1. J

    Wanted Power Amp

    Hi all, Am looking for a power amp to go with my Anthem 720 and run my 5 speak XTZ Cinema Series. Ideally have a budget of £600.
  2. paulyoung666

    Hot tub power ( mains plugs ) supply ?

    So , has anyone heard of a hot tub being supplied in this country with a European 2 pin plug , doesn't seem right to me , thoughts please 👍
  3. Love1542

    Wanted Marantz 5 or 7 channel power amp

    Hi looking for a Marantz 5 or 7 channel power amp if any body has any thing let me no
  4. S

    For Sale Gaming PC components...Case, MB, Processor & Power Supply

    My son has upgraded his PC and now the following parts are for sale:- Corsair Graphite 780T in white - Excellent condition and power dusted with most screws included. Full specs here: Graphite Series™ 780T Full-Tower PC Case Comes with all the included fans. This is a big case! SOLD EVGA 650W...
  5. W

    Power cable chewed by rabbit

    Hi, yes it’s true a rabbit chewed through the power cable on a swann cctv camera. It’s on the lead that comes out of the camera not the long fly lead. Anyway I thought no hassle will solder it back, cut back to find two red and one black wire. Does anyone know what each is (feeds)—- ve+ ve- and...
  6. M

    For Sale Harmony Ultimate - Hub, Remote, Power Leads & Blasters. £55

    Hi, All in used condition, light scratches to the hub and remote (being critical) as always with these devices but full working order £55 posted 1st class which is a bargain! Jamie
  7. azmadu

    Question More power or better fidelity?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to decide what would be better, subjectively or objectively, between including a dedicated power amp into an a/v setup, or an integrated stereo amp that can act as a power amp that allows for bi-amping of the front stereo speakers. So, I currently have a Marantz slimline...
  8. M

    Power leads query

    Hello. I've not posted here before and I'm not very good with technical terms, so please bear with me! I have a problem and will be grateful for some advice. Recently I moved out of my flat for a while, to allow it to be refurbished. On return I was horrified to find out that most things had...
  9. Jester1066

    Question Adding A Multi Channel Power Amp to x4500h

    Hi all.... Appreciate people's views/thoughts on this. I currently have the following Home Theatre setup - currently running in a 5.1.2 Atmos/height setup - Dali sitting on front speakers - although I have the additional (rear) atmos/height speakers to go to 5.1.4 (once I've decorated!)...
  10. lpoolm

    For Sale Genuine Wii u power pack and sensor bar

    Having a clear out and have a spare, just tested and works fine. Heavy so not really any movement on price will be listed elsewhere also.
  11. U

    For Sale 15" Macbook Pro 2018 (Space Grey) 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM, Warranty... as new, 60 power cycles

    15-inch Macbook Pro 2018 in Space Grey with Touchbar: - 15.4-inch Retina LED-backlit display (2880x1800 pixels) - 2.6GHz 6-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo boot up to 4.3Ghz) - 16GB of 2400MHz DDR4 RAM - 512GB PCE-e based SSD - Radeon Pro 560X dedicated graphics chip with 4GB GDDR5 memory -...
  12. sea surfer

    Wanted 30W USB-C Power Adapter / Preferably Apple official

    Looking for a 30W USB-C Power Adapter / Preferably Apple official. Cheers.
  13. C

    Technika 32G22B-FHD Power Fault

    Hi All, This afternoon I was given a Technika 32G22B-FHD slimline TV which was on it's way to the recycling centre. It's around 3 years old and taken from a bedroom in a local contractors accommodation, therefore little overall use. Mainly just weekday nights. It won't come out of standby and...
  14. F

    Solar panel power for motorcycle battery chargers?

    Hi, Apologies if in the wrong thread. I am moving house and have a dedicated bike garage that I will dismantle and take with me. Currently I have power supplied to it via an exterior 13a wall outlet in order to power two trickle battery chargers/tenders (Optimate type thing which states max...
  15. C

    For Sale Power Sound Audio PSA S3600 Subwoofer - Dual 18"

    I'm selling my PSA S3600 sub as it's just not getting the use it deserves. It's currently being used as a VNF sub in a very small room. The power toggle switch is broken off, but it's broken in the auto position (which is where you'd want it anyway). Ricky at Kalibrate is happy to fix it, but I...
  16. EdgeyChris

    Wanted Low Power GPU 1050TI RX550 GT1030etc

    Hi All, Currently looking for a GPU on behalf of a mate, needs ot not require any external power, looking to be able to play common esports games fairly Decently, ideally a 1050Ti would be perfect but open to other offers of low power 1050 2GB AMD Rx cards also GT1030 Max spend £90 inc, but...
  17. M

    Sony V Philips power usage

    Does anyone know where I could find how much power consumption my 30' sony bravia tv from 2010 uses ? Im trying to compare it to a Philips 50' 6100 series I just bought. Which one uses the most power ?
  18. dtobin

    Question LG B6 OLED: Suspected Failed Power Board

    Hi, This afternoon the TV just shut down while in use and since then has not powered back up. It tries and the red power light does come on but all we get is a clicking noise every now again. It sounds to me like a failed power board and a cursory Google search supports this idea...
  19. G

    Question Strange power issue

    My parents have an older LG TV 47LM470 which all of a sudden turned off, then started doing some sort of power cycling, it would start up, the LG splash screen appears, then the power LED flashes rapidly 8 times, then a couple of seconds later the TV turns off, then the same thing happens again...
  20. K

    Comparative integrated amplifier vs Yamaha RX-A670 home cinema receiver

    I use the aforementioned home cinema amp for all my audio needs including vinyl. My turntable's a Rega RP40, Ortofon Blue cart with a Pro Ject MM Box into Cambridge Audio Minx bookshelfs. OK: so what's bugging me is the thought that, as vinyl is my fave medium, I'm missing out on something on...
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