1. S

    Sound bar recommendation please

    Hi, I’m looking to buy a sound bar to work with an LG OLED tv and Sky Q. I don’t have an unlimited budget but will pay to get a decent product. I am by no means an expert in this area so would be very grateful for any recommendations on this forum please. My simplistic requirements are it should...
  2. Waynester

    Question Much difference in sound quality between these 2 Yamaha Soundbars?

    I’ve got a Yamaha YAS-93 Soundbar in my bedroom... it’s not bad actually, but I’ve seen a mint condition 2nd hand Yamaha YSP-1400 for sale and wondered if it would be a massive improvement “sonically”? Got a nice system in my living room so a minor potential upgrade for the bedroom 🤣
  3. JabbaNut

    Cinera Edge 5K OLED HMD cinema headset with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound

    I am not sold on the idea myself.
  4. M

    Cheap Sound Bar - Wireless Sub and Surrounds

    Hi All Looking for a relatively cheap sound bar with wireless (preferably) sub and with hopefully wireless surrounds (definitely). Budget about £200 - don't need arc etc. 5.1 ideally. Will connect to a cheap Tesco TV. Awesome thank you Matt
  5. M

    For Sale PSA (Power Sound Audio) S1510 subwoofer

    Hi, Reluctantly selling this as I'm unable to find another (used) one to pair it with. Approx 18 months old, 2nd owner (came from Kalibrate originally). Mint condition, fully packed with orig box. The price is firm, as I think it's very fair considering price of the S1512, & how rare these come...
  6. joe333

    lg cx sound from headphones and TV speakers at same time spr

    Is it possible to have sound from TV speakers and headphones at same time? In few stores i was told that only Panasonic (seems from another discussion and Sony help page that Sony supports it as well via optical out ) is supporting audio from TV speakers and headphones at same time. But I have...
  7. S

    Sound proof cinema room in semi detached house

    We are seriously considering a move to a semi-detached house and I am afraid it will be the end of my home cinema hobby. Currently we have a detached with good distance to neighbours and enjoy watching movies with multiple subs capable of flat 110bd output down to the teens. To be fair at our...
  8. scrubosaurus

    Question What sound option?

    hello guys i have a Hisense h65u7a tv with a yamaha yas 207 soundbar. My question is what option should i choose on the tv for sound? PCM Raw or Dolby Digital? i play games on console and watch movies from my PC tnks for your time
  9. M

    55pus6703 and TCL TS9030 sound bar issues

    I've recently had to upgrade my sound system to the above and I'm having issues availing of dolby atmos content. I've tried a number of work arounds but to no avail. I wanted to utilise both my sky q box and the internal apps from the TV as the sky q has no HDR support with these currently...
  10. mazooma

    best set up on denonx2600 for sound

    Hi guys, just a bit of advice,,so got denon x2600 and it feels sometimes i havent quite got the sound set up quite right, as every dvd i put on im usully tweaking it or changing settings levels, i had a yamaha amp before, once it was set up it was fine never had to adjust levels, just chose what...
  11. SilverGamer

    PS Pro Sound Output via CX

    This may sound a daft question. But how do I get sound from my PS4 to the Amp via the TV? My PS4 Pro is wired to HDMI 2 on the TV. Works fine. Then I had the CX set to ARC to get sound to the Amp, but this doesn’t work, the Amp just shows HDMI 1 (Not TV) on the display. Is there a way to do...
  12. scrubosaurus

    What sound option?

    hello guys i have a Hisense h65u7a tv with a yamaha yas 207 soundbar. My question is what option should i choose on the tv for sound? PCM Raw or Dolby Digital? i play games on console and watch movies from my PC tnks for your time
  13. M

    DENON AVR-x1600h, No sound coming through speakers on PC

    Hello friends:hiya:.. thanks for coming I'm new to audio tech so forgive me if my lack of knowledge I've been having problems trying to configure this amp ever since I've got it. For me, I find it very temperamental and its becoming frustrating!:(. I initially connected it to my PC using HDMI...
  14. K

    No sound through HDMI AVR

    Hello. It is my first post be easy on me. I have a problem with the sound through Matantz 1603. I plugged Amazon fire stick to the receiver to Cbl/Sat from the receiver to the projector with Hdmi and sound is only from the projector. Do you know how to get sound from the AVR speakers. Thanks
  15. The Sound Counsel

    Bargain The Sound Counsel - Pre-Owned List with Photos

    Our Pre-owned & Ex-display stock list – A little older, a little cheaper but still a very good buy. If you are interested in any of the items please PM or email us at [email protected] so we can keep the thread as relevant as possible. Typically we can email more Hi-Res photos to...
  16. G

    Question Is there no point in trying to find a TV with clear dialogue and speakers?

    So are modern TVs completely worthless when it comes to clear dialogue and sound? I have a Pioneer Kuro and have realized that home speaker setup is just way too demanding. All the speakers need to be ear height, you need to treat your room, can't have the wrong type of uneven roof/walls, etc...
  17. H

    Question Upgrading my sound system

    Hey folks I'm not sure if this is the wrote forum to post this question so please let me know. I have definitive technology ProCinema 600 sound system connected by Yamaha RX-V667 receiver which I'm happy with, but lately I have be thinking of doing an upgrade. I live in Dubai, so I can't find...
  18. R

    Amazon Firestick 5.1 sound delay

    Hi hope you can help I'm about to give up on this one. Sorry I'm not too techy but I've tried a few things as follows. I have the latest Firestick model (non 4k) and there is a very slight sound delay when using aps with 5.1. including Netflix and Amazon Prime video My setup: TV - Panasonic...
  19. S

    Help to choose receiver for my MK Sound M7 (ex older Denon, Marantz)

    Hi all I need a new receiver as I have sold my precious Onkyo 876. I will upgrade later on to a receiver with HDMI 2.1 when I get my next TV and PS5. But for the next year I need a receiver that have all the necessary bells and whistles. I will go 5.1.2 with two ceiling atmos but no more than...
  20. M

    Question AV audio out failed...upgrade opportunity?!

    We've had a Pioneer VSX-531 AV-amp for a few years now. Generally suits us fine - we have some 5.1 Mordaunt-Short speakers that look nice and sound okay. Mated to a UST projector on a table, making it 'SWMBO friendly'. However.....the audio has suddenly just stopped working. Completely. For...
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