1. n0chex

    Wanted Rotel RMB-1075 - 5 Channel Power Amplifier

    Rotel RMB-1075 - 5 Channel Power Amplifier must be excellent condition and willing to pay between £400-£700 depends on condition and willing to deliver meet up.
  2. rdundas

    Wanted Super flower III argb 850w or thermaltake gf1 argb power supply

    Looking for one of the above power supplies, must be argb addressable rgb to go with mystic light motherboard
  3. james_n_w

    For Sale Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Open Power Reserve Watch Full Set March 2020 New Strap

    I would like to sell my Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Open Power Reserve The model is : 03.2080.4021/01.C494 I bought it March 2020, it is a full set from a UK AD. When I originally listed this there was some damage to the strap and slight scuffing to the underside of the lugs. I have since...
  4. mfp2gosling1

    AV Receiver as power amp

    I upgraded from my Sony STR-DA2400 to a Denon 3600 because I wanted To upgrade everything to 4k. Now I’m wondering that instead of sticking the Sony amp up in the loft to collect dust, maybe I could it as a power amp for my Centre and surround speakers and leave the Denon to power the 4 height...

    Dali E-12 F Subwoofer does not power ON!

    Hello, I have been using Dali E-12 F Subwoofer for 4 years connected to Yamaha A1020 amplifier. Use this system generally for watching movies and gaming. Usually set to average volume(not too too loud volumes). I have used it over the weekend for watching a movie and surely everything was fine...
  6. J

    Question Using a 12v trigger to power a 5v USB fan - how to do it?

    I intend to use the 12v trigger out of my power amp to switch on a USB powered fan. I imagine that building one is a simple exercise for some, but not me! After doing some internet searches I’ve amassed a collection of bits but I’m unsure if what I have is correct. As well as a mains powered...
  7. sqek

    Question Bluetooth (BT handsfree AG audio) windows 10 gaps at low volume / power saving weirdness

    Hello I recently got a cheap generic pair of bluetooth earbuds to use while exercising When I connect them to my windows 10 laptop and play something like a TV show through them, they cut out completely for an instant every time there is a gap in the dialogue, or a quiet moment. There is a bit...
  8. rik111

    For Sale Switch Dock, Power Supply and HDMI cable ~REDUCED~

    Dock, Power Supply and HDMI cable which were taken from a new switch and promptly lost. Just found the safe place I put them in and Switch is long gone. NOTE power supply has a 2 pin plug as was purchased in Portugal. Pics to follow tonight.
  9. KingisE

    Question Is it possible to power HDFury Dr. HDMI 4K through HDMI alone?

    As a recent HDFury Dr. HDMI 4K owner, I am curious to know if anyone has managed to get their Dr. HDMI 4K unit to power on with just the HDMI cables connected. The instructions claim that the unit can be powered through HDMI alone, but I have not managed to get it to power on with any of my...
  10. Sab

    Question How important are the cables between AV preamp/processor and power amplifier?

    Hi All. I have a question that has not been discussed before. How important are the cables between AV preamp/processor and power amplifer? Is high end cable worth it for the best sound quality?
  11. Horichdaslicht

    Speaker Sensitivity & Amplifier Power

    The B&W 805D3 sensitivity is quoted as 88db, the 800 90db. Why then should the 800 require more power than the 805 when the comparative sensitivities would appear to indicate the opposite? I am a music-lover, not an audiophile per se, so if it is explicable in non-technical terms please do!
  12. dazed&confused

    Power to drive PMC OB1i

    Hi I asked this question on the Lyngdorf thread in the Processor section and I did get a couple of responses, but not much, so I thought I'd try my luck here. Would I hear a substantial improvement from the TDAI 3400, compared to the TDAI 2170, driving my PMC OB1i? I'm thinking of Lyngdorf RP...
  13. N

    For Sale Danish ARTCOUSTIC Spitfire Professional Subwoofer & Artcoustic PA-1800 Power Amplifier

    REFURBISHED Danish ARTCOUSTIC Spitfire Professional Subwoofer & Artcoustic PA-1800 Power Amplifier (RRP over £4500 when new) This is an insanely powerful subwoofer and power amplifier combination for high end home cinema or professional use in nightclub....can produce astonishing amounts of...
  14. LuvCVs

    For Sale Rotel RB-2000 Power amp

    For sale is my near perfect condition Rotel RB-2000 power amp. Not that long bought it for £1100, but decided to sell in order to buy some home cinema speakers. It's 125w RMS, 115db sounds more like 250w. No original box so it'll be well packed as I can ship it with a private courier if need be.
  15. Tony Roma

    For Sale Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO 12-13V MKII power supply

    Hi, as per title , i recently bought this but really dont need it at the moment, boxed with all the bits, looking to recoup what i spent which was £275. Thanks.
  16. T

    settings reverting after power off

    hi all,just bought a 55"um7050 smart 4k ultra hd led with hdr, also a 49",everytime i adjust the settings for picture color ect it wont keep them after power goes off,im on home mode and eco is off,same issue on both tvs,fed up resetting pls help..........
  17. E

    Question Power bank

    Hi, my Anker Power Bank has given up so I'm after a replacement to use with our iPhones and iPads mainly. What do you recommend? Thanks
  18. C

    For Sale Corsair HX520W Semi Modular Power Supply

    Corsair HX520W Semi Modular Power Supply - ATX power supply with all cables bundled, including 2 x PCIE 6/8 pin connectors so should fit every graphics card. Few small marks to the case but nothing on the rear. Asking £40 posted.
  19. J

    Question Trying to understand power amps and wattage

    Hi all, Could someone help me please in trying to understand about Power amps? I have the Anthem 720, powering 5 XTZ Cinema Series speakers. My understanding is that this will drive the channels at 140-170w per channel. I;ve heard that a power amp would be helpful. There is an Anthem PVA 7...
  20. J

    Wanted Power Amp

    Hi all, Am looking for a power amp to go with my Anthem 720 and run my 5 speak XTZ Cinema Series. Ideally have a budget of £600.
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