1. Old Salt

    Picture settings.

    Guy's please can you help this 70 year old who is trying to get a grasp of ever changing technology? I have recently bought a Sony Bravia KD43XG830, I am very pleased with the picture. However if I change say from SkyQ to the built-in Freeview the picture quality is different. If I set up the...
  2. N

    HCFR and Gamma Settings

    Hello, I'm trying to use HCFR and a colour meter to help calibrate my LG B7 and need some help on how to specific the Gamma Target for my Day/Night settings. Basically, I'm looking to target 2.4 for night and 2.2 for day. Does anyone know where I set that? Do I tick the 'power law' version of...
  3. BT86

    55OLED754 Picture Settings

    Apologies if this has already been posted but does anyone have a good picture Setup for this TV yet? Cheers
  4. N

    Question Changing LG TV Settings from an App

    Hello, When trying to calibrate an LG OLED B7 TV, is there any way I can change things like the Brightness/Contrast via a phone app or PC/Mac rather than bringing the on screen menu up all the time? Thanks
  5. Otis

    Question Atmos crossover settings?

    I've just got some Atmos upfiring speakers & i've read that you have better results by altering the crossover settings. Can anyone advise?
  6. pcdunk

    Question Roku Streaming Stick + Video settings info required

    Looking for a bit of info about the best video settings to use with a Roku streaming stick + (4k). I an only using the free channels All4 ITV player Five and UK tvplay etc which all broadcast in HD. I assume the stick which has video setting set to auto upsamples to match the 4k of my...
  7. D

    Question Hisense B7500 sounds settings

    I have a 55B7500 with JVC TH-D689B soundbar. For sources I use the TV's inbuilt Amazon and Netflix apps, Virgin HD/UHD and Xbox One. All are connected via hi speed HDMI, with the TV and soundbar via HDMI-ARC The Virgin box is currently set to Dolby Digital to PCM. The Xbox is currently set to...
  8. F

    Denon AVR X3600 sub settings.

    What is the correct way to boost the subwoofer? I have a SVS SB2000 and set the sub to 75dB with Audyssey and the amp sets the trim at -9.5dB’s which when in use I think it’s a little quiet. There two options that I can see to boost output and that’s to add to the -9.5dB that Audyssey set and...
  9. K

    Optimum settings for Yamaha A-S201 ?

    Hi, Experienced vinyl collector but completely inexperienced when it comes to gear.. are there optimum settings for the Yamaha A-S201 or is it best to use pure direct always?? On a different tangent I have my new turntable being delivered tomorrow (Project), I tried out my sons JAM Bluetooth...
  10. Sharkey1

    3D settings on Optoma Projector

    HI all, I used to be on this forum quite a bit before the kids came along......... I used to golf too and drink lots of beer etc etc ....... Well Im reclaiming the attic/cinema room now as they are not kids anymore so I have a few questions about the 3D settings of my projector. Its an old...
  11. herespaulo

    TU7000 Picture Mode not saving

    I just purchased a Samsung TU7000, and my Picture Mode setting isn’t saving. I have my TV’s Picture Mode set to “Movie”, but when I change sources, the TV will default back to “Standard” when returning to the previous source. The odd thing is, when I go to Expert Settings, my custom settings...
  12. C

    Question Understanding settings on Philips TVs, particularly Gamma

    So I've just purchased my first Philips TV, the 55" OLED 754. The image is beautiful and the for the price this TV is exceptional. I am however I am struggling a little with the settings as they aren't as easy to understand as some other TVs I've used before. I find it incredibly strange that...
  13. Waynester

    Question Which Audio Output settings for my new PS4 Pro?

    Hi guys setting up my PS4 Pro The Console is connected to my Denon AVRX2200 via HDMI only, i have a 5.1 setup which setting do I choose for AUDIO FORMAT (Priority) on this menu? Not sure which to choose? Any advice would be great 😊
  14. E

    Question 65PUS8204/12 - Motion Blur/Ghosting and best settings?

    Hey folks, I'm looking at getting the 65PUS8204/12 - wondering if any owners could advise how the motion blur/ghosting is on this TV? It's one of my biggest gripes of my current TV. Additionally, anyone got a link to some of the "best settings" for this TV? Struggling to find them at the...
  15. kypsolo

    R50B7120UK - Picture Settings Help and Guidance Please

    Hi there. I recently bought Hisense Roku TV 50 Inch R50B7120UK 4K Smart LED TV with HDR. I'm getting a lot of ghosting especially when there is a dark scene with light shining highlight things. I'm wondering if it's my picture settings. Can you guys give me your best picture/sound settings...
  16. Symtendo

    Hisense 75S8: Picture settings

    Hi all, I just bought the Hisense 75S8 and my first plan was to come here to get the best settings as I am not great with TVs. Unfortunately I’m struggling to find any mention of this TV either here or on the internet in general. Is it known by a different name outside of Australia? If anyone...
  17. BM08

    Which picture settings to turn off on LG tv?

    As title, my two year must have changed picture settings when she got hold of the remote, and it’s messed EVERYTHING up! I thought the settings I previously applied would have been saved, but it doesn’t appear to have? I understand that most of the settings with the word “Dynamic”, or “super...
  18. D

    Question Audyssey Room EQ and Speaker Level Settings

    If I run the Audyssey room EQ on my amp (Denon AAVR-X3500H), does this set the correct volume levels for each speaker? Are manual level settings and Audyssey setup mutually exclusive? The reason I'm asking is because when I got my system, I ran the Audyssey setup, but I feel that the surround...
  19. karatekid

    Yellows look green

    Hi all I have a 55UM70. Im struggling to get the perfect colour setup. The issue im having is that yellows look green or have a green tinge. For example if a number plate is shown on tv it look green I've fiddled with the settings and the only way I can normalise yellow is to lower to...
  20. rmonkey100

    Question Hisense h65b7300uk Best Picture Settings??

    Just got this TV for my parents, set it up as best I can over the phone with them, using Cinema Night, and HDR Night Anyone else got this or can recommend more detailed and better settings? Turned all motion & noise reduction stuff off, backlight is at High, though low may be better? Thanks
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