1. S

    Move audyssey multeq app settings to a new reciever

    Hi, is it possible to move Audyssey settings from a Marantz SR6011 to a Marantz SR6015 either by using the app or by any other means? Thanks
  2. Helix Hifi

    Spotify best audio settings? Audio Normalization only works when using Airplay 2.

    Hey everyone. I’m using Spotify Premium. When I use Spotify Connect I notice that the sound volume is maybe 3db louder then when listing trough Airplay 2. I have Audio Normalization on in the settings. Its a green color when it’s on. If I turn the Audio Normalization option off then adjust the...
  3. Robstokie

    Sky Q LG Tv best audio settings

    Hi, had Sky Q last week, connected to my LG497400 TV, no soundbar, internal speakers only, can someone help with the best audio settings to minimise lip sync issues, only slight, the adjustment on either the sky box or tv doesn’t help, should my TV input be set to bitstream or PCM and should my...
  4. T

    LG65CX question about Dolby Vision settings, peak brightness and logo luminance adjustments

    Hi guys I received my new TV today and I'm thrilled :) but I want to understand three things 1)what are the suggested settings about peak brightness? with sdr content at the moment I use dark mode pictures with 40 oled light and peak brightness disabled. 2)what settings should I use with hdr and...
  5. G

    Netflix audio settings

    Hi all, Hope ive put this post in the right place. All of a sudden when we watch anything on our netflix account we have to change the audio settings from dolby 5.1 to the normal setting before we can hear anyone saying anything so how can we make these audio settings permanant as we have...
  6. L

    Question LG C9 Picture Settings Not Updated

    Hi All, I've noticed that my Picture Settings are not updated when I turn on the tv. For example, my White Balance is set to "Warm 2" for all Picture Modes. However, whenever I turn off the tv and turn it back on, I notice that the White Balance will not be Warm 2 even though it's saved as Warm...
  7. I

    Question Send your settings to Philips 8505 TV

    Hello forum, I recently bought a 50PUS8505 TV. I am satisfied with the purchase. Help customize the picture. - For PS4 slim with HDR - For PS4 slim without HDR (if there is a difference) - For youtube - For 4K movies - For Full HD movies
  8. N

    New Sony AG8 OLED settings

    Hi guys, new to this so go easy with me! I’ve just purchased a Sony ag8 OLED 65 inch tv and I’m really impressed with it but I’ve not changed any of the settings at all, I’ve just got it out the box and plugged it in. Are there any settings I should change to try and get the best out of the...
  9. K

    Question Hisense U7QF - Best Settings (Especially for Motion)

    Hey guys, first off I'm a total newbie when it comes to the technical aspects of TV's so I hope one of you can help me find the best settings for my new Hisense 50U7QF. I have to be honest, I am incredibly disappointed in the viewing experience especially because of the terrible motion display...
  10. DirectorsScarf

    PUS7805 settings..

    Hello. As a new owner of the Philips PUS7805 I'd like to ask if anyone has any decent picture settings to share please? Also I see I can enable the Dolby Atmos virtualizer within custom sound settings- but will if kick in with Dolby vision content if I set the sound to AI mode? Cheers C
  11. G

    TCL 55C71K Picture Settings... here's mine. What are yours?

    I THINK I've got it pretty good. But it'd just be nice to compare with others settings for peace of mind. PICTURE Picture Preset: MOVIE Brightness: 100 Colour Saturation: 100 BRIGHTNESS SETTINGS Brightness: 100 Contrast: 93 Black Level: 49 Dynamic Contrast: OFF Black Stretch: OFF Dynamic...
  12. D

    75PUS6754 picture settings

    I can't quite find the perfect settings.... Anyone out there with suggestions... I watch mainly through prime/Netflix through an nvidia shield, through an av receiver using the arc feature
  13. J

    LG CX 77 keeps "forgetting?" ARC and CEC settings

    Just got a new LG CX 77" TV and my basic setup: 1. I have no speakers hooked up to it. 2. I have a Denon receiver that has an XBox 360 and NVidia Shield Pro 2019 plugged into it with HDMI cables. 3. All devices on the Denon, where supported have CEC disabled. 4. I have the TV Set to HDMI ARC...
  14. F

    MAVIC AIR 2 - The best settings for NIGHT VIDEO!

    Hi guys, I took my Mavic Air 2 out to test its video settings at night and here are my findings. Hopefully useful to some of you?
  15. W

    Philips best EQ sound settings?

    Hi, anyone have tested Philips best EQ sound settings? I´ve been trying to do the best in my Philips 50PUS7805, but without sucess... Waiting
  16. Y

    Samsung UE65RU7475 and PS4 Pro - picture settings

    Hi everyone. After a thunderstorm I replaced my old 130cm Samsung HD set (which had perfect settings with my old PS4 thanks to this forum - never had to adjust them over 5 years!) with a 65" 7475 and upgraded to the PS4 Pro. I've been a long way with the 7475 trying to get a picture that...
  17. Lensman5d

    Centre crossover settings

    Hi all, I have a B&W Htm2 D3 for my centre speaker. Paired to this I have a 10” M&K patched through the centre pre out on my aventage 3050. my question is, if I set the crossover at 80hz, am I strangling the sub? Should I set it to large? i am fiddling about as I type and thought I should ask a...
  18. Waynester

    Question Confused about a Color settings on Pioneer Blu Ray Player

    Evening 😊 I have a Pioneer BDP-180 Blu Ray Player In this menu pictured, it’s set to YCbCr444😳 is this on the correct setting? Picture on my TV looks okay, but noticed that images are ever so slightly warm and orangey red colour... The Blu ray player (as is all my other gear) is going straight...
  19. rongood

    Question LG CX 77" Best settings to set up

    Iv'e got a LG CX 77" coming monday and wondering if anyone has any basic settings to use to start with, i am concerned about future screenburn as well so anything that could reduce that in the settings would be useful.
  20. rpr

    Backing up settings to USB on Marantz

    Question, what exactly gets 'backed up' to a usb drive on a Marantz AVR (I own a 7012). Is it everything I've set up / altered including the calibration?
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