as part of the TV...Okay, it's not total Amos with separate rear speakers, but the TV's upward firing speakers give a good effect. We're looking to upgrade our Blu...
  18. celtic13

    New Multi-Region BluRay Player

    Hi all, My Philips multi region BR player has finally gone kaput after many years of sterling service and I need to replace it as I have many US Criterion Blus's. What is the state of play with these now that 4K is a thing? Can I still get them and if so what would you recommend? Many thanks P.
  19. I

    On a $200 roughly Sony 4k player, how close does an Upconverted Blu-Ray get to an HDR disc with 49" x900F

    TV is Sony 49" X900F. tia for any and all replies
  20. Welovelectronics2020

    For Sale Optoma DV10 MovieTime Home Theater DLP Projector With Built-In DVD Player.New condition in original bag.

    Optoma DV10 MovieTime Home Theater DLP Projector With Built-In DVD Player. New condition in original bag.
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