1. B

    LG 43UH620V, LG 43UH661V, LG 43UH668V whats the real difference please?

    Hi My LG UHF770 just bit the bullet in lest than a year and amazon have agreed to refund as this model is no longer available. I was perfectly happy with this TV and loved the Web 2.0 features, magic remote, picture and style so would want to stay with an LG. Looking at the LG 43UH620V, LG...
  2. S

    Question Help! Anyone Have A Faulty "Real" CCTV Camera?

    Hi All, We have recently had a spate of burglaries on our road & I will be looking into getting a CCTV system in near future but I am so clueless about these things I will need to do a ton of research & get advice/help to decide what to consider. In the meantime, I would like at least...
  3. P

    Panasonic Oled at IFA: it's real (and flat) (briefly after min. 6:10)
  4. photojunky

    2nd times the charm. 1st real flight with my Tarot T810 I built

    Second time was definitely better than the first. Will need some adjustments but overall I am happy. It has about 20 minutes of flight time, mostly in GPS mode. Manual is a little squirly. I just discovered on of the motor mounts was slightly not parallel with the others so hopefully that will...
  5. M

    Router and Wirless Access Point - real world advice please!

    Hi folks, I live in an old property which is basically 2 cottages joined back to back by a couple of doorways blasted in a 2' thick solid dividing stone wall. The ADSL broadband comes in at the front corner, and I've routed Cat 6 cable to a central point at the top of the stairs where I have a...
  6. Eric

    Real Ale club?

    Back working now and going to treat myself! So, I drink the ales from the local tesco, which I know a few people on here also enjoy.. However, I am sure I have exhausted the selection tesco have and want to try some different. So I have been looking at online clubs. I have found a few via...
  7. Cocksure

    Help needed with taking on my first real apprentice

    I have already posted about offering a lad a fake apprenticeship, but partly due to the posts their i have decided to offer him a real job, so i have a few questions which i'm hoping someone can help with. Easy question first, Do i need to pay him when he is at tech one day a week? I assume so...
  8. fungus1487

    Help Me Choose A Projector Screen

    Hi I am looking at a projector setup in my living room. Looking to have the projector recessed into the ceiling so would like something decent and preferably motorised. I have read that I am looking for a tab projection screen due to experiencing screen curl in non-tab products. It can't be...
  9. inonefly

    Question JVC x5000 or 500es for real 4K?

    I'm thinking of getting the JVC x5000, but seeing the rate second hand Sony 500es going for, would it be worthy the premium for real 4K? From the reviews it seems the x5000 has more light output, deeper black and as a model it comes with HDR, whereas 500es only advantage is real 4K? I'm looking...
  10. mcmaverick

    LG 55LF6090 Real Cinema Picture Setting Greyed Out

    I have my TV connected to AT&T Uverse Cable box via HDMI and also have a Blu-Ray Player Connected via HDMI. I was updating my Picture Settings following the recommendations listed by which are as follows: Picture Mode: Expert 1 Contrast (Picture): 95 Brightness: 63 Gamma...
  11. thewoe2

    LG Real Cinema On or Off?

    Just a quick question, to get the best and smoothest picture on my LG UF850v, should i turn Real Cinema On or Off? Ive tried both but dont seem to notice a difference but that doesnt mean i wont on certain blurays. I watch bluray through my ps3/ps4 and have the Output 1080p24 set to Automatic...
  12. BradShort

    Real World Homeplug experience

    I recently upgraded my homeplugs last night and ran some tests. I previously had all AV500 plugs serving my Xbox in the same room as my router, my PC in the dining room, and an Amazon Fire in the bedroom. I moved to AV1200 units with one plugged into router and other on PC. I have a NAS...
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