1. rustybin

    For Sale CHUWI Hi9 Tablet PC MTK 8173 Quad core Up to 1.9GHz Android 7.0 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 8.4 inch 2.5K screen 5000mAh

    Excellent condition. Just over 12 months old. Perfect for kids. Lightening quick with powerful processor and a lot of RAM and battery for a tablet of this size and price. Excellent condition. It had a screen protector on so screen is excellent. Not sure about the box. Comes with a third...
  2. kbfern

    For Sale MK 651 LCR & pair of K4 tripole and Quad 11L gloss black

    Hi Guys Due to upgrading some of my speakers I have for sale some speakers which are now excess to my requirements. First up: MK 651 LCR in black in very good condition and in full working order. Only marks on them are a few light scratch marks on the back by the mounting screws. The 651...
  3. thekingbeyond

    For Sale Quad L-ite satellite speakers in gloss grey

    Quad L-ite satellite speakers and centre in gloss grey with wall brackets, mostly in good condition. Great sounding, working order, there are some light scratches on the speakers and a very small ding on the edge of one of the small satellites, some deeper scratches on the centre which also had...
  4. N

    Quad Vena 2 Play vs Audiolab 6000a play with Wharfedale Lintons

    Hi, Can anybody tell me if there would be much difference between the Quad Vena 2 Play and the Audiolab 6000a play (used with Wharfedale Heritage Lintons)? I’ve demoed the Audiolab but I’ve been told the Quad may be slightly warmer in sound. I’ve also been told they’re both quiet similar. I...
  5. JabbaNut

    TV-Stick T98 MINI that renews its interior with a Quad Core RK3318 SoC

  6. A

    For Sale Quad Artera Solus Play

    Evening, I am selling my all in one Quad Artera Solus Play streaming system in black. Bought last month, I am only selling as have not sold my previous bits. Obviously as new, with remote, accessories and box. Recently highly reviewed on AV Forums, this uses DTS Play for all your streaming...
  7. F

    Question Quad ESL 57 Electrostatic Speaker Bulgin Plugs

    Does anyone have or know where I can get a pair of Bulgin plugs for ESL57s . These are the mains cable connector plugs and are very difficult to find .
  8. R

    For Sale Apple Mac Mini - Space Grey 128GB BNIB

    For sale I have a 2018 Space Grey Mac Mini brand new and sealed with 1 year Apple warranty included. Spec as follows: Intel Core i3 3.6GHz (8100B) quad-core Processor Intel UHD Graphics 630 with up to 1.5GB Shared Memory 128GB PCI-e SSD Storage 8GB RAM PC4-21300 (2666 MHz) DDR4 SO-DIMM Memory...
  9. komarfamily

    For Sale Quad artera pre/pro

    Hi guys, for sale is an immaculate Quad artera combo. The preamp is still under warranty. As you can see in the pics they are stunning. Quad Artera stereo power amp is 850 GBP Quad Artera pre is 750 GBP I have the original boxes as well.
  10. J

    Quad Elite Pre Phono problem

    Hi - hope you can help... I have set up a Quad Elite Pre Amp which I purchased used. It looks mint and all seemed fine until I connected the Phono. It's like the music is underwater with no treble. I've checked the tone controls and they make no difference. The pre is connected to a Quad 99...
  11. T

    Question Quad L2 Sub Woofer Replacement Remote Control

    Hi everyone, I have a damaged remote control which will not operate my Quad L2 Sub Woofer. These units can only be operated by a remote control. As the replacement Quad remote control is no longer available, I have been given all of the codes for the Quad Remote Control. I intend entering...
  12. O

    Question FreeSat and Freeview on LG B8 - need advise for sharing signal via Return to Bedroom TV

    Hello all, I need some help as really new to all this. I live in a flat with a communal dish (mainly used for SKY) and an antenna. In my lounge I have a quad TV/FM/SATx2/LAN/RETURN wall plate from Schneider. In the bedroom there is a single one with a female coaxial entry. Just purchased a...
  13. L

    Audiolab 6000a play or Quad Vena 2 play?

    I am considering purchasing an Amp to power the front speakers of my AVR to get better stereo music quality and for streaming as I have an old Sony STRDB930. Do either of these amps have HT bypass? Would this setup produce better music quality or would I be better off with a one box solution...
  14. J

    Quad 11L - worth upgrading to Focal Aria 906?

    I have a pair of the original gloss black Quad 11L speakers from about 2002 - they have served me well and are currently performing with a new NAD C368 amp fed by vinyl, CD and a Yamaha streamer. I also have a Wharfedale sub to add some extra bass. I'm now considering a speaker upgrade and have...
  15. T

    Quad L2 Sub Woofer not switching on

    I have just acquired a Quad Elite Hi-Fi system which belonged to my late brother. The speakers consist of 2 x L12 Studio Monitors + an L2 Sub Woofer. I have connected all the components & the system works fine except for the Sub Woofer which will not switch on. I have checked the fuse & it...
  16. J

    Quad 67 CD - worth keeping?

    Hi, this is my first post. I joined the forum to hopefully get some idea of if I am crazy or not and perhaps some advice! I have had my Quad 67 from new, bought around 20 years ago. It is still perfect and looks pretty mint. Sound quality is similarly great. My question is simple, i notice...
  17. B

    quad 405-2 question

    Hi All. I was thinking of buying a quad 405-2 and a quad 33 preamp seeing as i heard one many years ago and was blown away by the sound it produced. I was only 20yrs of age and the experience has stuck with me all these years. I have just retired, the kids have moved out, a room has become...
  18. Incubus Venit

    Quad S2 or Z1?

    I have listened to the s2 and love them. And they are in my price range. I have never listened to the z series but I think I would love the z2 and z3. Would likt to go out and listen to them but cant find a close dealer here in dalarna sweden. Right now I'm looking at the s2 for 500 euro z1...
  19. P

    Question Vintage QUAD equipment

    Hi all, Apologies if this is wrong place for this, please feel free to remove/move as needed. I am in need of some advice if possible regarding some vintage quad equipment belonging to my late grandfather. In the process of sorting out his belongings I discovered a boxed 303 with manual & a...
  20. JabbaNut

    Hardkernel has launched a $50 “Odroid-C4” SBC that runs Linux or Android on a 2GHz, quad Cortex-A55 Amlogic S905X3

    " Hardkernel has launched a $50 “Odroid-C4” SBC that runs Linux or Android on a 2GHz, quad Cortex-A55 Amlogic S905X3 with 4GB DDR4, an eMMC slot, 4x USB 3.0, GbE and HDMI, and a 40-pin GPIO. Hardkernel’s new open-spec Raspberry Pi 4 competitor and lookalike is the first community-backed SBC...
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