1. S

    For Sale Auralic Aries Mini with BOTW SBooster Linear Power Supply

    Auralic Aries Mini with the BOTW SBooster Linear Power Supply (essential for getting the best sound quality), with original Auralic box, instructions and accessories. The SBooster Linear Power Supply costs £330 new and the Aries Mini can no longer be bought new. If you are looking at this then...
  2. MyronAub

    Question Recommendation for 2-channel power amplifier for Denon X3700H 7.2.2 to 7.2.4

    Here in Wales we're just entering another two week lockdown so I decided now was as good a time as any to update my cinema room to 4K and Atmos etc. I've just ordered a Denon AVC-X3700H which does 180W 7.2.2 but when we built the cinema room we wired up for four Atmos speakers so, as it says on...
  3. kenshingintoki

    Wanted 3, 5 or 7 channel power Amplifier

    Hey, I'm looking for a 3, 5 or 7 channel power amplifier please. I own some Arendal 1723S speakers so I want an amplifier which will pair okay with my Denon and allow me to drive them a little better. Thank you. I can pay quick, based in Birmingham, have a week off work aTM :D
  4. JL12W7

    For Sale Corsair AX1600i Digital 80 PLUS TITANIUM Full Modular ATX Power Supply Sealed unopened brand new

    This is my Corsair AX1600i Digital 80 PLUS TITANIUM Full Modular ATX Power Supply Unit which comes with the original Crosair sealed shrink wrap covering the box has never been opened. Brand New was purchased for a psu upgrade and decided to keep my current EVGA PSU. Retailing between £499 and...
  5. D

    Wanted Cambridge Audio Azur 851w Power Amp

    Hi I'm looking for an Azur 851W in black to go with my Azur 851N network streamer . Thanks
  6. C

    Wanted Rotel RB1590 or 1090 Power Amplifier

    Looking to upgrade one of my systems with the above amplifier. Black preferred but silver considered. Just thought I'd check here before I pull the trigger on one somewhere else. Happy to travel to collect.
  7. K

    Wanted 5/7 Channel Power Amp

    I am looking to bump the power on my NAD T758 V3 so looking for a power amp to add to it. Ideally black - something like Arcam P7/777 perhaps.
  8. richardsim7

    Wanted 4+ Channel Power Amp

    Looking for a power amp with 4 (or more) channels @jason1wood I understand you have a Rotel RB-985 for sale? Is that still available? :)
  9. woppy101

    GZ2000 power light staying orange

    Does anyone have any idea why my GZ2000 power light is staying orange? I have all the crap like power on by apps and tv mirroring and stuff like that all set to off but it still stays on the orange light all night so it’s not running a panel maintenance, anyone got any ideas? edit never mind...
  10. G

    Mono power amp

    I am after a mono power amp for my centre channel already have a xtz amp for my left and right around 150 watts my receiver is a demon x3400 any suggestions Cheers
  11. Harkon321

    Anyone used Farnells Pro Power 2.5mm speaker cable?

    I've already bought 100m of Van Damme blue but I've just worked out I'm going to be about 50m short. They don't have anymore stock and everywhere else seems be charging the earth. Farnells are suggesting this as a replacement. Any thoughts...
  12. M

    Onkyo NR-609 Power Cycling

    Hi Folks Not entirely sure what's happened but i'm now the proud owner of large brick rather than an Onkyo AV Receiver; hope someone can help. After switching inputs last week, the receiver went 'strange' and then, without me resetting it, started to click on into standby and then instantly...
  13. A

    For Sale Auralic Aries Mini Streamer With MCRU Linear Power Supply

    Evening, I am selling my Auralic Aries Mini Streamer in black worth £449, with an MCRU linear power supply worth £235. Aries was bought late 2018 and the power supply during lockdown. Fantastic 24 Bit streamer for Qobuz, Tidal MQA, Spotify Connect and internet radio. Both with all accessories...
  14. Ruffuz

    For Sale Raspberry Pi 4 - 4GB RAM REV 1.2 + UK Power Supply

    New Raspberry Pi 4 - 4GB RAM REV 1.2 + UK Power Supply. Any questions please ask.
  15. D

    Question Yamaha M-60 Power Amp replacement recommendations

    Hi Guys, My Yamaha M-60 Power Amp has sadly gone pop - was wondering what people would recommend to replace it? It's powering two Yamaha NS-1000 Monitor speakers so looking for something with enough oomph to drive them. Not got a crazy budget but open to suggestions in most ranges. Thanks in...
  16. G

    For Sale AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply - (BRAND NEW)

    A brand new un-opened Corsair AX1200i 1200 Watt, 80 Plus Platinum Certified Digital ATX fully modular digital power supply. It has 10Yrs warranty from corsair. Supplied in original box.
  17. T

    For Sale Primare Pre & Power

    Primare Pre 30 & Power A30.2 for sale with A32 system remote & original boxes Great condition can post but would prefer collection from the Wye Valley £1325 the pair
  18. K

    Wanted Multi-Channel Power Amplifier

    Looking for a Power amp around the £200 mark for Atmos duties. Ideally 4 channels upwards.
  19. GlennC

    Wanted 7\5 channel power amp

    Hi I am trying to simplify my system and am after a one box power amp to replace the 3 I currently have in my system (a 3 and 2 channel nord and a 2 channel rotel) so am after a 7\5 channel power amp something like a Marantz 8077 would be ideal. Thanks for looking.
  20. B

    For Sale Arcam FMJ THX P7 7channel Power Amp 7x 150WPC 8Ohms - Silver

    I'm selling my Arcam P7 power amplifier as it's no longer needed in my setup. I bought from here in June 2019 to run with my old setup but I've upgraded receiver and speakers thus surplus to requirements. It was excellent with my BW 683 s2 5.1 setup - Huge step up from Yamaha RXA 830!! It was...
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