1. wardieuk

    Advice needed on whether 7.1 will work for me and my set up?

    I currently have a 5.1 set up with Kef 2005.2 eggs and want to make upgrades this coming year. My rears are currently positioned high firing down, set 12 inches behind my head position with my sofa up against a wall. If I went to 7.1, I would add 2 new speakers, again set high, firing down which...
  2. Vic 0681

    Question Position of surround sound speakers in open plan living area

    Hi All, wanted to get some help please on the positioning of my rear speakers on a 5.1 setup in the living room of an open plan layout. I have the ceiling wall mounts, but am struggling on where to position them in my new open plan extension which is currently under construction. option 1...
  3. bill radley

    speaker on top shelf of hifi unit??

    Sorry if this has been asked before!! I am pushed for space and am just wondering if I can reasonably get away with one speaker on the top shelf of a sturdy hifi unit (probably glass shelves). Decent amp and cd will be also on lower shelves. I guess speaker will need isolation pads. Is this...
  4. foozoo

    Question Speaker placement...awkward'ish

    Hi, I am finally getting around to fitting some in ceiling speakers I bought off here a while ago to go 5.1.4, and just want some reassurance that it will be worth it. My room is a bit awkward as you can see from the pictures, the rear overheads have to go into the bay window recess, which is...
  5. Jamesace1990

    Question Speaker distances and setup

    Hi im Looking for some advise before i give up. I am looking into going down av reciver setup again after trying 2 soundbars a Sony ZF9 which I couldn’t sort sync issues out and poor audio I returned it and bought a Samsung MS750 which for a stand alone bar i was very impressed and happy with...
  6. Planter

    Question New Lounge - New Setup - Advice Please

    Morning all, So I've just bought a new house back in May and am now onto the final room - the lounge. So, its all a bit of a mess at the moment as you'll see from the pics but, its being renovated and to an extent its a clean slate. In my old place I used my current speakers which are a...
  7. dyson2004

    Dirac sofa mic positioning

    When using Dirac with my Arcam AVR850, I choose the sofa pictures to set my mic positions when measuring. The thing is, I'm not sure whether to follow the mic positions as recommended, as my sofa is higher than the one shown. I am not sure if the first mic setting should be exactly at ear height...
  8. U

    Question Setup question - image distortion, projector positioning

    Hello, I'm currently in the process of buying an apartment, and as it's always been a dream of mine, I'd like to get a projector and a screen in the living room, for movie nights and so on. It won't be the primary use of the room, nor will the projector be the primary display in the room (there...
  9. T

    Answered Best way to positioning TV and speakers in a room with a fire place

    I am moving into the attached house soon and trying to figure out the best way to layout the sitting room. Unfortunately it won't be a dedicated room, it needs to also be a adult sitting room and I don't want to remove the fire place. Over the fireplace is imo far too high and doesn't look that...
  10. Z

    5.1 rear speaker positioning

    Hi, I would like to create a 5.1 environment in my bedroom. I have the bed right up to the wall where the rear speakers are going to be positioned. Am I able to mount them downwards so they are above me? But the rest of the speakers are going to be front facing. Thanks
  11. M

    Question Speaker Positioning

    Good Morning All, I don't normally post in this section so excuse me if i am here in error, I am moving into a new house with a rectangle shaped lounge sitting across the width as opposed to the length, could i get some advice on speaker placement here please? Would it be better to position...

    Positioning and Recomendation for a terrible room?

    Hi all whilst i'm not chasing audiophile perfection, nor do i have a huge budget to blow, which i suspect would be wasted regardless, because simply put, i have a tiny back room that i'm HiFi'ing in, and no amount of money could make the roome acoustics better suited, its awful! right now you...
  13. Thug

    Question Sub positioning (carpet or solid base)?

    I have a Denon 2300 Amp and Centon speakers (7.1 Atmos) that is only used with my projector in a dedicated cinema room. At the moment my sub is sat on the floor/carpet behind one of the seats (needs to be discrete and the room is only 2.5m X 2.5m in size). I read somewhere on here that someone...
  14. P

    Cyfra+ Satellite Dish - positioning LNB

    I have a Cyfra+ branded dish which is missing its LNB - so I need to buy a new 37mm one. However my question concerns how I get the best position for the new LNB moving it backwards and forwards in the collar (I'm not talking about Skewing the LNB here, but moving it nearer and further from...
  15. M

    Question Short throw projector positioning

    In the process of planning my garage conversion my viewing distance will be 2-2.3m so I’ll have to short throw for a projector, not an issue to me. However when planning power points and hdmi outlets in the ceiling, there seems a great deal of variation in placement distances. I’m not stuck on...
  16. K

    Positioning Q Acoustic 2020i horizontally

    I have Q Acoustic 2020i bookshelf speakers as the front two and rear two of a 5.1 setup and wondering will it affect the sound if i lay the speakers down horizontally instead of vertically ?
  17. P

    Question Front speakers: on top of cabinet or suspended from wall?

    My question refers to my two front L&R speakers which are Kef Q100, they are part of my TV surround setup but also frequently used as stereo music speakers. I have two options for locating them: Placed on top of a cabinet. We have a long low cabinet along the wall, it's heavy and solid (made...
  18. r4w

    Question New house, home cinema speaker positioning

    Hello, I'm new here and but I have followed the forum many times and now it's time for me to ask for some help :) I have just reserved a new house with David Wilson homes and I'm planning to add a good home cinema to hit in the lounge. Lounge dimensions are 4.85 x 3.34m (15'10'' x 10'11'')...
  19. C

    Question Front speaker positioning

    Going to wall mount some bookshelf speakers, can someone give a bit of guidance on the best positioning ? I know rears should be at ear level or preferably just above, does this apply to the front ones too ? Or should I mount them somewhere in the 600-800mm range (typically the height of...
  20. Funkoid

    Question Advice on positioning?

    I've recently taken over a new room in the house for my hifi. It's a modest setup, marantz kit with B&W 686 s1. In a nutshell I can't make my mind up about the best use of space, queue terrible paint drawings below! The blue area is the seating position, the brown boxes the speakers. In...
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