1. phanex

    Question Philips 65PUS7304/12 best picture settings

    Hello! I have recently purchased a Philips 65pus7304/12 from here: https://www.emag.ro/televizor-led-smart-android-philips-164-cm-4k-ultra-hd-65pus7304-12/pd/DB8325BBM/ smart Android TV with all the bells and whistles.. I would like to know the best picture settings for this specific model...
  2. M

    I lost my sm8600 calibration settings - someone who wants to share??

    I manage somehow to make the best ever settings on my lg sm8600 tv when i got it .... BUT somehow, the other day, I pressed the mutebutton to much and now ALL my settings are gone all of it :( and I can not remember what I did to get such a good picture, it has nothing to do with 'rtings'...
  3. Adsleonard

    Hisense H65B7100UK Settings

    Hey, I brought this tv yesterday and was wondering if anyone knew the best picture settings. At the moment the image keeps auto dimming and brightening while watching anything and its getting a tad annoying. many thanks
  4. S

    Amp Settings For Pair Of Bass Shakers?

    Ok my friends here is the issue. I run my PC through an surround sound amp and I wanted to add a pair of bass shaker into my sofa. I had a very similar setup years ago which worked perfect without me having to change any setting whatsoever but this time I am having issues as in I have no idea...
  5. T

    Denon avr-x2600 forgetting settings

    Evening all. Quite often when I listen to music through the Alexa to the Denon amp i find the the audyssey settings (multEQ Dynamic EQ etc) have reverted back to 0 and i hav ed to enter them again. Ive not turned it off at yhe wall or had a power cut but it keeps losing the setting... Any...
  6. C

    Settings with no subwoofer.

    Hi Everyone, I'd be very greatfull if someone could help me with some settings, I'm getting no sound from my subwoofer at the moment, a dodgy lead I suspect, my problem is due to a bad back problem I can't access the read of the sub at the moment, could someone tell me the best settings to apply...
  7. geordie_john

    Question Panasonic 50GX800 sound settings?

    Hello does anyone please know what settings I should have my bass and treble and balance on db ? Thank you.
  8. Lord Paulus Cobris

    Philips 65PUS6704/12 - Recomended Settings and Opinions

    Hello, I have purchased a Philips 65PUS6704/12, and im at a loss with so many option and setting... What are the best settings for normal viewing and 4k HDR viewing? From what i see, netflix has on setting, amazon prime another, 4k boxes another... and 4k hdr input another... Another thing i...
  9. L

    Best settings to get in color management system

    Hello I have question about Color management system in some image profiles on my LG TV. What test patterns are best to adjust these settings. I am watching SD and HD tv and sometimes vod apps as source. Thanks
  10. L

    Settings greyed out in SM8600PLA

    Hello I have LG smart tv with latest firmware and watching only DVB-T tv SD and HD channels and sometimes vod apps. I am still searching for best settings for me but no matter which image setting profile i am using Black level, White balance and Color Temp options are greyed out. I have Power...
  11. V

    HDR settings Samsung NU8000

    Hello new to 4K and HDR Here are my settings which I think look great on everything from TV, PS4 and my Media player (WD Live TV..oldie but a goodie for 1080p) Movie Backlight 25 Brightness 3 Contracts 50 Sharpness 20 Colour 25 Digital Clean Auto Motion Plus Off Local Dimming Low Contrast...
  12. S

    Question Picture settings

    Hi I have a 50inch TX50GX800B model can anyone please let me know what the best picture settings are for 4K as it doesn’t have the wow effect I expected yet am told is a fairly decent model ..I’ve tried to change some settings myself the sound is great as through a 4K AV Receiver but in no...
  13. M

    Is the old advice to turn off all enhancement features with new TVs still valid?

    I have recently purchased an LG 55UM7400 TV. I have set it up as per suggestions on rtings here for a similar model. These are typical of the kind of settings that TV reviewers suggest - ie. choose cinema (or ISF Expert) mode and turn off all enhancement options. However, I came across this...
  14. V

    Question TDAI 2170 - Delay with P10 SUB and LPF/HPF settings

    Hello! I wonder if anyone here know how much delay I should add to my Dali P10 SUB if it is connected to TDAI 2170 with ONE cable from analog out to LFE back on the SUB. I have set the audio signal to mono because I then use just one cable. I was recommended to try one cable and mono instead of...
  15. B

    AV receiver required with advanced speaker settings for different seating positions

    I have installed ceiling speakers suitable for use with a ceiling mounted projector. My TV is at a 90 degree angle from my projector screen. I'm looking for an an AV receiver where you can have two saved speaker settings ie the first one for the projector and the second setting for the TV so...
  16. M

    Question H50B7100 settings help

    Hey guys, Upgraded my old Technika 40" after it died for a H50B7100 in preperation for the next gen consoles. Trouble is I can get games to look good, move areas and everything will be too bright/washed out or pitch black, tweak the settings again so it looks good and repeat. It also seems if...
  17. S

    55PUS8204/12 - Another settings thread

    Hi there! Im three weeks into owning this tv and i still isnt happy with the picture settings. From the start i felt that the colors were washed out and had a grey tint. Now its really dark and i struggle to find details in blacks. Is there any kind soul that have a good baseline to start...
  18. NicoC

    Calibrated settings for 65oled804/12

    Hi everyone, I just bought this marvelous tv. Have been wondering if someone has the calibrated settings for this one. Been searchng the net, but can't find something usefull. They recommend using the warm setting for picture color, but this makes everything too yellowish. The normal setting...
  19. L

    BEST SETTINGS Philips 43PUS6814/12

    Can anyone help me to get the best settings for this tv please? Thanks to everyone!
  20. D

    Philips 65PUS6554 settings

    Hi all, New to the board, hope you can help. I've a 65PUS6554 Philips TV arriving today and wondered if anyone could provide me with any tips or advice for the best picture and sound settings when I set it up? It will be used to watching TV only, no gaming. We watch SKY tv and usually stream to...
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