1. T

    Looking for a 49' Smart TV On Sale for Gaming/kodi ? £300-400! Bedroom viewing

    hi seeing all this 20% codes via ebay and wondered if someone can recommend me a good 49' TV please if anyone can spare a little time i dont have much money so this price range is great for me at this moment in time :) We have ps4,xbox1 for gaming and use the raspberrypi with kodi for movies...
  2. A

    AO TV sales.

    I wonder if lock down is affecting some companies pricing. I've just had a look at the AO website and their selling the 65U9A for, wait for it £2.199, I nearly choked. Its a 2018 TV that isn't great. I had 3 of this exact model from AO and every one was faulty, awful blooming, artefacts, and a...
  3. D

    Any deals? 55 inch budget TV under £600

    Hi, looking at an IPS panel or good wide angle viewing TV with good 4K upscaling. The wife wants another ambilight and I have seen some deals at Curry’s for a 55PUS 8204/12 for £500 or the Philips the one series for £500. The one has less spec (7 series) but has direct backlight. What’s your...
  4. Helenuk

    Anyone else waiting for the Xmas Sales

    I'm looking at the cheaper end 50/55" for the bedroom or swop a 55 for my 50 in the living room Hoping it's not just the very cheap/high end that gets discounted What do you have your eye on?
  5. Rocksteady44

    Question Samsung Q80 75 inch or Q90 65?

    new here so sorry if any of the below has been discussed to I’m going to pull the trigger for a new TV at BB today with the deals. The Samsung Q80 75 inch is $2300 which is 30% off. The Q90 65 inch is $2200 at a 21% discount. I know of the few tweaks to the Q90 but is a 75 inch TV in general a...
  6. mmulho

    Bargain Selfridges Headphones up to 20% (and price reductions)

    Got my email last night from Selfridges for their Black Friday "Christmas Comes Early" event. Technology product on sale now up to 20% off but they also have a mark down prices, some really good Bose and Marshall offers. Headphones with Discount code SELFCCE Headphones with Was/Now price...
  7. aVdub

    Possible Homebase bargains

    With the recent news of Wesfarmers failing badly with the Homebase brand and some stores going back to the Homebase name after being changed to the Bunnings brand, there may be some good bargains to be had if stores change their shelf brands. DIY disaster ends as Homebase sold for £1 Might...
  8. A

    Question Easter Monday sales?

    What are the chances prices will drop on Easter Monday? Is it worth waiting do you think, or will any price drops not really be that great. Can't really see the 65" ones dropping much further than they are now. Cheers
  9. Chester

    Purchasing software online

    Has anyone bought from the likes of SCDKEY? Saw their advert pop up alongside the rest on the forums and wondered what others have found. Thanks in advance....
  10. BlueWizard

    Winter is Coming - for CDs

    Does this spell the end for CDs??? Best Buy to Pull CDs, Target Threatens to Pay Labels for CDs Only When Customers Buy Them I guess we will see. I think it is really Streaming that is killing both CD and DVD/BluRay sales. If stores stop carrying these, then probably Amazon will be the only...
  11. D

    2018 Sales for 4k HDR 55" or larger

    There appears to be some even more aggressive prices - what is the bast value deal currently in 4k hdr 50" or more - sound un important stunning 4k image and very good scaling from sd and hd - no obvious flaws such as motion stutter or general lace curtain type artifacts - sub £1500 net price...
  12. When In Rome

    Secret Sales Codes

    Anyone else had one of these? Secret sales codes - The giffgaff community I sent STOP and dialled the number 0203 608 5243 for 'customer assistance' Pressed 2 to speak to an advisor and was told "we cannot take your call right now, please leave a message after the tone" I left them a...
  13. C

    Best January Sales Deals?

    So i'm after a new TV any size between 55-65", I've seen so many but can't decide which? Looked at the Samsung MU7000, Sony XE8500's/XE9300's or even an OLED! I use it for the following: What are your sources going to be? eg - Do you have fibre internet capable of UHD streams? Will you be...
  14. T

    what we decided on for my mums front room

    my mums just got a new room that was built where the double garge was and is after a new tv so looks like will be getting her a even though she is not a gadget geek and can not spot the difference from normal or hd she says or even 4k. PANASONIC TX-40EX700B 40" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV...
  15. A

    Question Which 65” in sales £1000 ish

    I’m thinking of going 65” now and wondering which tv is best for me for watching football and some xbox I know the Hisense 65n6800 is often talked about here but I just worry about the brand - what is wrong with likes of below? Why does Dodge not recommend any LG except the oled? Would I be...
  16. topgazza

    Idiot Nikon Sales Guy in JL

    So, I'm in JL today and having a poke at a Panasonic TZ100 when I overheard the instore Nikon rep telling a customer who expressed confusion over what small camera to get for his wife, to take holiday and day out pictures of fairly decent quality, that "compact cameras are dead" He went on to...
  17. Swampy47

    Question buying a TV today cashback in sales?

    Hello, I have a question if anyone knows about cashback deal from John Lewis I was going to buy a TV online today with John Lewis and wonder If I bought the Tv today would I get the cashback I hear people calming if the tv prices goes down in the sales? Can I calm the money back ? I was looking...
  18. T

    Christmas/Boxing day sales

    Anyone heard of any upcoming Christmas or boxing day sales? Could just do with the XE90 coming down a couple hundred quid so I can snap one up. :thumbsup:
  19. MaxxDAV

    Question Black Friday/Cyber Monday/January Sales

    I've decided to buy either the XE9005 or the XE9305 dependent on how good a deal I can get over the next couple of months (I think I'm settled on the XE9005 as I can't justify the extra £400 just for Dolby Vision but given the right deal I'm interested in the Extreme version of the X1 chip!)...
  20. CFC1

    Nikon ceasing sales in Brazil....

    Nikon will shut down all sales operations in Brazil at the end of 2017
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