1. T

    Simple Question

    I am considering buying the Samsung QE55Q80T and I have one simple question, well I thought it was simple until I chatted to the so called Samsung's experts. Okay i admit when it comes to electronics I'm no geek, I'm just a cautious retired engineer who can't abide spending money. I've no...
  2. F

    15m ruipro hdmi cables question

    Has any one had them fail on you , i have had 2 now in under 2 years fail on me ie no signal i have contacted them via there support page
  3. lepiane

    Two software update questions LG C9

    Hello. Happy owner of a C9 OLED that I calibrated with suggestions and I'm very happy. I let the LG update 2 days ago and maybe I'm imagining things but the picture seems slightly worse. Should I go in and re-calibrate? Could the settings have gone back to default? Thank you
  4. B

    Question about Moto E 6Play

    I am relatively new to Android phones and although I find it very useful, there is one thing that bugs me every time. Although I am able to increase the general screen time via settings etc., I do not know how to increase the initial opening time. For example, by the time I hear a notification...
  5. Briansf2

    Can't get TV to connect to HDMI devices (are cables the culprint?)

    Recently moved into a new place that has HDMI box above the fireplace and HDMI box near the console (image below) and cannot get the TV to properly detect the HDMI devices, such as my Apple TV and eArc compatible sound bar. I'm not sure what HDMI cable connects these two boxes behind the...
  6. K

    Amplifier question

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me please? I've posted on here before asking about having wireless speakers in the garden and if it's possible to connect them to a soundbar....however, I'm now wondering if it would be better to have our set top box (and projector, dvd, games console etc)...
  7. P

    Not the usual question about speaker cables

    Hi all, Following a change of residence my HiFi was set up with one 5m Speaker cable run out to a distant speaker and the second speaker next to the amp with the excess of 5m speaker cable coiled up neatly, picture atached. The cable used was 2.5mm 4 cores Bi wiring the speakers I a fit of...
  8. TheRoverdog

    Question Epson TW9300 Gaming and Sky Q 4K HDR Question

    I am currently looking to pick up a 2nd hand TW9300 (wanted thread in Projector Classifieds) - But I have a question following on from a fellow (very nice) Forum member who enlightened me about the HDMI Frequency issue with the TW9300 and using PS4 (and probably PS5) and Xbox one (and probably...
  9. D

    Denon AV-2600 Quick Question

    My setup was working just fine. No issues but over the past week something has changed and I can't work out why. Set up is simple enough. I have only two sources going into the amp. My UHD player and Sky Q box. The output from amp is into eArc on my Samsung. My issue is when I want to...
  10. W

    Newbie headphone/amp/DAC question(s)

    I have a Marantz PM6004 from about 10 years ago, which I'd like to use with a fairly decent set of headphones (prob AKG 702 or Sennheiser 599 (unless anybody can recommend a much better set for less than £130)). I play from a CD player or a Pro-ject turntable, both the same vintage and fairly...
  11. bogart99

    Dopey question

    It has been a while since I last asked a dopey question so here we go. Quad Vena Play II and Marantz NA6006. Do they both do the same job regarding playing networked music and are basically the same except the Play obviously has an amplifier built in? And could I use either or both to play a...
  12. GTeng

    TV Bracket weird question

    I've got a large bracket bolted to the wall at the moment, and my two previous TV's sat perfectly on it. However my new TV now sits way too high (about 6-7") on the same mounts. It's a tilting bracket with 2 hooked ends that clip onto the wall bracket, is there any way I can extend these so...
  13. U

    Impedance question. Layman’s terms please😂

    Hi, I’m a bit new to all this so please take it easy on me! Small words etc😂. I have a PHILIPS MICRO MUSIC SYSTEM BTB2570/12 BLUETOOTH DAB FM RF3075. On the back, by the speaker cable terminals it says “8 ohms”. I want to connect two Roth OLi RA1 speakers to each side ie left & right so I have a...
  14. devlino

    Question GZ950 & Sonos Beam connection question

    I have 2 play ones and I'm buying a beam for a simple suround solution... I have a Virgin box, a 4k firestick and an Xbox one X, can someone point me the best way of connecting, I know the TV has arc, will the Beam need to go in there and the other 3 HDMI connections for the other electronics...
  15. D

    Question about DNS, VPN and routers...

    I'm looking at adding a DNS or VPN to my home PC setup purely for privacy/security reasons. Having read a few articles on DNS's and VPN's, there's one aspect (at least!) that I still don't understand: isn't it the router that determines what DNS server my PC connects to? How come there's any...
  16. C

    Philips Ambilight Position Question

    Hey guys, I need your help. I'm curious to know if any of you ambilight users have your TV positioned in the corner of the room, if so, how does it work and how far from the corner are you. I have a fairly large long living room and unfortunately the only logical place for the TV is the far...
  17. N

    Question Newbie question re projector and soundbar

    Hi, am looking at buying a projector (Epson TW7100 currently top of the list) and looking at a Bluetooth soundbar to go with this, as I want to have a compact set-up that's easy to put away - so trying to avoid going down the AV processor route. My question is, assuming the following set-up...
  18. C

    Frys “Trusted Brand” Question

    Does anybody happen to know what receiver this is? sounds like a decent receiver, but don’t want to buy unless I know what I’ll be getting. Thank you!
  19. TommyDog bung, or not bung...that is the question.

    Hi, I'm hoping that the lyngdorf fans can help me with this one? Tomorrow I have a TDAI 3400 arriving for home demo. So, my Monitor Audio gold 300 5g will be pushed back against the wall (as advised). However I have not read anything about the bass ports and bungs. Do I need them in? Or leave...
  20. G

    New OLED Owner - Pixel Refresher

    Hello! I am new to the AV Forums and to Oled ownership! I have read in some sites that you should run a Pixel Refresher right after plugging the TV for the first time to improve uniformity and ´settle´ the screen. But to be honest, uniformity is great on my set. Should Pixel Refresher be done...
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