1. J

    Question Can I run VM signal though house TV Coax ?

    As title really. My house was built around 3 years ago and has TV points dotted around in various rooms. I want to change the room my VM comes into. I was wondering if I can connect it to another room using the in built aerial coaxial cable. I was thinking i'd join the cable from the feed...
  2. P

    Freeview radio signal quality versus DAB radio signal quality

    I have noticed that my FREEVIEW TV allows for the access to radio stations, all BBC and a few others, I was wondering how the quality of the signal received from the Freeview system compared to that from a DAB radio with the signal coming from the radio's own DAB aerial. Is the quality the same...
  3. V

    Question Regular HDMI signal to HDMI ARC input?

    I've never been interested in soundbars, built-in TV speakers were ok for a TV shows, and I always used headphones for watching movies with Apple TV and gaming on the Xbox One X. But recently I've bought the BENQ EW3270U 4K monitor, mainly for work, and since the 4K content looks much better on...
  4. Jodav100

    No signal but for short period of time

    Hello, I am looking for help on behalf of an elderly lady I care for, she has had 2 professional aerial men out and can not fix this problem. She has a panosonic tv bought November 2019 and a humax which has had for sometime. Firstly all channels went on freeview but re setting worked. This...
  5. The Dark Horse

    Anyone getting 5G mobile phone signal - Thoughts?

    I've tried looking on other parts of the forum but can't see anything. Thought I'd post here as more people look on the general chat forum. What are peoples experiences with 5G at the moment on the few devices that support it? I keep hearing cover is poor but when I look on the different phone...
  6. M

    Gz950 Black screen but sound on HD channels despite 100% signal strength and quality

    Hey guys, I've just got a gz950 and all my digital channels work perfectly apart from the HD channels. They all show 100% for signal strength and quality but they only play sound and a black screen. The sound is perfect abs not broken up. Any idea what's going on? Thanks
  7. S

    Samsung TV and Home Entertainment system - intermittent no signal issues HDMI or other issue?

    Hi all, Newbie post after much trawling on here and the net for an answer, hoping someone can help: I have a Samsung TV (PS59D6900) along with the Samsung Home entertainment system (HT-e5550). Eveything has been working fine until recently, now when I try to watch movies via the home ent...
  8. L

    Q80R HDMI cable blocks live signal from Sky HD+ box but recorded stuff OK?

    Hi all, Just got a Samsung Q80R. When I connected my Sky HD plus box no signal on the TV showed. After doing some tests with a smaller TV alongside I found out that when I connect an HDMI cable to the Q80R it takes out the signal on the Sky box and no live TV BUT I can play back recorded...
  9. L

    Q80 R seems to block Sky HD+ signal with HDMI cable

    Hi all, Just got a Samsung Q80R. When I connected my Sky HD plus box no signal on the TV showed. After doing some tests with a smaller TV alongside I found out that when I connect an HDMI cable to the Q80R it takes out the signal on the Sky box and no live TV BUT I can play back recorded...
  10. J

    Question Strange signal issues!

    Hi All, This is odd and I wasnt sure whether to post this in console, tv or amp section! Anyway i have a Panasonic TX-58EX700B television Denon x2500 AV Amp Xbox One X I have them rigged up so that the TV is using the ARC connection into the corresponding ARC HDMI port in the Amp. I then...
  11. P

    No Signal alert on screen

    On a couple of occasions this year when attempting to record a TV programme on my DVD/VCR no programme is recorded. All I get is a black screen with the name of the TV channel at the bottom & the words 'No Signal'. To overcome this I have to do a factory reset & re-tune the DVD/VCR then all is...
  12. J

    RF modulator freezing/losing signal

    I have a technomate rf modulator that keeps freezing / losing the signal. The set up is as follows: Sky Q -> splitter / scaler -> output 1 takes 4K to TV via HDBaseT extender -> output 2 (scaled to 1080) -> rf modulator. The loss of signal only happens overnight so guessing it’s when there is...
  13. Riggie

    Signal problem on my TV and PVR set-up.

    Hi Everyone I have a signal problem on my TV and PVR set-up. For quite a while now I get a random and intermittent “signal lost please check your aerial “ banner across the screen, for only 2 or 3 seconds sometimes just a black screen while watching the TV using the Humax, it can go on for 5...
  14. S

    Can you tether a Manhattan T3-R Freeview Play smart 4K ultra HD box to an iPhone with a strong 4g signal to watch catch up TV?

    Hi we are looking to tether a Manhattan T3-R Freeview Play smart 4K ultra HD TV recorder to an iPhone with 4g signal to watch catch up TV? Is this possible /would it work? Appreciate any comments /advice. Thanks
  15. M

    Sony AG9 - Denon A1 UD - no hdmi signal

    I just purchased the Sony AG9 TV, but unfortunately I am not able to receive the HDMI signal from my blue ray player (Denon A1 UD). I have also tried to pass the HDMI signal through my Denon receiver (x4700h), but with no luck. When I turn on the blue ray player, it says "loading" on the...
  16. R

    Constantly Losing Phone GPS Signal in Car

    Hi All, For some strange reason I keep losing my phone GPS signal when in my car - Jaguar XE S. The issue only occurs when I’m in the car. It works fine when outside the car & yesterday I tried it when I was in a friend’s car & it worked fine. It’s just when I’m in the car. I don’t think it’s...
  17. P

    House alarm splitting the download speed?

    We wonder if anybody on the AV forum has come across this scenario/problem before and if anyone has any solutions? We have been suffering from low download speeds on our BT Broadband service about 8 mb download. All our neighbours around us achieve between 39-44 mb. All checks have been done...
  18. S

    Question Sky Q 2TB V2 - Satellite Signal Keeps Dropping Out .

    Hi Guys - I've had my Sky Q 2TB V2 box for around 2 years + now - it began to play up a couple of weeks back ' No satellite Signal Being Received ' - I re-inserted the power lead from the brick and the signal returned - however the signal kept dropping out - I'd wiggle the lead or move the brick...
  19. X

    No signal on Hisense TV using previously working cable from LNB

    I had two cables from my satellite dish LNB going into a Foxsat box in my lounge and it worked for years. Recently got a Hisense TV which has 1 satellite input so put one feed in there and tuned the TV and it worked. I decided to take the other second satellite cable into another room, where I...
  20. C

    Question "No signal" displayed when GPU is set as primary output

    I just finished my build, everything was hooked up and looking picture perfect, I hit the power button, it shows the BIOS menu for 10 seconds then displays no signal. This is with the GPU inserted and set as the primary video output, however I am able to use the on board graphics without a...
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