1. shaf1667

    For Sale Quad 33 Preamp Control Unit and Quad 303 Power Amplifier . FM 3 tuner

    Quad 33 Preamp Control Unit and Quad 303 Power Amplifier . FM 3 tuner. Condition is Used and is in full working order. one of the feet on the amp is missing Please see pictures for condition and contact me if you need more pics. Comes as pictured with leads I would prefer Cash on collection but...
  2. F

    Question New phono preamp

    Hi currently using a project phono box e, looking to spend between £200 & £300 on a new phono preamp, looking at Rega mk3 and Graham slee any recommendations , rest of system is naim nait Xs 2, project rpm 1 and mission m35i speakers any info appreacited regards Fegin
  3. D

    AV Receiver with preamp outputs

    I want to use active speakers for rear and side surround and they will need preamp outputs in addition to the usual speaker outputs. Can anyone point me at a suitable device? 7.1 or 7.2 would probably OK and nothing esoteric or very expensive. Or is there an HDMI to phono device that would do...
  4. Adam72

    Phono preamp

    Hi good people. I'm looking for a phono pre, £300 max. I've been reading reviews of the usual suspects s, Rega Fono mm, G Slee gram amp 2se, Cambridge Alva Solo and the Mofi Studiophono. Basically I'm confused with the amount of choice. If possible I'd like a warm sound, do pre amps even affect...
  5. W

    For Sale Audiolab 8300CDQ - CD Player / Preamp

    I have an Audiolab 8300CDQ - CD Player / Preamp to sell. It is 1 year old in black and mint condition. The remote has a small mark on but is otherwise mint. Sounds great. Only selling as I barely ever used the CD player so have switched to a dedicated preamp. £750 + postage ono
  6. K

    Question Newbie struggling with Yamaha WXC-50 and E5 active speaker set up

    Hi all Long time lurker here, but big fan of the great help and advice you are willing to share. I picked up recently a pair of Presonus Eris E5 active speakers, at a great price. I hooked them up to a CCA and after a bit of messing around, had things set up well. As they are set up in a...
  7. D

    Wanted Streamer Preamp

    Hi I'm looking for a streamer - preamp either to buy or trade my 2011 Naim Uniti - 2 . Thanks David
  8. B

    For Sale Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Special Edition MM Phono Preamp

    Hi all, I recently bought an Era Gold V so have decided to sell on the Gram Amp 2SE. Comes with original box and bog standard power supply. Cracking phone stage, tons of reviews available online. Will take some photos this evening if there's any interest.
  9. Andrea972

    Help ! What preamp for Macintosh 2205

    Hi , I’ve got a Mcintosh 2205 power amp and have tried reading about how to match to a preamp but just can’t understand! What bit of the spec of the power amp tells you the impedance ? I have a very limited budget as it all went on the amp for now and will try and match with a MAC preamp at a...
  10. Z

    Atmos preamp for community cinema

    I'm looking for an AV Preamp for a community cinema, preferably ATMOS. No need for power amp stages as the speakers are active. Any recommendations? At the moment the cheapest options I have seen are using a full AV Amp with pre-outs and ignore the power amp stages. Is speaker out to line out...
  11. A

    Yamaha hs8 using preamp Yamaha WXC50 VS Edifier S3000 Pro

    Hello, Im new at hifi and want buy speaker Yamaha HS8 and using Preamp Yamaha WXC50 but i have question, are preamp can enhance audio quality? btw i want using xlr to rca male each speaker to preamp. or i better buy edifier s3000pro? at my country 2 Yamaha HS8 + wxc 50 worth $800 same as...
  12. A

    Wanted Classé CP-800 preamp

    Hi everybody, Got a Classé CP-800 you’re looking to sell? Please let me know! Thanks, Andrew
  13. J

    Preamp suggestions with balanced outputs

    I'm a musician (bass player) with tons of gear, including for PA, and I'll be setting up sound in my new large living room/dining room/kitchen using a pair of powered Alto TS208s and a TS312s sub. I'm looking for a suggestion on a preamp for TV/MP3/phone/phono that have balanced outputs...
  14. Ed Selley

    T+A DAC 8 DAC and Digital Preamp Review & Comments

    The DAC8 is part of a range of T+A components that form an independent system but it has a number of virtues that mean you might want to look at it on its own - so we have. Read the review. Write your own review for T+A DAC 8 DSD
  15. P

    Preamp for DAC

    Hello. I just purchased a Music Fidelity V90 DAC. This DAC does not have a volume control and when connected to my MacBook Pro (Catalina OS) all volume controls are disabled. Now I am seeking an appropriately priced, decent quality, preamp to solve the problem (if indeed this is the best...
  16. MaryWhitehouse

    Question Pre-amps

    Afternoon all, So as I try to be patient waiting for my new speakers to be sent out (Acoustic Energy AE1 Active) upgraditis strikes! Next on my list is most likely to be a new (or secondhand) preamp. For this my max budget is likely to be £500. It needs to have at least two digital inputs (1...
  17. OptoFr3nk

    Question Which preamplifier for my Rotel RB-980BX?

    Hi guys, hope you all are well. I am asking for your help in purchasing a preamplifier for my "new" Rotel RB-980BX. This power amplifier is actually working paired to an integrated amplifier, the Nad 302, that I am using as a preamp. I purchased this power amplifier because I would like to move...
  18. nickpish

    Upgrade my receiver, phono preamp or both for vinyl listening?

    Hi, I'm hopeful to get some recommendations for upgrading my receiver and/or phono preamp for my vinyl-listening rig. This is my first post here, so I'll try to provide as much detail as possible; here's my current setup: Turntable: Technics SL1200-MK2 Cartridge: Ortofon Super OM20 Phono...
  19. TheCrazy

    Can you recommend me a preamp DAC for ELAC NAVIS ARB-51

    Ordered the Navis! Looking for a DAC that has volume control in the region of 500 - 300 bob. Any suggestions what DAC would pair well with the Navis? Thanks!
  20. R

    Ditching my avr for a preamp and two mono blocks in a 2.1 setup. Will my movies suffer?

    Made a similar thread earlier but I am just about to bite the bullet and am trying to check in once more I have a htpc connected to a Panasonic 55cx800 via hdmi which is in turn connected to a Denon 1910 via toslink. I have two monitor audio bronze br-2's and an active sub I am looking to...
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