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  1. SFkilla

    Star Trek: Picard - Season One (Blu-ray Steelbook) (FR)

    Star Trek: Picard (Steelbook) (Blu-Ray) Purchase link: / Release date: 20/01/2021 Status: Available to pre-order Artwork TBA
  2. Garrett

    Star Trek Recuring Tropes.

    Just spotted one of the original series last night and though I know how this ends and to say they have a non interference the bugger it up for a lot of things. In two of the original series people are living on a planet quite blissfully possibly for ever and they change all that. There...
  3. raigraphixs

    What is Your Favourite Trek Movie?

    I've read Zantarous & VisionMan's previous comments so no need to tell me you don't like it, ok if you must :) I rewatced JJ's Star Trek (2009) again on my projector last night, it still one of my favourite Trek movies imop, Parts were film in an Budweiser factory hence the brewery look most...
  4. D

    Deep Space Nine: A Re-evaluation.

    Like many of you, I suspect, I was first exposed to the show via broadcasts on BBC Two during the 90's. My vague recollection was that it was shown once a week, which was duly recorded, and I worked my way diligently through all seven Seasons as and when the BBC showed them. I also remember...
  5. Klippie

    What Star Trek Have You Watched Lately

    I've been working my way through Enterprise again and just got to them finding the Xindi Weapon in series 3...its good stuff. I fancy revisiting Voyager next its been a long time since I've watched Captain Janeway and crew.
  6. Coulson

    For Sale Lot's of cheap stuff

    WANTED: Aquaman 3D, Spiderman Homecoming 3D, Cap.Marvel 3D & any others FOR SALE: The Hobbit Trilogy Extended in presentation box including special features discs (3D discs NOT included) -> £11 The Amazing Spiderman 2 3D (disk only) -> £2 Alien Anthology 6 (six) discs including bonus disc ->...
  7. RedDevil85

    Star Trek: Picard - Season One (Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: Coming soon Release date: TBC Status: Not yet available
  8. VisionMan

    Star Trek Deep Space 9 available on blu ray?

    Is Star Trek DS9 available to buy on blu ray? I know Voyager isn't, but the situation with DS9 is a little unclear to say the least. I've already had a hunt for it across multiple sites but so far drawn a blank.
  9. aVdub

    Richard Herd (Actor)

    Has died on May 26th at the age of 87 due to complications from colon cancer. Was seen in: Hawaii Five-0 The series Shameless Star Trek: Renegades CSI: Miami Star Trek: Voyager NYPD Blue To name a few of many.
  10. zantarous

    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (AKA Pike series)

    We all knew it was just a matter of time, they had spent the money on those expensive sets, I do wonder what the hold up was though. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– With that title you...
  11. Garrett

    Picard Season 2

    Watching this video found there going to be a second series (if not mentioned before) and looks like Guinan going to be in it and possibly the origin of the Borg Anyway here that video but spoilers for some of the series.
  12. Goncholotr

    I want a tv show or a movie with creatures, aliens, or fictional animals

    I've alredy watch clone wars and the mandalorian, but i dont find a show that have what i want
  13. Garrett

    Star Trek General Chat

    Watched this is afternoon and at the time the one he mentions in an Enterprise episode was pretty dark I don't think the other captains up to then (as shown). Edinton always been one of my favorite characters in all the series
  14. JabbaNut

    USA : Pluto TV Adds First Episode Star Trek: Picard For Free for a Limited Time

    " Following the non-stop marathon, for one week only, Pluto TV will air the episode as part of a primetime block on Pluto TV Sci Fi, all for free. Here’s the upcoming schedule for the Pluto TV Sci Fi channel: 1/30 – Star Trek Picard, 24-hour Marathon of debut episode 1/31 – 8 PM – Star Trek...
  15. Casimir Harlow

    Amazon's Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Premiere Review & Comments

    Jean-Luc returns with a lavish Expanse-like Amazon series which hints at something potentially quite special in its nightmarish dream-laden premiere Read the review. Write your own review for Star Trek: Picard
  16. Garrett

    Star Trek: Discovery. On E4

    This is starting next week on E4 14 December 8pm.
  17. B

    Question Reproducible issue on other projectors ??

    All, I've been fault finding on a JVC-LX UHB1 projector. The issue has been seeing the Projector suddenly dim then lighten the picture. I have now identified a part of a film where this is reproducible. STAR TREK - BEYOND 1h 1m into the film, Kirk kneels down to examine an old motorbike. As he...
  18. JabbaNut

    Star Trek: Discovery finds UK linear home on E4

    " E4 has acquired the UK exclusive broadcast rights for new CBS comedy Man With A Plan, starring Matt LeBlanc. The deal with CBS Studios International also gives E4 the UK linear television premiere of Star Trek: Discovery. Star Trek: Discovery, which had previously only been available to...
  19. Screenwriter72

    Star Trek I to X 4K Blu Rays Wanted!

    I have grown up watching every single Star Trek film in the cinema since I was 7...way back in December 1979....When "Star Trek - The Motion Picture" premiered. I was living on an Air Force Base, and the Base Theater showed ST-TMP...Although seeing the films NOW on Blu-Ray is cool...but, I want...
  20. Casimir Harlow

    Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Review & Comments

    Following the fall of the film franchise, the strongest Trek property returns for its second season with a superb opener. Read the review. Write your own review for Star Trek: Discovery Season 2
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