1. Fat_Tony

    For Sale Logitech Harmony Touch Remote - Controls upto 15 Devices

    Ive had this a few years, not had loads of use as I never really got on with it and my wife refused to even try Its in good all round condition, not "like new" or anything as I find the glossy black coatings on any tech product tend to attract light marks. Very light marks on screen that is...
  2. A

    Pioneer 608 plasma and LX-SC57 receiver using only 1 remote

    This is probably my first post here, but I have been reading a while. I replaced recently my 505XDE plasma and AX-5 receiver with 608 plasma and SC57 receiver. With old setup, I could use the receiver's universal remote to control both plasma and receiver. With the new setup, I used 1 HDMI...
  3. stmichael

    For Sale Panasonic DP-UB700 4K UHD Bluray player with upgraded remote from Panasonic DP-UB900

    I have for sale a Panasonic DP-UB700 4K UHD Bluray Player. I don't have the original box I'm afraid but it will come securely packaged for protection in transit. Also supplied will be the original power cable and manual and as as I can't find the cheap plasticky remote that came with the unit...
  4. E

    Remote Security Cameras

    I would like to put a set of cameras on my garage which is 60 feet away from my dvd-r in the house. Can I do it?
  5. kenshingintoki

    For Sale Sony HW40ES <300 hours on the lamp + Harmony Remote synced to projector + 2x3-D glasses + Projector mount

    Hey, I'm selling my Sony HW40ES. Its an awesome projector, served me really well but I fancy an upgrade. It has <300 hours on the lamp at present. Its synced to a Harmony remote which I am in. I have 1 pair of original HW40ES glasses and I also have the better respected Playstation ones 3-D...
  6. S

    For Sale Sofabaton U1 IR/Bluetooth 15 device universal remote *NEW*

    Brand new and unopened Sofabaton U1 Logitech Harmony alternative universal remote With Bluetooth and infrared connectivity Support 350,000+ devices from 6000+ brands OLED Screen Android/iOS app Control up to 15 devices (far more than similar priced Harmony) Why Choose SofaBaton U1? Support...
  7. AEW1

    Question SAMSUNG PE46C REMOTE Alternative

    Hi! I am missing a remote for my PE46C and trying to control it via Logitech Harmony. Is there any other model of Samsung Displays/TV that maybe would work with the PE46C? Thanks, Alexander
  8. Storvay

    Question Q70R - universal remote and Sky icon disappearing from Smart Hub

    Bought a 65inch Q70R just before Christmas. I’ve been pleased with it and especially liked the universal remote control. I programmed it for my Sky HD (just inertia stopping me upgrading to Sky Q). It was great to have the Sky icon in the Hub and to be able to use the universal remote (UR) for...
  9. R

    For Sale oppo bd-83se remote

    Virtually brand new unused remote only used to learn codes onto URC remote and out away.
  10. B

    Remote replace

    Where can i get a remote replacement for my kenwood M450 hifi stack
  11. A

    For Sale Logitech Harmony Elite Remote and Hub

    I bought this from eBay about two months ago but since then have had a system swap around and it’s no longer required. It’s complete with dock etc. Condition is very good to excellent but not being perfect, has a small nick/scratch on the fascia but not on the screen. Photos are available.It’s...
  12. MaxReboh

    For Sale Panasonic GT60 Original Stand 2 x 3D Glasses, Bluetooth Touch Pen and Remote **SOLD**

    Excellent Condition Panasonic GT60 for sale. Only due to upgrade to a 4K tv. Comes with the Original Stand 2 x 3D Glasses, Bluetooth Touch Pen and Remote Warranty expired - Jan 2019 See pictures for condition. Cash on collection.
  13. MaxReboh

    For Sale 50" Panasonic GT50 With Original Stand 2 x 3D Glasses, Bluetooth Touch Pen and Remote *SOLD".

    Excellent condition GT50 for sale. Only selling as upgraded to a 4K TV. Comes with the original stand 2 x 3D Glasses, Bluetooth Touch Pen and Remote Collection Only from Bookham,Surrey
  14. chrisZa

    Question Samsung QLED Service menu (using One Remote)?

    HI, I would like to change my country on my QLED to be able to download US or UE apps (Disney+ to be precise). I am unable to access the service menu because I only have the ONE Remote (not the Smart Remote) I have the VPN set up but I am unable to get to hold of apps outside of my region on...
  15. chrisZa

    Question New Tv - OLD AV Receiver(no remote) - affordable options?

    HI Some advice regarding which technology to pursue would be appreciated. In short, I own a new QLED Samsung Tv,( it has a one remote to control everything). I also own a decent 5.1 speaker system with a decent receiver (Sony DA3300es, from a couple years back, doesnt have ARC), i dont want to...
  16. S

    Remote Control Issue Please

    Hi! All i have a Arcam cr102 remote and it looks like new, i have been using it 3 months and approx half the buttons just stopped working the volume ones included, so is not stuck in any mode, i have tried all the usual things batteries and pressing all the buttons and resetting. I rang Arcam...
  17. S

    Smartview - remote controlling Samsung TV

    I've used SmartView and SmartThings. Both allow me to view TV screen on my S10. But is it possible to remote control the TV with the phone while connected to either SmartView or SmartThings; i.e., while viewing TV on my phone? Thanks.
  18. J

    Question LG Remote Volume Up Turns on DVD Player

    I recently bought a 55UM7050PLC telly, and I am very happy with it. On a roll I bought a new Bush DVD Player and connected it up via HDMI. The only problem I seem to get is that when I turn the volume up on the TV with the remote the DVD Player turns on from Standby. I know there are some...
  19. J

    Question Harmony remote - compatability with Louvolite blinds?

    Thinking of buying a Harmony Elite remote to replace the existing remotes. I've got 2 questions I'd like help with. I have Louvolite blinds which are compatible with Alexa and google Home. (Or whatever it's called these days.) So the question is if I buy Alexa or Google Home and I programme...
  20. A

    Q950R smart remote

    When using this remote with Sky Q it drops out and doesn’t work intermittently. I have the Sky logo in the smart hub menu but when I select it and select home the menu disappears and goes back to the picture. It shows Sky Q in the universal remote menu. Any advice?
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