1. Profcool

    Question Driving me mad - can’t control Samsung sound bar volume with universal remote

    Hi there, I have a Samsung UE55MU7070 tv and a Samsung HW-MS650 soundbar. Until recently I have been able to control the volume of my soundbar via the universal tv remote but just recently for whatever reason it is no longer working. I am connected via an optical cable. TV sound output is set as...
  2. Yamaha Audio

    Promoted Immersive 3D Sound with the Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar

    IMMERSIVE 3D SOUND Take your home cinema experience to new heights with sound that comes from above as well as all around you. The YAS-109 features DTS Virtual:X – immersing the audience in exhilarating 3D surround sound from a single bar solution. ALEXA VOICE CONTROL “Alexa*, play Jamie...
  3. M

    Question Problems connecting Samsung TV UN65MU6290 & RIF6 Sound Bar

    I've Samsung TV model UN65MU6290 & I just bought this Sound Bar . Now I can't find a way to connect it to my TV. Here's what I've tried - When I Connect it to HDMI ARC, HDMI is shown as unknown in Input. Changing output to HDMI makes no difference - I tried Optic audio out , doesn't work - I...
  4. suavegarve

    43PUS6754/12 Chromecast sound not working

    I've just purchased this TV and connected a 3rd gen Chromecast. The picture is working but the sound is not working properly. It's very jittery and sometimes not even playing at all. I've tried different HDMI and USB slots. Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. H

    Question Will surround sound work with this room layout or should i get a good quality sound bar instead? Out of my depth any help appreciated please

    So i have purchased a LG OLED65C9PLA on a bit of a whim as it was such a good deal and now looking at the sound system but i am well out of my depth so have come to the experts for some help :) Currently i have a Phillips HTS6510 which is a 2.1 system. Was maybe of thinking getting the LG...
  6. andrus73

    Harmankardon AVR151S and sound loss on input switching/sleep

    Hello, Could use little of help according to Harmankardon AVR151S which is acting up weird lately. Current setup: 3 devices over HDMI connected, ARC to TV and from TV TOS Link cable to AVR HDMI 1 computer HDMI 2 PS4 HDMI 3 digitalTV box USB disk 16 Gb If device has been off without power...
  7. D

    No sound from Tv

    I have a Panasonic tv with built in Freesat and technic soundbar. I am getting no sound on certain channels. External usb has sound as well as Netflix and Amazon Prime.Video plus apps such as itv hub etc.
  8. S

    Sound absorption in chimney flue

    Hello! I originally posted this in general chat but someone said I might get a better response here, the original more detailed post can be found here. A shortened version of it is that the neighbours TV is hung on their chimney breast and as of about 6 weeks ago we can hear all the bass being...
  9. JRyder

    Question LG OLED E9 - Sound quality at low volume

    Hi all, The time has come for me to buy an OLED for my office/den. I'll be sitting about 6ft away, so 55" is fine, plus I can shift my sofa closer to save me £600 over buying a 65". I'm not going to bother with setting up my 5.1 AV receiver, as it will take up too much space, and I won't be...
  10. EricinHongKong

    Question Audio issues between Samsung Q70 TV and Denon AVR (both HDMI ARC and optical)

    I connected my Samsung Q70 TV to my Denon 1713 AVR to play audio over my loudspeaker system and have been experiencing random sound output issues for a while now: often it works great, and sometimes it just doesn't (typically after switching on the components). Initially, I tried an HDMI ARC...
  11. B

    TV display switches off after but sound still works

    I have a Panasonic tv which a few weeks back I noticed the display keep cutting out on the TV however sound still working. This was after a few hours of use. Currently the TV will only stay on for around a minute before the screen goes black. However does vary sometimes staying on for hours...
  12. S

    Question LG C9 loosing sound setting at about 20 minute mark

    Hi everybody hope your all well in this strange times. I have a Lg c9 it was a nightmare to get arc working with my denon avr2500h, had to follow a member of this forums advice (thanks) to get it to work by diconnecting all hdmi leads (only 1) and unplugging tv for a few minutes then switching...
  13. S

    Sound absorption in chimney flue.

    So I've lurked here for a while now and used the search function to try and find advice on this but I'm not really getting anywhere. This might be a bit of a long one so strap yourselves in. A bit of background: Missus and I bought our first home together last August which is a post-war...
  14. geordie_john

    Question Low sound on Onyko HT-R494 receiver?

    Hello I had a power problem with my receiver but Richer Sounds sent it off for repair,once it came back me and the wife put all the wires in and did a calibration and some of the wires were in wrong,after the second calibration there were no errors and we saved it. But since then the sound seems...
  15. A

    Gz1000 Atmos sound

    Hi hope everyone is well at this difficult time I'm looking at upgrading my TV to the gz1000 just a question on sound it says Atmos cinematic experience with a compatible sound bar how does this work does the Atmos from tv since with the sound bar because generally you would turn tv sound off...
  16. D

    Pioneer VSX-LX303 shows connected to device via bluetooth but no sound. Please help.

    I've tried multiple devices and they all showed that they are connected to the receiver but there is no sound. Tried resetting the receiver and everything else I could think of but the problem persists. The Bluetooth used to work fine, it just started having this issue. Any idea what might be...
  17. steve iow

    Sound bar and av receiver

    Hi I’ve a Samsung 4K tv coming with a sound bar, the question is can I use the sound bar just for the tv when the amp is off, blu ray player, Humax box, fire tv, all connected to the Marantz ,when I turn the amp on which will connected by HDMI to the tv will this turn off the sound bar.Hope you...
  18. J

    Home cinema room - sound system recommendations

    Hi all, recently put together a home cinema room in my top floor converted bedroom. Current equipment -Optoma UHD300x Projector - Sky Q box - PS4 - Phillips hue spotlights. Looking for recommendations for a sound system. Because it’s top floor there’s easy access to the loft to run cables...
  19. C

    Sony STR-DN1080 won’t play sound when using anything smart tv related

    I am currently using the Sony amp and a 5.1 surround to an LG 65C8PLA. Sound runs through the amp to the speakers fine when using sky tv..Bluetooth music..PS4 the problem is when switching to anything through the tv smart menu, so all online content like Netflix, YouTube even playing from USB...
  20. masterc34

    Question Unsure what sound bar to buy

    Hi friends, I am not a tech enthusiast, all I am after is a solid performing reliable sound bar to go with my 3 year old Sony Bravia KD-55XE9005. I just need to hear a good sound when I watch day-to-day TV - news, movies, just the normal. I also enjoy playing music via Spotify, and have a 10...
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