1. X

    Panasonic TX-50DXE720 Best TV Picture Settings

    Hi, I'm looking for best picture settings for my new Panasonic TX-50DXE720 (bought in France), though the default parameters seem to be already really good (maybe too much light and not enough warm). Not sure this DXE720 exist in UK, maybe it's the same as DX700 series ? I've watched the...
  2. M

    LG 55EG910V Settings Advice!!

    Hi Guys First post, just bought an LG 55EG910V Smart 3D 55" Curved OLED TV. We watch a lot of sport football and boxing mainly. Saw reviews of the tele saying there wasn't a lot of motion blur on it. Which i found to be a complete lie. Found a lot of it. I have turned off a few settings which...
  3. A

    Question Panasonic 50DX750 Picture Settings

    Hello New member, I am the proud but confused owner of the Panasonic 50dx750b, but I cannot get the picture settings correct for Blu Ray and or Sky HD, far too much ghosting from Sky HD on all feeds. Can anyone help before I return this TV and bring back my Pioneer Kuro. Thanks in advance.
  4. Nadia2016

    Picture settings for Samsung UE24H4070

    Hello everyone! Please help with basic settings for TV Samsung UE24H4070 or give advice or a link to settings which could also be used for Samsung UE24H4070. We tried to do it ourselves but are not satisfied with the picture. It is not sharp, it seems that there is a screen made of fog between...
  5. D

    Samsung 55ks9000 settings

    Post your settings for the KS 9000
  6. LeonDestiny

    Best Picture settings for Gaming (Ps4/WiiU) for LG 47LB650V !?

    Hey guys new here ,need some help! As the title states, could someone please advice me what type of picture settings i should use for gaming..? mainly to get rid of input lag and just having a good vivid picture! i recently got the tv. and would like some advice :) and also would like to...
  7. I

    Calibration settings

    Hi everyone I'd really appreciate some help with calibration settings for a Panasonic tx-50ax802b. Be great if any members could share some picture and sound settings. Many thanks Richard
  8. richardlibbs

    Question Samsung LE37R87BD Service Menu Settings

    Hello, I have a Samsung LE37R87BD TV and have just replaced the T Con board as the screen had lost its colours (it had a rainbow effect issue). However, prior to replacement of the board, I amended some of the service menu settings, and didn't note the original settings first (a school boy...
  9. Leonheart

    Question LG 47 LM6200 picture settings

    Hi I am looking for the best LM6200 settings please
  10. W

    John Lewis 49JL9100 Settings

    Hi Has anyone got any recommended settings for the 49JL9100 4k tv from John Lewis Cheers in advance
  11. Bones69

    LG 43LF5900 Picture Settings

    Hello, anyone who has this TV I would like to know the best picture settings? thanks
  12. R

    No picture settings on HDMI

    Hi folks, This is probably a very basic question. We have a Sony KDL40CX523 which my missus recently commented on the picture being quite dark. So I had a look around for best settings to use and have been reading the guides on here. My problem lies when I'm on Sky via any of the HDMI ports as...
  13. C

    Driveclub - settings to use for a Thrustmaster T150 wheel

    Hi Apologies, if there is already a thread for this, but I could not locate it. If any of you guys could recommend some settings that work well for the above, it'd be really appreciated. I am having a dog of a time trying to get used to this! Thanks in advance!
  14. M

    KODI asus sound card settings - no sound

    Hi all, I've installed Kodi on my PC - but have no sound when watching stuff on Kodi. I have an Asus soundcard and have worked through the audio settings with no joy. Does any one have the same issue with running Kodi through a soundcard? and I'm hoping someone has had this issue and can help...
  15. M

    Can You Help Me With The Perfect Picture TV Settings For A Samsung UE55JS9000

    I'm really struggling on this, there isn't a video to help and I can't seem to find the right link to the perfect settings I'm watching Blu Rays and it looks grainy and when there is a scene in the night well Let's say it gets worse Plus I get ghosting which I think I have stopped Also do I...
  16. Nimiq1

    Diseqc settings for Sky Dish

    Hi all, I am currently running a motorised setup and will be moving into a new place soon that has an existing Sky Dish mounted outside. For the time being I plan on using this for the Free Sat service. It has a quad lnbf on the front so I am guessing that the lnbf must contain a switch of...
  17. B

    Hisense K700 75' optimal picture settings

    hello everybody! just bought a new 75' hisense k700 tv can anyone please provide the best picture settings for it? tried looking at other posts here but not sure what settings are right for my screen... appreciate it :)
  18. S

    Question PS4 audio settings when connected to sound bar

    Hi ladies & gents :) I have purchased a Panasonic soundbar today which is the Panasonic SC-HTB680 model, I also have a PS4 and a Sony KDL48W705C TV, I connected the PS4 directly to the soundbar and HDMI ARC to TV, also connected Virgin TiVo box to HDMI on tv, so far so good, but I'm perplexed...
  19. D

    LG UF6430 settings

    Does anyone have this TV. I'm looking for a good setup for setting. New at setting up these kind of Tvs.
  20. S

    Question Samsung 40JU7000 settings PS4

    Hello, I have problems with my settings. If i do full RGB on PS4 and set Black Level to Normal my colours are washed out. But if i set low then i have deep darks but maybe i miss some details in games ? If i check forums they say you must set black level to low en set RGB to full on PS4. Is...
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