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  1. C

    Question Sony vpl-vw320 blue and yellow lines

    Hiya I'm having an issue with the Sony Projector on all screens is showing blue on the top lines as a highlight and yellow underneath the lines - Almost like the projector is out of alignment - is this the lamp or some config that needs changing.... Can anyone suggest anything? Thank you
  2. D

    For Sale Sony RX100 camera

    I cannot see a mark on the body and just some minor blemishes I've tried to highlight on the rear screen. Definitely no major scratches. No dust on the sensor or inside the lens. Only 1600 actuations. Complete with manufacturer's box, AC adaptor, guide, spare battery and hard case. If needed can...
  3. W

    Android TV 11 is on its way..

    This just popped up. Be interested to know a) if the 2020 sets will get it and b) whether it enables HDMI 2.1
  4. S

    Question I'm thick. Onkyo speakers plugged into a Sony str-dn1080

    Hi gang, My Onkyo HT S5805 went faulty and as it was in warranty, it went to be fixed. Unfortunately parts couldn't be gotten for it, so I got a new Sony STR-DN1080 amp as a replacement. I was told to use the speakers I have however, I have to profess to being thick and confused as my Onkyo...
  5. J

    Poor Sony TV Picture Quality

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping someone can help. I purchased a 55 inch Sony X950H tv several months ago and the picture quality is very dissapointing. Most programs look more like SD quality than the HD or 4K source that are supposed to be when they are available. Some customer...
  6. charlie55

    Sony ht- 5000 soundbar

    I'm thinking of getting one of these and my question is if I use the 3 hdmi ins on the bar and send the picture by the hdmi out to the arc on my Sony A1 what sound will I get atmos,Dolby true through speakers on the bar. Thanks
  7. R

    Question XH95 (49/85 inch) legs fit XF90?

    I prefer the look of the all black, metal legs of the 49/85 inch XH95 over the silver plastic ones of the XF90 and was wondering if they would fit the older model? Looks as though they should, but am not 100%. Asking as they occasionally turn up on eBay. Thanks!
  8. M

    Sony UBP-X700 locked up

    Well, it seems that everytime I buy a new machine something goes wrong, Having just returned the Sony X-6700 after almost 2 years when the menu died, I replaced it with this model which has already locked up just barely a week in use. I popped a dvd into the machine, selected lay in the menu and...
  9. jrig

    For Sale Sony KD 65A1

    Excellent condition as it's been on the wall since day one. Bought new from Hughes Electrical in Oct 2017. Comes in original box with all accessories and remote. Collection only.
  10. lunch_box

    For Sale Sony ZF9 Dolby Atmos soundbar inc wireless rears

    Selling my Sony ZF9 atmos soundbar with the extra wireless rears. Will also include wall brackets for the rears. Fully boxed and complete in great condition. It will come complete with the remainder of the Curry’s extra warranty (approx 2 years left) Can post at buyers expense.
  11. T

    TV infrared not working

    The infrared on my XF65 9005 is not work the remote control is working fine, I’ve a Sony tv in another room and it works fine on that some help would be greatly appreciated
  12. kenshingintoki

    Sony.. the sleeping kings of VR

    Are Sony still the sleeping kings of VR? Have Oculus surpassed them yet? I'm still surprised how big Sony's userbase in VR is and how little they care about it. It would be so interesting if Oculus or Valve (more likely Oculus) partnered up with Sony to allow their headsets to work in the...
  13. J

    48” OLED : LG CX or Sony A9 or ... ?

    My 43“ Panasonic plasma screen is still going strong after over 15 years, but my receiver of a similar vintage is becoming unreliable (takes several goes to fire it up). So the time has come to bite the bullet. I could get a replacement receiver, but it is overkill as I mainly use the system...
  14. Franco 1962


    Hi guys, need help please. My friend has this tv and cannot use netflix and amazon prime. Every time we click to watch the screen goes black and doesn't load. All other apps like YouTube, bbc iplayer work fine. Not being an android TV I can't figure out why. I guess it's a software problem as I...
  15. M

    Sony AG9 - Denon A1 UD - no hdmi signal

    I just purchased the Sony AG9 TV, but unfortunately I am not able to receive the HDMI signal from my blue ray player (Denon A1 UD). I have also tried to pass the HDMI signal through my Denon receiver (x4700h), but with no luck. When I turn on the blue ray player, it says "loading" on the...
  16. M

    Sony AV Receiver With Main Pre Outs

    hi guys, although there is nothing basically wrong with it, I a have finally decided to retire my ageing Sony STRDB940 AV receiver. it has given sterling service for close on 20 years. So the question is, what is a comparable Sony item with pre outs to run my left and right speakers through my...
  17. B

    For Sale Sony 18-135 f3.5-5.6

    Hey Selling my Sony 18-135 e mount lens. Might be controversial but I bought the 18-105 G f4 and just prefer how it handles. The lens is in as new condition and overall has seen little use. It will come unboxed as it came as a kit lens with my a6500 when I bought it however will ensure it is...
  18. Shakey4

    For Sale 32" Samsung LED TV and Sony Sound Bar

    For sale is the following :- Samsung 32" LED TV Model UE32J5100 With original remote control Sony Sound Bar Model HT-SF150 With original remote control Original boxes are not included, so collection is preferable. £155 collected
  19. G

    Opinions on SONY BRAVIA KD43XH8505BU

    We need to replace our 5 year old Panasonic and we are looking at the KD43XH8505BU as a potential replacement. It needs to be a 43" screen as it has to fit into the corner of our lounge. I cannot find many reviews on this model so was wondering if anyone has one who could give me some feedback...
  20. W

    Sony Laser v Lamp Based Projector

    Hi Guys I'm looking to buy a new projector, probably a Sony. Apart from the obvious strengths of the laser being brighter & not requiring any replacements bulbs, is a laser worth paying additional £££ over it's lamp based counterpart. Is the picture quality any better, if so in which areas or...
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