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  1. K

    LG nano cell 85 / 86 vs Samsung Q70R

    After a ridiculous amount of research I’ve managed to whittle down my choices to two. LGs nano cell 85/86 (depending on where you’re from) and the Samsung Q70R. They’re both essentially the same price at 55”. The TV is gonna be used primarily for next gen gaming in a bedroom, so viewing angles...
  2. D


    If I have around £700 what’s the best tv I can get with Samsung cashback
  3. D

    Samsung q70r

    I’m looking at the 55 inch Samsung q70r for £750. I know it’s the 2019 model and you can’t get the q80r anymore and I want to wait till black Friday to see if I can get anything better for the price but will the q70r still be in stock in 2 months and even the will I be able to get something...
  4. L

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy S9+ 128GB Black

    Excellent condition Samsung Galaxy S9+ 128GB Midnight Black version. Bought and first used in March 2019 but I have now upgraded. Unlocked network. The condition is very good, other than a few marks on the original screen protector (which can be left on or removed). Fast charging, camera...
  5. lpoolm

    For Sale Samsung S8, 64gb coral blue boxed.

    Putting on here before ebay £1. Samsung S8, 64gb. coral blue, Vodafone (maybe unlocked but dont have another sim to test) Had for about two half years. Condition is really good. Always had a screen protector on. Battery was still good, getting a full day out of it when used regular. However...
  6. Tremolo Arm

    Switched from Sony OLED to Q90T QLED. Picture settings question

    I just got Q90T in a 65" screen version. I used to have a 55" Sony OLED AF8, which was just too dark for my liking and it also had an annoying auto-dim feature when watching content with static banners (such as football games with a score bar or games with radars/huds). Unfortunately I could not...
  7. Austin_Yeahbaby

    QE85Q95 rear

    Does anyone have a definitive view on the rear of this model in the 85" On curry’s it shows a rear panel with one zero gap mount but I thought this reuqiuired two mounts? The Samsung shout has no rear picture but says it comes free with a two bracket kit and the only video I can see on...
  8. mrapriliafalco1

    Q7 65 Banding

    Is there any advice on eliminating the banding on my 65 Q7, the picture is pefect on stills but for sport and fast moving movies it horrendous. Had a technician look at it as still under warranty, but he states its under the TVs tollenrences. Any advice would be appreicated as looking at a new...
  9. mrapriliafalco1

    Banding on Samsung Q7

    Is there any advice on eliminating the banding on my 65 Q7, the picture is pefect on stills but for sport and fast moving movies it horrendous. Had a technician look at it as still under warranty, but he states its under the TVs tollenrences. Any advice would be appreicated as looking at a new...
  10. S

    Wanted Samsung K950 or simular

    After recently missing out on a samsung K950 5.1.4 soundbar at £400 ish I'm looking for a simular atmos soundbar with rear speakers. Located in Hereford but can collect from South Wales, Gloucestershire and Bristol.
  11. A

    Does the Q80T 50in have a 120hz panel?

    I can’t find this anywhere, I know the 49in does not have 120hz but on the website for Samsung it doesn’t tell me the refresh rate but it says the tv has HDMI 2.1 and supports VRR and the other standard 2.1 features which leads me to believe that indeed the 50in does have HDMI 2.1, but I can’t...
  12. D

    Samsung Q80T or LG NANO 866 / 906

    I am looking to get a new 55'' TV but don't want to spend more than £1000. My preference is LG, but only because I have one already and really like the interface but I am able to get a Q80T at a reduced price through work. So my choices are; Q80T @ £880 NANO866 @ £800 NANO916 @ £999 I...
  13. Sunshinewelly

    how many HDMI 2.1 ports on Samsung QE75Q95T one connect box

    as per the thread
  14. N

    SOLVED: Swapping mainboard for newer model (UA60F6400 to UA60H6400)

    Hi all, I've got a Samsung UA60F6400 TV, though it doesn't display anything but the initial "Smart TV" and a couple of logos, then goes blank (backlight on only) I figure its worth a shot at replacing the mainboard, though haven't been able to find a direct match, that isn't $250+ I did...
  15. M

    For Sale Samsung KS7500 Curved 55" TV - For Parts or Fix

    Hi, I'm selling my beloved Samsung TV. The issue looks like a panel failure, which I assume is an easy fix to a person who knows the problem. As you can see from the pictures, the TV works fine at times and intermittently, it'll start to flicker and the picture will go. I had an LG to get me...
  16. I

    Ultra Slim bracket for Samsung Q90R?

    I might buy Samsung Q90R 65" or Samsung Q90T 65" but I have not decided which one to go for yet. I like to put the TV on the wall flat, which mount bracket would you recommend? I am renovating my house and rewiring the house, do I need to put power socket behind a TV if I go for Q90R or Q90T...
  17. S

    Sony Xg9505 Vs Samsung Q80t

    I recently ordered the Sony XF9005 @£649 but failed to be delivered after a month of waiting as the supplier couldn't get it back in stock. I now have a choice to make between the Sony 55 XG9505 @££850 & Samsung Q80T 55" @£935. What would be the best option I like casual gaming Xbox x, and love...
  18. G

    Richer sounds replacement TV offer

    Hi, Long time lurker, first time poster. So my QE49Q7F TV that I purchased in November 2017 was written off yesterday by Samsung as they can't get hold of the screen. The panel has started to turn purple along the bottom where the LED's are situated. Samsung initially managed to get hold...
  19. O

    For Sale Samsung UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

    Samsung UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray Player This is at least 2 years old but still brand new. I bought it for my son in law to get more out of his 4K TV. Alas, he never used it. It’s still wrapped and boxed. It’s not even been plugged in. The complimentary discs are gone. For now it’s collection...
  20. M

    Can One Connect Box made for US Frame TV be replaced with a European one?

    I've recently relocated from US to Israel and brought the 2018 Frame TV with me (UN55LS03NAFXZA). The One Connect Box was lost in transit. I'm wondering whether I can buy a One Connect Box made for Frame TVs sold in the European market as a replacement? The TV will only be used to stream Netflix...
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