1. S

    Question Best set up for KD55A8

    Hi , I've got one of these coming from John Lewis next week . I'm hopelessly behind the times with wifi stuff and would appreciate some advice to get the best out of what should be a massive upgrade on the much cheaper 8 year old LG set we have now . We have a BT router , in the same room ...
  2. M

    Is there everyone to set up home theater system with vividstorm screen and vava UST ALR screen projector ?

    I have a 4K laser vava projector. And I am considering choosing a projector screen for my projector. I watched a lot of reviews online about the vivid storm Screen. The reviews look great and the vivid storm screen looks amazing. I am going to buy a 120'' S Pro Electric Tension floor screen...
  3. Simms92

    Wanted Full 5.1 speaker set up - BOUGHT

    Hi, looking for a full 5.1 speaker set up - or the good foundations for one. Example of a package I'm after are Dali Zensors, but am open to options. Would ideally include tower speakers for fronts. Budget - £500-800
  4. mazooma

    best set up on denonx2600 for sound

    Hi guys, just a bit of advice,,so got denon x2600 and it feels sometimes i havent quite got the sound set up quite right, as every dvd i put on im usully tweaking it or changing settings levels, i had a yamaha amp before, once it was set up it was fine never had to adjust levels, just chose what...
  5. RobTi

    Question why should i keep my motorised set up

    Hi have had this for many years used to watch dmac from Norway through the mbc channels with movies and now only swing it round for the voice on 39e to rtl tv for f1 19e and with that going to sky next year i am now wondering what's the point. so what do you watch on yours ? Thanks
  6. M

    Wanted Lego Technic Porsche 911 GT3 - Set 42056

    Hi all I am interested in buying the 911 GT3 Technic set. I had the 911 RSR and enjoyed building that so want to move to the next level with the GT3. If you have the set and are interested in selling please let me know. Thanks in advance Matt
  7. PrahDV

    For Sale Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition - Collector's Set Limited Edition

    Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition - Collector's Set Limited Edition for sale Anybody looking this before i send back to retailer I paid £89.99 for it so looking that back, no offers as i can get this amount bck via return Delivery not included so factor that on top. It weighs 2.6kg so...
  8. B

    Anyone got a Ring alarm set up?

    Thinking of replacing our 15 year old inbuilt alarm system to a Ring one to go with our doorbell and stick up cams set up. Anyone got one, happy with it?
  9. M

    Short throw first time set up advice

    I've been watching reviews and guides and my head is spinning around.. Any tips and advice are welcome! Projected set up: constant height 50": 16:9 100" some ambient light - 2.39:1 130" dark environment on grey black out cloth distance to opposite wall: 12'8" alt. 1: shelve mount on the...
  10. Waynester

    Question What correct audio options do I set for KODI? Confused

    Hi folks I have a 5.1 home cinema setup My AV amp is a Denon AVR-X2200W Amp I’ve just installed latest version of KODI and in the system options in the audio setting on EXPERT mode, I don’t know whether to select 2.0 or 5.1 for my setup where it says “number of channels” I’m only using HDMI...
  11. T

    Help please , set up bt headphones.

    Hi. I have a Panasonic TX-55FX750B, 2019, & trying to pair my cheapo P47 headphones. I get to this stage where they appear on the TV Devices screen but will not pair from this point. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. RobTi

    Question Harmony elite can i set up with different hdmi option

    Hi so I would like to set an activity that has hdmi control on but have it off for all other activities, I watch tv using inbuilt speakers but would like to use my av receiver when watching onboard apps and am lost as how to set this up, any ideas ? Thanks
  13. J

    For Sale Monitor Audio Bronze 5.1 Set 5G Rosemah (5's, Centre, Fx's, Sub)

    Full monitor Audio Bronze 5.1 set for sale. Set includes: Pair of 5's Floorstanders Pair of rear FX Centre W10 Sub Rosemah colour Little use and near pristine condition (see pic - very faint mark on rear of one floor stander) I have boxes for all but the Floorstanders All speakers have their...
  14. Digger

    Wanted Dumbbells Set Cast Iron 20 - 25 KG . . . ish!

    As titled, looking for pair of dumbbells with plates so each dumbbell can be up to 10 - 12 KG approximately.
  15. B

    Anyone got a Hive View Outdoor CCTV set up?

    Anyone got a Hive View Outdoor CCTV set up? 2 of these with install under £400 so looking at this as an option for front door and back yard.
  16. D

    For Sale Home Set Up for Sale

    Hi, The following was purchased new by me around mid-2016 from Richer Sounds: Onkyo TX-RZ900 Monitor Audio Bronze Centre Black Monitor Audio Bronze 5 Black Floorstanders Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Black Floorstanders REL T5i Gloss Black Subwoofer for a total of £3200. They're all in excellent...
  17. Shakey4

    For Sale Dark Knight Trilogy 4K Filmbook Set Sealed

    Hi all, For sale is my unopened 4K Filmbook collections of the Dark Knight Trilogy. £120 delivered. These are in mint sealed condition.
  18. O

    My living room set up

    Meaning to do this for a long time having looked at some of the wonderful set ups on this site over the years. kit comprises: LG 55 inch OLED, Denon X4000 receiver, Denton 3313 Blu-ray, B&W M1’s plus PV1, Apple TV, PS4 and Sonos Connect All the kit getting quite long in the tooth now but still...
  19. karatekid

    Set sound setting for each input?

    hi all How do I have each input use its own sound setting? Eg hdmi with virgin connected to use internal speakers and optical, but the hdmi with the dvd to automatically switch over to HDMI ARC? At present if I select HDMI ARC for dvd, it stays on this setting when I switch input, so i...
  20. james_n_w

    For Sale Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Open Power Reserve Watch Full Set March 2020 New Strap

    I would like to sell my Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Open Power Reserve The model is : 03.2080.4021/01.C494 I bought it March 2020, it is a full set from a UK AD. When I originally listed this there was some damage to the strap and slight scuffing to the underside of the lugs. I have since...
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