1. N

    For Sale MSI AMD RX 470 4GB Graphics Card Processor ARMOR 4G OC

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114266734150 2nd hand graphics card, working 100% in good condition. cheers
  2. djbone

    Question Best value minor upgrade for a RX 460 GPU?

    As per the title. We have a fairly average lower end (older i5 / 8GB RAM) PC for the kids' gaming, mainly Minecraft/Roblox etc but also Fortnite at Low-Med settings. Currently has a Fujitsu RX 460 4Gb in there but it's fan developed a horrible rattle, so want to replace. Looking at replacing...
  3. Saladin88

    Advice Needed: Worth an Upgrade? Yamaha RX-V379 to Denon AVR-X3600h

    Hi all, I am looking to potentially upgrade my current AV Receiver, a Yamaha RX-V379 to a Denon AVR-3600h. I will not use more speakers than my current 5.1 set up (Q Acoustics 2000i speaker set). Will I notice that much of an improvement in audio quality and performance worthy of spending £600+...
  4. K

    Question Yamaha RX A1050

    I have problem powering on my reciver after playing at 3/4 volume on my 7.1 speaker setup front Martin logan Vista Center logan Fresco sides surround Polk 120 wats I followed the instructions and did 10 sec power on button reset and it didn’t work and I unplugged it from the wall Ac plug for...
  5. Y

    Question Is there anyone owning a Yamaha RX-V657 receiver here?

    Hey there, I have a Yamaha RX-V657 receiver and a couple of question remote related for someone else who also owns one? I would be very appreciated if you could help me. Cheers,
  6. river123

    Which sound pressure meter to buy for Yamaha RX A3050.

    There’s so many to choose from on Amazon, any recommendations. Just to add my subwoofer is already professionally set up and I have a 5.1.4 set up.
  7. RayP

    Question Suitable analogue interconnects for Oppo 203 / Yamaha RX A-3010

    My music comprises a mixture of ripped CDs and vinyl recorded to a Denon DTR2000 DAT player in 1992 using a Townsend Rock / Excalibur / ATF5 combo subsequently processed on a computer to generate FLAC files with full metadata. All output is stored on a external USB drive plugged into my Oppo...
  8. Jjspoole

    Wireless surround solution for Yamaha RX A1070

    Hi, I am no longer to get cables to our surround speakers as we’ve put down a new floor. I’ve been trying to find a wireless system for a while now with no joy, and so now I’m even thinking of updating the amp to a Yamaha RX a1080/2080/3080. Is there a simple and efficient system out there...
  9. E

    Question Bluetooth out volume question Yamaha RX 2070

    I am using the bluetooth out feature on the receiver to send sound to some bluetooth patio speakers. Is there a way to control the volume? Volume control on the unit does not change the volume output and the speakers do not have a volume control either. Thanks in advance.
  10. J

    Help Decide! Sony STR DN1080 vs. Yamaha RX V685

    Over the past year I've upgraded to an OLED TV, Xbox One X and Apple TV 4k so I need to update my receiver to take advantage of all the new 4k HDR Dolby Vision sources! I'm currently using a Yamaha RX479. Speaker setup is currently 5.1 with hopes to make it a 5.1.2 atmos setup in the near...
  11. Reoah

    Yamaha rx v459 no power

    Hello! I have a Yamaha HTR-5940 which won't turn on. I have measured the resistance of the main power transformer and it shows little over 4 ohm. There is around 220 vac at the connector that goes to the main power transformer so that is ok as well. I have replaced the C3015 capacitor on the...
  12. killer10971

    Question Yamaha rx a 3070 settings and help

    Finally upgraded from the arcam 400 to the Yamaha 3070 and I am incredibly impressed by it. Running 5.1.2 with b&w cm10s/cm8s and m&k lcr26s overhead I do have a few question if anyone could help 1 i run the eight point calibration and apart from speaker size and crossover should i leave...
  13. O

    Yamaha RX V667 takes forever to read music on Netgear RN- 104 server

    I have the Yamaha RX-V677 AV receiver and a Netgear RN-104 Nas. Whenever I want to listen to music on my Nas, I select Server on my remote , and the menu comes up with no content . Sometimes the content will come up after a while and sometimes not. Does the receiver have to read all my music...
  14. B

    Question Yamaha RX A 1030 switching problem?

    my four year old receiver has been acting up. i have it connected to a home theatre using the components below. URC remote is the interface. recently, i can play audio (Sonos as the source) over my speakers, but, when watching tv, i have no sound. All other functions are working. I tried...
  15. AudioJosh

    Best budget speakers to go with Yamaha RX-V579 amp

    Hi there I was just wondering what budget speakers would go best with a Yamaha RX-V579 7.2 amp in a 15ft by 15ft room with 20ft high ceilings? It’s an old house with a fireplace at the back of the room and a single glazed window to one side in the middle of the room. I’ve been looking at the...
  16. sikanaw

    Yamaha RX A3070

    I bought recently the Yamaha RX A3070 with Bose Accoustimas 10 series 6, along with 4 nos Bose 301 speakers direct reflective. Unfortunately in the setup configuration on the yamaha, I cant see the 5.1.4 setup (Atmos). Any one can advise?
  17. Adi123

    Question Denon 2400H or Marantz 1608?

    Dear all, confused between denon 2400 and Marantz 1608. I am music enthusiast and kindly help me to get the AVR. I am music enthusiast so I just don't want to go for yamaha as I heard it sounds good for movies. Which is good for music? Rarely I watch movies. Kindly help Thanks, Adi
  18. P

    Question replace my yamaha rx v2700

    I am looking to replace my aging yamaha rx v2700. I don't have a budget to get the equivalent of that these days so what would be a good one that will allow me to use my 6.1 setup and pass through 4k with the potential to go to Dolby Atmos in the future? I was looking at something like the denon...
  19. T

    Question Replacing Yamaha RX V771 (cos it can’t handle 4K) receiver!?

    Looking for something to replace my otherwise excellent Yamaha RX V771 (but for the fact that it can’t handle 4K) receiver! (BTW.....Can see that dante01 is still around ....he helped me put together my system a few years back....it's been great!!) Hoping for some recommendations.....I’m...
  20. Hiace

    Yamaha RXV 683 - Speaker set up issue

    Hi Guys, Recently bought the Yamaha RX-V683 receiver and really like it, my problem is I aslo have Pioneer Atmos Speakers. The front - sub and centre are no problem, I also connect the front atmos to the presence connect on the back. Its the bookshelfs are the problem I don't know...
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