1. canada16

    Real dumb question, where to put subwoofer wire Yammy RX-3050

    Sorry my mind is like sludge, I have had to move 2 houses in a week and just forgot so much stuff, especially after going through my wires lol. I went through the manual, but cant see a 100% answer. Subwoofer is in the LFE. But there are more than one subwoofer input. I have only the one, so...
  2. JojoPetals2

    Hisense 75H10D OLED/ZD9 Killer is real!

    At least for those of us in the US. OET List Exhibits Report Hope Motheye and everything else made it over. Including the DolbyVision from the Chinese model.
  3. Venomx999

    Real Or Fake 4K?

    Hi guys, i found this website which tells you exactly which films were and weren't filmed in 4k, you'd be suprised, aparrently The Revenant wasn't filmed in 4k either ! Real or Fake 4K
  4. True Romance

    Any Mini JCW (228bhp) owner? Whats real world mpg like?

    Thinking about swapping back to petrol and been looking at a Mini clubman JCW with the new 8 speed auto. With the options list getting bigger and bigger by the minute doubt very much if I can make the numbers work but just wondered if we have any owners of a works (228bhp) and what real world...
  5. raduv1

    Atmos,DTS X a very real upgrade

    I have ( for me ) a great display and spinner to take full advantage of UHD BD and love the visuals that it produces . First though I built my system to take advantage of the new 3D sound formats in regards to Atmos and DTS X. Now I only have a small room but went full out on a 5.1.2 system...
  6. Tomsonman

    Grey screen in practise - a real difference?

    Hey guys, Have decided to buy my fist projector, a Benq W2000. I'll be watching mostly movies (some xbox and ofcourse 3D) in my living room at night, so with no ambient light but all my walls are painted white. My question is, how much of a difference does it make to use a gray screen like...
  7. Jaymo1978

    Question LG 55SJ8500 Real Cinema question

    Hey folks! So, I have a question that definitely hasn't been answered elsewhere, so I'm hoping someone just knows offhand. I understand how Real Cinema mode operates - it processes every frame twice per 1/24 second (without trumotion enabled) or 5 times per 1/24 second (with trumotion) to...
  8. paolino

    Question Please help with my first (real) TV

    Hi, I'm finally getting rid of an old 24" (yes, not joking) to get a real TV. I've read many posts about FHD vs UHD, distance and so on, but I'd like to have some suggestion to make a final decision. My use-cases: - No gaming - Mainly Netflix/Prime/Youtube + Freeview HD channels. - Distance: 3...
  9. M

    Question Best way to test "real" screen resolution, test patterns?

    Hi, I'm looking into buying a 4k tv, i've read somewhere that there are screens that advertise themselves as 4k and fool you with the resolution but in fact the real resolution is different, so i searched about how to find the real resolution and came up with this Test Your 4K Device True...
  10. J

    Question Toyota Auris Hybrid. Real world MPG

    My partner tomorrow collects a new car a Toyota Auris Hybrid 1.8VVTi on a 14 plate with 33000 on the clock. What MPG can she expect subject to diving technique & how much of an improvement will it be over her Vauxhall Astra SE 1.6 AUTO on an 11 plate?
  11. J

    Chat bots - real solution or just a gimmick?

    Hey I've seen that there are now companies that use virtual Chat Bots instead of you being able to ring through to someone on the phone. Do these things actually work or is it better just to phone in a sit in a call line? I'm thinking about investigating this tech for my start-up, but I don't...
  12. A

    Question Anyone with a real Fogscreen Inia or service manual.

    I am looking for help with a faulty FogScreen Inia or the Controller for it. To know what the voltages are going to the screen and some other general info, I would love a service manual if anyone has access to one. I have traced out all the wiring going to the sockets but just do not know...
  13. C

    Question Need Real Help With My 4K LG TV

    Hey guys, let me just start off by saying that I apologise if this is in the wrong section and if so, admin/mods can move it to a more suitable one, I'm just looking for some help. Anyway, I recently purchased a 4K player and earlier on I was finally getting round to setting it up, everything...
  14. A

    Question 'Active' speakers VS Wireless

    Hi, I am looking for (cheapish) small speakers for bedroom and a spare room, my sources are a NAS drive hosting my mp3s and Spotify Premium. I was considering the Bose Soundtouch 10. However I already have a spare Chromecast Audio and was thinking that combined with active speakers would...
  15. Jimster71

    This hobby could get real expensive, real quick

    My wife bought me (with a bit of hinting) a little Hubsan X4 H107L for Christmas. It's been great fun to learn to fly it in the house and will be planning to take it outside, if the weather is favorable. I have a park outside my front door which has a set of tennis courts, surrounded by a mesh...
  16. NHSNurse

    Question Is this a real or fake S7

    hi all I was about to buy a s7 from Shpock but something doesn't look right with it my impression was that the s7 has a glass back with 'SAMSUNG' written on it ... this phone I'm looking at has Samsung on front and a beaten up back which looks fake even the cam and sensor seem too be deep...
  17. BrianScott1980

    Question Real or virtual surround sound bar?

    I currently have a Denon 2300 AV receiver with full dolby atoms surround in my lounge. I'm now setting up a projector in a seperate room and considering sound options for it. For simplicity of wiring I'd like to stick to a soundbar. I'm currently considering the Philips Fidelio B5 and the...
  18. Haze

    Question Are there any 40-43 inch TVs out there with real HDR?

    As the question says are there any TVs in the 40-43inch range that do actual HDR? All I'm seeing is "HDR pro" and the like, I'm after real 10bit HDR.
  19. J

    The real world looks really odd to me today

    I have spent many hours over the weekend playing VR and have had no ill effects. The drive in this morning is fine.. But I am now at work, looking at my monitors, and everything looks really odd... I can't explain it, but it looks very similar to VR, with odd shifts in perspective... Reaching...
  20. steven_9709

    Real time cat tracker

    Hi all Does anyone have any recommendations for a real time cat tracker? Most of the ones I'm finding are just a bit too big and more suited to dogs. Thanks
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