1. OakesJ103

    Budget soundbar recommendations please

    Hi, I’m after a soundbar, I’ve never had one before so wanting one for a new house. I understand there’s better systems about but realistically I’m only interested in a sound bar, ideally for around £100 but have looked at a couple for £150. wondering if anyone can recommend any as I don’t...
  2. Sam Preece

    LG GX, PS4 Pro & HW-Q90R soundbar question

    Hey guys, Bare with me I'm a bit simple when it comes to this stuff! I've recently upgraded from the LG C7 to the LG GX and intend on making the most of the features for PS5 but as I understand the PS5 will need to be connected directly into the GX. My setup has been PS4 > Q90R and TV(eArc) >...
  3. WhiteHartMart

    Soundbar option/setup help

    Having just purchased a LG55CX its time to revisit the audio side of things and I think now is the time to keep the wife happy with a tidier set up. Currently have a Yamaha AV Amp with some small Canton speakers and a Q Acoustics sub. Family (wife in particular) have never been fully happy...
  4. evo97

    Wanted Soundbar

    Soundbar Wanted For the garage/man cave so nothing to Expensive under £100 would be perfect Didn’t know monitors don’t have speakers 🙄
  5. E

    Question Dolby Atmos Soundbar & Subwoofer versus wired home cinema system

    Greetings folks, I’m new to the forum. I’m downsizing and currently have a 10yr old home cinema system (Onkyo amp and 5.1 surround wired under the floor); new house the living room will be smaller but wanted to get folks views on whether the Dolby Atmos soundbars with a subwoofer out there...
  6. sang4021

    Mounting Q900t Soundbar

    Can anyone recommend a good pair of heavy duty brackets for the Samsung Q900t soundbar? The brackets/mount that came with the soundbar feel kinda flimsy and I hate the look of the mounts that are attached to the TV with the soundbar directly below the TV.
  7. G

    Connecting Arcam Solo mini to Soundbar

    Advice required please. I have an Arcam Solo mini, but no speakers, so am wondering if it’s possible to connect to the line in terminals on the soundbar by using rca leads from the tape or pre out terminals on the Arcam so that I can still use the Arcam to play CDs, but output the sound via the...
  8. W

    Soundbar - need for rears?

    Im looking at ditching my old amp and 5.1 surround system for a new wall mounted tv and sounbar set up. My query is do i need to look at rears with a new soundbar set up? Any advice on a soundbar?
  9. D

    Soundbar problems

    I have a Jvc SOUNDBAR model is TH-D329B And amazon fire tv is JVC LT-49CF890 tried all connections and settings which seem correct but still have no sound coming from soundbar. Worked at first but stopped yet nothing was altered.
  10. C

    LG SJ6 - Bluetooth Security?

    Hi, 2 years ago I got the LG - SJ6 which works superbly with my LG TV (through the "LG TV" Function wirelessly via bluetooth. When connected, the device still advertises itself as a free "bluetooth device"... In the "LG Music Flow Player" app (iOS), once set up, the wifi etc.. connects fine...
  11. B

    Looking to get a projector I can use with HDMI or Digital Optical Soundbar and firestick

    I already have the soundbar I am looking to use it is the vizio V51-H6. I want to pick a projector I can use with that and a firestick. I am having issues finding what I believe I need is a HDMI Arc or Digital Optical port. Correct me if I am wrong but it seems as though that is maybe what I...
  12. C

    Question A little help needed with inputs and my soundbar

    I was wondering if someone can help as I'm abit thick when it comes to audio. I have the C9 for ages and a C7 before but never really felt the need to get a soundbar etc however I managed to pick up an LG SL8YG for 199.99 so I thought why not. I have the sky Q box directly to the soundbar as not...
  13. Z

    Sonos Arc vs GZ2000/HZ1500/HZ2000 soundbar

    I like the idea of an integrated soundbar, but only if it provides good enough sound that I won't need to replace it. My alternative is another soundbar, most likely Sonos Arc ( I have a 30% trade up discount ). I can't find a place here in Denmark where I can compare, so I thought to ask...
  14. T

    Should I sit on the floor to hear the soundbar properly?

    Hello All, I'm about to design and build a new TV unit and at the request of a "signficant other" I've been asked to tidy the around the TV, the sub on the floor is taking up space and the soundbar looks untidy directly infront of the TV, it is also covering up the remote receiver on the TV and...
  15. N

    Cheap Soundbar with built in Chromecast support?

    Im looking at upgrading the kitchen/Dining room TV to an LG 43 Inch 43UN7390 unit and im also looking at possibly adding a sound bar to the setup. I use Chromecast audios around the house quite a bit and fancy getting a soundbar with cast support built in so I can add it to the audio groups...
  16. El1te

    Dolby Atmos Soundbar - Wall installation

    Picked up a Dolby Atmos soundbar and looking to get it wallmounted under the TV this weekend but have a couple of concerns I'm hoping someone may be able to answer for me: The TV is not flat to the wall but sitting on an extendable wall bracket, so it comes out about 10-15cm. Will this cause a...
  17. D

    Jvc soundbar

    Hi bought an amazon fire tv with a soundbar. Set everything up correct as I thought but no sound from soundbar. Also keep turning tv on and off at intervals. Both set up using hdmi arc. Tried all usual things and is driving me mad, help
  18. S

    Question Philips HTL3310 Soundbar

    I connected my soundbar to my Philips TV with an optical cable and sound is great. However when playing Bluray movies the sound on my 3.1 soundbar is coming out as 2.1. My Panasonic Bluray player is connected to the TV with an HDMI cable, so I can't understand what is going wrong. Does...
  19. Azh

    For Sale Sony ZF9 Atmos®/ DTS:X™ Soundbar with Rear Speakers (SA-Z9R)

    Have this soundbar up for grabs, awesome soundbar and in great condition no box but comes with the soundbar, sub, cables, remote and rear speakers collection only (Manchester) - £500 (no offers)
  20. S

    Question Philips TAPB603 soundbar

    Any suggestions on what are the best bass and treble settings for when watching movies with the soundbar?
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