1. X

    Question Real power output to 3.1 from 5.1/7.1 AV receiver

    Hello everyone! All of my local dealers fail to answer this question, only “guessing” so you guys are my last hope. How much power will a 5.1/7.1 AVR pump into 3.1 setup, provided of course that everything’s setup for 3.1 correctly? Let’s say I consider Rotel RAP-1580 which is 7.1 rated at 100...
  2. GrumpyOldGamer

    Bought a house with a real fire place, whats my options?

    Never had a home with a log burning fire, it's old and ugly plus a tad unsafe, I'd love to light it but dont want to burn the house down just yet, the brickwork has the odd crack and you can see where smoke has come up behind the mantle and smoke damaged the wall paper (see pics). What's my...
  3. R

    Question 55 Low budget tv - A real battle

    Dear friends Greetings from Europe. I'm facing this real match among low budget tv, you want the bargain but all product seem to have pro and Cons.. So lets be clear: i can afford a 550-570 euros tv, and now chioce is: Philips 55pus7303, with its ambilight technology Hisense 55u7A has...
  4. raduv1

    Is your Avatar/online profile disconnected from your real life opinion ?

    I do not use FB , Twitter , Instagram etc just don't float my boat . I have seen a rise in peeps being called out on old posts ( James Gunn being the latest ) that a recent profile can not mask . Been using forums for years and for most part I see many a member will not come outright on what...
  5. C

    Question Real problems with Samsung JS9000 and HW J7501 sound bar

    Hello there, Sorry for the immediate question year but as someone who would really like to understand AV stuff better, I could really do with your help. As mentioned in the title, I have a JS9000 series TV with a matching Samsung HW J7501 soundbar. I was really excited when I purchased these...
  6. H

    Question 7.1 headphones: Fake or real?

    I'll try and keep this short and sweet. I game, mainly FPS, so 'Surround sound' is quite important when it comes to figuring out where I am getting shot from. I use Astro A50s, but after being quite unhappy with the sound, I did some digging and realised that they aren't actually 7.1...
  7. J

    Real world Optoma UHD51 input lag testing

    Hello everyone, basically this post relates to my observations with input lag although I do briefly mention picture quality too. I've just added this post on a thread titled "Optoma UHD51A: 4K HDR 3D DLP Projector... w/ Alexa" on the US forum AVSforum. Although I'm from the UK I've been...
  8. engr

    Question Simplicity of soundbar real 5.1 surround

    I don't know what category I should post this under. I'm in early planning stages of a basic home theater upgrade. I like the simplicity of a soundbar instead of an AV receiver, but I want true 5.1 sound with good speakers, not the soundbar quality. What I want is a 5.1 system with wireless sub...
  9. Venomx999

    Question Real or Fake 4K UHD

    Real or Fake 4K Lists all the real and fake 4KS, how come so many are fake ?
  10. Bigfingers

    Champions League: Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid FTA HD

    ZDF HD 19.2e 11362H 22000 2/3
  11. Chanser

    Xbox might be showing your real name

    Via reddit: Warning: Xbox is Doxxing people right now. Check your name privacy settings! • r/xboxone Don't know why this happened, but I was checking my friends list and I can see their real names. You can change your settings here.
  12. K

    Answered Connect:Amp only way to have speakers 'always on' for Sonos?

    I'm fitting a couple of ceiling speakers, primarily for Atmos surround, but I would be keen for them to perform the sound from Sonos for that room, freeing up my existing Play1's for another room. I know that there is a Connect:Amp, but ideally I wouldnt have to spend £00s on another amp when I...
  13. K

    Question re real estate and drones...

    Hi, Ive just joined AV Forums to be part of this community and to ask a question. I am in the process of setting up a Drone photography and vidoegraphy business and now waiting for my CAA licence to come through. I will be mainly working with real estate agents and also adding roof inspections...
  14. D

    Question "Real" remote control for UN65K8000F?

    I own a UN65K8000F TV. The "voice" remote that came with it is awful. I've decided to try to find a "real" remote (you know, with buttons) and retire the voice one. Can anyone suggest such a remote? Ideally it would be a Samsung product, but not absolutely required, as long as all functionality...
  15. S

    LG 43UJ670V. Does this TV have real local dimming?

    LG 43 LG ULTRA HD 4K TV | LG UK Quoted from the website: "Ultra Luminance – The science of light control Enjoy brighter whites and darker blacks thanks to local dimming technology which lifts the brightest scenes to brilliant new levels and the darkest shadows to life." Is this a real...
  16. TerFar

    LG need to get real users to test their TVs

    I finally purchased a TV. I was looking at OLEDS but decided that the premium price and many reported niggling problems to not buy one for a few years until we know that they are reliable and the problems are ironed out. So I purchased an LG 55SJ810v. It's OK for its price. I found that to keep...
  17. DAZ UK 74

    Is it real 4k ?

    I have been looking into replacing my bluray collection to the UHD versions. However after doing a little research I noticed a lot of movies are filmed in 2k and then upscaled to 4k. I have found this site Real or Fake 4K which seems to support that information. If I buy the UHD version of a...
  18. mclingo

    Wanted - High quality real passive 3D Glasses

    Hi, my 3D glasses keep getting scratched, they are all cheap plastic, do real Glass passive 3D glasses even exist?, I cant seem to find any. alternatively, can anyone recommend any with quite thick good quality plastic lenses, dont mind paying a few quid for a decent set. Cheers.
  19. HeavenlyWarrior

    Question Biggest screen real estate 16:9 or 2:1?

    Quick question, can anyone provide a chart or an answer to which aspect ration phone gives the most screen real estate, a 6 inch 16:9 phone screen, or a 6 inch 2:1 screen? Thanks.
  20. Christian 71

    Electronic Drums (Rockband3) or Real Drum for Beginner

    My youngest daughter (6yrs) has just started drumming and is loving it. I bought her a second hand 5 piece tiger junior drum kit and after a year of bashing away she has just started lessons. I'm not sure she would have progressed as well but I bought Rockband 4 on the xbox and after the drums...
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