1. P

    LG SN11RG or Samsung Q950 T

    Which one is better to be paired with LG E9 TV?
  2. M

    Unbiased review between Q90R, LG SN11RG and the Sonos Combo

    Background/story Unfortunately, for audiophiles, I believe most online reviewers don’t compare the sound system adequately. Most reviews don’t even use metrics, Rting uses them but they need to add calibrated results as well (like they do with monitors or TVs). Also, most of reviewers test a...
  3. benjoee

    HELP - LG SN11RG not actually HDMI 2.1

    EDIT - I found it still lists HDMI 2.1 on LG CA website: LG COMING SOON - LG SN11RG 7.1.4 ch 770W Dolby Atmos® Sound Bar with Meridian & Surround Speakers | LG Canada Hi all - I need YOUR help on HDMI 2.1 TL/DR: Does anyone have screenshots or evidence from earlier when LG listed HDMI 2.1 for...
  4. G

    LG SN11RG vs Samsung HW-Q90R

    With the Samsung now down to £999 and the LG available at Currys for £1023 with the deal, I was wondering if one was better than the other? Also the 950T will be out soon so that is another consideration. With the currrent price for the LG and Samsung at this level, is it a case of some would...
  5. A

    LG SN11RG v B&O Stage

    I know, another recommend me a soundbar post...... Wonder if you could help, hopefully moving into new property in next couple of weeks. Looking to put the TV on the wall as shown in the floorplan attached, with a soundbar underneath it. Main sofa would be opposite it. Far right on the...
  6. L

    Question LG SN11RG and Atmos

    I am thinking of buying the LG SN11RG soundbar so I can have Atmos audio when watching 4k movies equipped with it. My TV is an LG E6 with is not Atmos enabled but which I wish to keep because I need the 3D facility. I use a Pana DMP-UB900 BD player to play discs which can also stream Netflix and...
  7. T

    Question LG SN11rg or Sonos Bundle....

    I know it's a tough one with people on both sides of the fence but which one to pick is tricky , I can get the Sonos and try it or the LG which has some great reviews , I want something that's as good watching Springwatch as it is Avengers Assemble lol....
  8. W

    Question Dolby Atmos soundbar and vaulted ceiling – does it work? Need help.

    Hey guys, I am reading in this forum already for several months and I got great answers when I was looking for a TV. I bought the LG C9 65 and I am quite happy with the choice. Now I would like to complete the setup with a soundbar. Due to the vaulted ceiling I am not sure if it will work...
  9. Talkshowchris

    LG SN11RG Owners Thread

    Now that the LG SN11RG soundbar is now available in the UK, I thought it apt to create a thread for owners to post reviews and discussions.
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