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  1. W

    Question Please HELP: Remote Control Problem

    Is anybody able to suggest a fix for this irritation: The remote control for my stereo amplifier turns on my TV. This is annoying as the amp sits underneath the TV and often I just want to listen to music without the TV switching on. Unfortunately, it seems that most buttons on the amp remote...
  2. J


    HI Guys We have a quite a large extension at the back of our house and we currently have a 60 inch (LG60UF80v) model. After around 4 years we feel this is too small for our massive room. So i want to purchase a whopping 85-86inch 4k TV. My budget is 2300 pounds so i have narrowed it down to 3...
  3. Danieru

    Marantz PM5005 vs Yamaha A-S301. Please help me to choose

    Hello, I decided to replace my Pioneer A-656MarkII, after 30 years of use. It has 70 W per channel but it is probably too powerful because I never turn the volume dial beyond 1/3 and most of the time it is at 1/4. I live in a flat and the listening room is about 20m2 and moving soon to new flat...
  4. K

    Omg please help

    :lease: okay hopefully somebody knows because for about 6 years this has been driving me insane there is used to be a TV show where the dead person text to help you figure out who killed them and I can't remember the name I thought it was Voices From Beyond or voices from the grave and checking...
  5. A

    Please help! How to connect Marantz ND 8006 to wireless Speaker

    Dear Bro, Please help me I have: Marantz ND 8006 HDD drive ( source of music) Iphone with HEOS app installed (to control ND 8006) A Bluetooth speakers Sony SRS XB32 I connect HDD drive to USB port on Marantz ND 8006 then I could browse songs from my iphone thru HEOS app. But I don’t know how...
  6. lgans316

    Extra deep TV cabinet (about 50 cms) - Please help

    Hi All, I am after an extra deep TV cabinet (about 50 cms in depth) that can fit both the TV and a soundbar on the front of it (31 cms deep TV stand and 16 cms deep soundbar). I am not finding any cabinet that is 50 cm deep. Would appreciate some help in finding one.
  7. H

    3.0 setup (config included ) vs JBL 9.1 surround bar ? Please help me choose

    Hi guys , I have narrowed my descion down to this. The choice is based on no room for big rears in my room and not a lot of space around the TV for extremely wide floor front standers Would there be night and day difference between the two setups in terms of sound quality or not a noticeable...
  8. W

    77” c9 or cx ? Please help

    So I bought a 77” c9 because I felt like with everything if offered it was the better tv but now I’m still in my window to return the tv and it has me wondering if I should have gone with the cx. I feel like the cx will be more future proof with updates it also has gsync and Freesync. New ai...
  9. G

    drone build problems

    please watch this video. can someone out there tell me what's going on here and how to fix it? i did 3d design and print my own frame.
  10. deliosiret

    please help me identify these speakers

    Does anyone know the brand and model of the speakers in the picture?
  11. deliosiret

    please help me identify these speakers.

    Hello. Does anyone know the brand and model of the speakers in the picture?
  12. ReduxT

    Problems with my Powerbeats 3. Please!

    So I got Powerbeats 3 for Christmas and a few days ago the circle speaker thing came off, (the whole part that goes into your ear and sound comes from) and I can't put it back, it seems like a part of some white thing that goes around the edge unstuck and is preventing the speaker from getting...
  13. leeeeee123

    Please help Sky Router vs TP Link TL-WA901ND

    Hi all, I am trying to set up wifi to my garden room (Mancave but dont tell the misses). So i will set the scene. 50m CAT 6 cable running from my Sky q router to the mancave. This cable goes into a TP link TL-WA901ND. I have configured it as an access point, it connected for a minute and now...
  14. S

    Please help me choose a laptop

    Hi, I'm going into college. I'll be doing some programming, watching tv shows and movies and some really light gaming on my new laptop. Currently, I have a few options and don't know which to choose. I am also open to other recommendations. I'm not American, so sorry, but I want to send links...
  15. C

    Panasonic Soundbar - Newbie (please help)

    Hello all, I have a new Panasonic Soundbar arriving today, but I'm not sure of the best way to connect my various devices. I currently have the following: Panasonic 4K TV (4 HDMI sockets, including 1 ARC connection) Panasonic 4K Blu Ray player Sky Q 2TB Box Nvidia Shield TV Box 2017 The new...
  16. G


    I’ve had my 49SM8500 for a week and a half now, I am struggling with the picture quality. Watching football games is terrible, in sport mode the ball keeps wanting to disappear When the ball is hit hard, I’ve turned off trumotion which fixes the Problem but then the quality reduces, I have the...
  17. T

    Torn between Q90T 85" and Q800T 82" - please help

    I've been back and forth between the two a few dozen times today alone. Can't decide. Currently have a Q9FN 65" which I love, especially how it handles the blacks (yes I know OLED does this better). I'm concerned that the Q800T has much lower contrast than the 90T. This will sit in a room...
  18. Simms92

    Question So confused - please help me with crossovers

    Hi, I have a: Denon AVR-X4100W Centre: Dali Vokal Fronts: Dali Zensor 7's Rears: Dali Zensor 3's Sub: E-9F I have all the speakers set to small, do the settings on the pictures look anywhere near correct? Thanks in advance
  19. C

    Please help me with my audio format query

    Hi everyone, I am not extremely tech savvy or knowledgeable in the area so please bare with me. I recently purchased a Philips 65PUS8204/12 and I don’t really understand how the audio works. I have ordered the Sonos ARC Soundbar to go with the TV and to my knowledge I will not be able to...
  20. Putonahappyface


    Hoping someone could help me please? Soundbar is connected via ARC and I've plugged my blu ray player in to one of the soundbars rear hdmi inputs and got no signal/picture. I've plugged the blu ray player back in to one of the tv hdmi inputs and all is working fine and Dolby Atmos is working...
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