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  1. S

    Remote Control Issue Please

    Hi! All i have a Arcam cr102 remote and it looks like new, i have been using it 3 months and approx half the buttons just stopped working the volume ones included, so is not stuck in any mode, i have tried all the usual things batteries and pressing all the buttons and resetting. I rang Arcam...
  2. lalineaman

    Vu+ remote control affecting TV

    Good evening, everyone. First of all, I do hope that I have posted this thread in the correct place; please forgive me if not and feel free to change its location! I have a Panasonic Plasma TV and a vu+ zero 4k satellite receiver. I do not think that the details of the models are particularly...
  3. J

    Question Sky Q voice remote control compatability

    I got SKY Q a couple of years ago. Now I see there is a voice remote control for about £30. Do you know if it is compatible with the early SKY Q boxes or do you have to have the latest ones? I like the idea of voice control! Edit: Just seen the SKY section but can't delete or move my thread.
  4. M

    Question Marantz Remote Control Conflict ( PM6005 and NR1506 )

    Hello, Is anyone using a Marantz AVR from the NR range with a Marantz Integrated Stereo Amplifier without issues? Unfortunately, it seems like the Remote controls share the same codes and each remote controls both units at the same time. Which is especially annoying as the volume is being...
  5. T

    Question HTPC remote controls?

    So I have a computer that I use as a HTPC, I want to make it so I can turn it on remotely with a remote of some sort, I don't mind adding another remote to my swarm of remotes, are there any products? I've had a look and I've found some from China for £20 but they look tacy and cheaply made...
  6. B

    Panasonic 50dx700 remote control issues

    Hi all. First day of furlough and there is an issue with my TV. Remote control for sky box and the telly won't perform some tasks. For example I can't change volume or open apps. Even the things that do work, the remote is lagging terribly. Tried 2 different sky remotes and the TV remote...
  7. M

    Question Programmable minimalist remote control for Philips Android TV?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend an alternative remote control for Philips Android TV (PUS8102)? I have a Mi Box that has a nearly perfect remote control but it can't be paired with Philips TV. So far I have understood that the replacement remote control would have to be fully IR programmable to be...
  8. A

    Arcam Alpha 10 remote control problem

    Hi, apologies if I should be posting this elsewhere..... I bought a second hand alpha 10 amp back in january which I have been extremely pleased with, the only problem is that the remote isn't work or better to say I suspect that something on the amp isn't working. I tested the remote with my...
  9. anishjp

    Remote control code for Hisense TV

    Hi guys Does anybody know the remote control code to control a Hisense LCD39V77PK TV using a Samsung AK59-00149A remote? I have already tried the below codes and doesn't work. Hisense 3 digit remote codes 759 Hisense 4 digit remote codes 0073 0182 0216 0848 0208 0009 0145 0156 0227 0508 0696...
  10. E

    How to selectively controlling cable no es

    I have a cabinet with 4 Comcast cable boxes, what do you recommend for selectively controlling them remotely? Ir blasters are o the same frequency
  11. przemof

    Denon DRA-100 remote control: "ONLINE MUSIC" button

    Any idea what's the button is supossed to do? I don't see anything in the manual about it.
  12. C

    Remote control to keep all the power on the boxes in sync

    Simple question, but one I'm finding almost impossible to search on - I want a remote control that is going to be super simple for my wife and mother-in-law to use, one that they push a button and everything works, the LG TV, the Comcast DVR, the JVC audio receiver, and the Samsung DVD. I have...
  13. G

    Marantz 1509 not responding to remote control

    Hello, Having issues at the moment with my 1509, it’s just two months old and a couple of days ago the remote stopped working the machine, I also have a Logitech Harmony programmed and that will not control as well, both are sending an IR signal, I have a Roku device which controls volume by...
  14. Y

    Remote control distance

    Hello all i have a hdbaset matrix setup sending video around the house and can control sources via IR At each end point I have a cheap oneforall universal remote that can control the source (2 sky boxes , fire tv , apple tv ) and the matrix The Remote works fine for the source (up 10 ft ish)...
  15. N

    65OLED803 remote control firmware update

    Recently my 65OLED803-TV has started asking me to update the remote control firmware. I have tried several times, but it keeps failing and I have no clue what I'm doing wrong. When I try to start the update, the TV asks me to place the remote control within 1m of the set. Considering the size...
  16. M

    Standby and remote control problem

    Can anyone. Tell me if Samsung BN59 work for Samsung PS50B
  17. D

    Pioneer LX01 - AXD7530 remote control to operate SDVR-LX70D HDD DVD Recorder

    Dear All ... my AXD7530 remote control no longer works; does anyone know which other Pioneer model's will operate the HDD DVD recorder (SDVR-LX70D) please? If there is no Pioneer alternative, is there anything else that will work (OEM)? Thank you. Marc
  18. S

    Question How to remote control a distant android phone on a local android phone

    Hi, I need to remote control a distant android phone (say phone-A) on a local android phone (say phone-B). Both phones are NOT connected to Internet nor WiFi network. I have been googling several days reading documents searched but can't find solution. Would AirMore be my choice? Using...
  19. S

    Remote control for DJI Osmo Mobile 3

    Hi all, If connecting DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal to an extension rod/pole, the control buttons can't be reached by hand. Is there remote control device/accessory available on market? Thanks satimis
  20. B

    Music System with very user friendly remote control

    Hi, I am looking for a high quality music system that can store MP3 files (and also Wav files and other lossless formats) on an internal drive and that has a user friendly remote control that can be used to browse through the existing folders of MP3 files on the hard disk… ideally with a visual...
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