1. B

    Sky Q Silver 2TB power lead

    Sky Q Silver 2TB power lead: Hi guys, can anyone recommend a 3 or 5mr power lead for this box.....I want to move my sky box but will need a longer power lead...I do not want to use a ganger, would far prefer a longer lead. There are plenty about but want to make sure I get a suitable type. Thankyou
  2. elsmandino

    Buying a TP-Link Switch Replacement Power Supply

    The power supply for my 8-Port Switch has just died - I have checked it with a voltometer and it is definitely the supply and not the switch itself. Where is the best place to buy a replacement? (The switch was bought in October 2011, so well outside warranty). According to their website...
  3. Hazzy671

    Question What should I do if my USB mains faceplate is only giving out 3.8v instead of 5v?

    Hi, I acquired a mains faceplate with 2 USB chargers to charge my phone and to run a USB lamp off of. After a few days, I noticed that the lamp started flickering on and off and the phone wouldn't charge. I thought of checking the voltage of the USB port and I was getting 3.8v instead of the 5v...
  4. H

    Question new power adapter Bravia 49XD8099 help!!

    Hi, we were burgled last week and the nice people took the power supply for the telly. Anyone know the part number and supplier for a power supply for a Bravia KD-49XD8099?? thanks
  5. A

    Question Remove SW to gain more power for other channels?

    I have an old RCA RT2760 setup. (this one RCA RT2760 home theater system Specs. ) I replaced the center channel with a Micca M-CS. And have the M-8S for the front and the M-8C for the rears but have yet to put either of those in. Reluctant at this time based on the specs I just looked at. I...
  6. W

    Power requirements and safety

    I'm thinking about adding dual SVS PB-2000 subs to my system (currently using a 150w HSU sub that is inadequate for the size of the room), and it got me thinking about the power I am pulling from the only outlet I have available to my system. The outlet is on a dedicated 20a circuit, but I'm...
  7. canada16

    Power surge, 8 or 10 way ?

    Hey I have a very very basic £5.00 8 way extension plug and want a better protected and quality one. My onkyo recently blew a transistor and was not able to be replaced, which had me thinking it could have been a storm, or just one of those things. Anyway, I just want one that will hold plugs...
  8. S

    receiver pre-out to two power amps (biamped) to drive 2 speakers

    I want to simplify my hi fi set up by substituting my preamp with my new Sony Str-ZA5000es and have the opportunity to use my floorstanders as part of my AV system. I want to preserve my current power amps setup which is biamping and drive one floorstander each. The receiver has zone 2 and 3...
  9. M

    Question Help CV AT-15's Need Power

    I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I purchased some Cerwin Vega AT-15's and did not know they were 4 ohm speakers, I have been running them on an old Technics SA-DX750 AVR. At first they sounded good but i believe the 4 ohm load has taken its toll on my receiver as it is only 6 ohm...
  10. V

    Splitter with no mains power

    Hi, I need a splitter, preferably 4-way, to work with my Sky Magic Eyes but have no mains power nearby. My Sky box has RF2 output switched on. Any recommendations gratefully received.
  11. Nandvanshi

    Vivitek D927TW power button blinks 7 times

    I have used purchased Vivitek D927TW Projector.It's is not working the blue power button blinks 7 times. Acc to manual It shows "Lamp door open". I tried to fix it but nothing happened. what to do?
  12. C

    Will my amp power two pairs of Speakers

    Hello, New to this forum, so hi! Basically I have a Yamaha RN602 Amplifier and a pair of Q acoustics 2050 Floorstanders. I wanted to know whether my amp could handle me putting in a pair of Q acoustics 3020 Book Shelf Speakers for the rears? I know the Ohm rating of the speakers are 6ohm. The...
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