1. Dazzathedrummer

    DIY Home cinema set up with vintage speakers - awkward back speaker placement.

    Hi, I'm in the process of putting together a 5.1 system using vintage speakers and a Sony amp. I'm starting small and relatively cheap but will most probably upgrade along the way. To start with I've got two pairs of Bang & Olufsen Beovox S35-S's from the late 70's - they already sound great in...
  2. D

    For Sale Flash Gordon 4K UHD Blu Ray 3 Disc Set

    Flash Gordon on 4K Blu Ray. UK 3 disc edition including standard Blu Ray and special features disc. Also includes slip cover. Excellent condition. Only one day old. The 4K disc has been viewed once. The other discs are unused. Slight crease in the top right corner of the slip from shipping...
  3. Dans1210

    For Sale Paradigm Millieniaone 5.0 speaker set.

    Putting up for sale my beloved Paradigm millieniaone speakers x5 in black. These are excellent sub/sat speakers, i noticed a fairly significant upgrade moving from Kef eggs to these. They come with stands and wall mounting brackets. I don’t have the original packaging unfortunately as I never...
  4. kevingreystones

    Cinema Room set up for Sky/Netflix/Amazon Video

    I have always bought Blu Ray films to gain the best sound from my home cinema set up in my dedicated cinema room Pioneer SC-LX86 Oppo blu Ray Player Kef Speakers ( set out in 5.1 format ) Rel Sub The sound through Blu Ray is awesome ,( Dolby HD ) however I struggle to hear sound at the...
  5. C

    Any ideas of how to set up multiple subwoofers better

    Hi all, I have been through a process of elimination and come up with what I think is the best compromise so far of how to setup my 4 subwoofers in the lounge. What I was hoping for is if anyone has any comments or advice about how this could be done better - see the last two lines for the...
  6. Dr Force

    Post Your PS5 set ups........

    Interesting to see various set ups for the new console and ways people enjoy their gaming time........
  7. cicada78

    For Sale Bad Boys For Life Italian Steelbook

    Bad Boys For Life Italian Steelbook £26 Free postage.
  8. Peter89

    How to set this up?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a Logitech Z906 for my home cinema. I have an epson 3200 LCD 4k projector and that's currently connected to my PS4. Am I able to connect the Z906 into my projector using the audio out connection? I will also have the ps4 connected to the projector via hdmi. I'm...
  9. TheRoverdog

    Wanted Kef T301c, T301, T101s sets..

    Hi guys. Checking if anyone is thinking about upgrading their T205 set up (5.1) or has loose T101 rears or T301C centre to sell?
  10. Edgie70

    Question Sound set up

    Hi all , quick question, hope you will clarify that I've set this up correctly , pretty basic set up , sky HD box to Samsung TV via hdmi cable , sound bar from TV via optical . I have the audio output of the sky box set to Dolby , TV hdmi input set to bitstream ( rather than pcm ) TV optical out...
  11. G

    Wanted Mission Impossible 4K Box Set (1-6)

    I’m looking for the Mission Impossible 1-6 box set in 4K. I’m not too fussed about the first 2 films tbh.
  12. M

    Question How do I set up multiple AV sources to multiple outputs?

    I have a current set up of a Sky Q box and Xbox one, both connected via HDMI to my TV. The audio is then passed by my TV to a soundbar via optical. This is all working fine, but I now want to add a projector into the mix, and want to be able to switch between using the TV and projector as the...
  13. kbarnes70

    Anyone set up Kef LS50W with Harmony Remote?

    If so, what do you use in the Harmony database as a device? I also tried setting up using 'learn commands' but for some reason this didn't work with my Harmony 1100EU, despite me having done this a hundred times for other devices. Anyone got any suggestions?? Thx.
  14. D

    Aerial set up post sky Q

    Good afternoon everyone, I know this has been covered before but I'm still at a loss. I'm coming to the end of my sky q contract and looking to prepare by tuning my smart TVs to standard digital channels but as others have said the engineer has bypassed the aerial and now I have nothing. I...
  15. T

    Lol, got fed up. Just going to ask in a shop

    Hi people, would love a bit of a glance and advice on my set up, please. I'm trying to set up some AV as a first timer. I was going to go the Sonos route, but am now leaning towards Music Cast. - Setting up a 5.1.2 system in a TV room. (TV + Projector) - 4 x in-ceiling speakers in a kitchen -...
  16. W

    New possible set up - thoughts and advice please

    Hi all current set up 55 inch plasma not wallmounted onkyo Sr605 receiver monitor audio radus center, floor standers with radius bookshelf surrounds. mj acoustics sub in order to minimalise room thinking 65 inch oled wallmounted monitor audio Sb 5 wallmounted for front stage moitor audio mass...
  17. joner7777

    How to wire in a Karaoke player to a AVR set up

    Kids keep on and on ...... I have a Vocalstar karaoke player , a Marantz sr 7011 avr and a older Denon 1200x avr, unused. The problem is that they like to sing along with youtube videos on a projection screen with the sound loud but, how can i incorporate the karaoke microphones to use the same...
  18. E

    First 5.2 Setup - Should I buy this set, or is there room for improvement?

    Graduating from a Vizio soundbar to my first dedicated 5.2 surround system. Currently living in a studio apartment (600 square feet, roughly 5500 cubic feet, concrete structure) - trying to build something that works here, but can last me long-term, in a home, etc. Spending a little more up...
  19. B

    Question Front and centre speakers for potential wall mounted set up?

    I'm wanting to upgrade the fronts and centre of my 5.1 setup. The TV is mounted to the chimney breast with the centre wall mounted directly beneath this, ideally I'd like to wall mount bookshelf fronts to the wall either side of the TV towards slightly away from the corners of the room for a...
  20. rongood

    Question LG CX 77" Best settings to set up

    Iv'e got a LG CX 77" coming monday and wondering if anyone has any basic settings to use to start with, i am concerned about future screenburn as well so anything that could reduce that in the settings would be useful.
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