1. M

    Question Streaming differences.

    I have just upgraded my tv to a Samsung QE55Q85R and I'm wondering if it will make any difference if I stream Netflix, Disney+, Amazin prime, bbc Iplayer etc straight from the tv, via Samsungs inbuilt apps or would my xbox one x or Nvidia shield be better. Would one have better picture quality...
  2. Astraeus

    Wanted Roku Streaming Stick+

    I am after a Roku Streaming Stick+ please. They're new at £49 so probably looking at around £30 if anyone has one going spare or that they'd like to move on. Thanks, A.
  3. JabbaNut

    Google Offers Free Trial of Stadia Pro Game Streaming Service

    " Google just announced a new offer for its Stadia game streaming service that includes two free months of Stadia Pro access. The company, like many we’ve covered over the past few weeks, cites the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the need for entertainment options while many of us stay at home...
  4. P

    Best SQ streaming service using Sonos Connect

    Hi all. Can anyone please confirm as I am a little lost with all the different formats which music services offer. To cut to it, what is the highest quality streaming service a Sonos Zone Player 120 can process? And yes it’s one of the older ones due to be discontinued. My system is- Router to...
  5. gavinhanly

    Quibi (mobile-phone-only streaming service)

    So it turns out that Quibi IS launching in the UK today (I couldn’t get confirmation before). Not sure how well it’ll fare in our non-commuting world, but it’s free for 90 days. Surprised there isn’t a thread for it, so here’s a starter. https://www.vulture.com/article/what-is-quibi.html...
  6. CharlyAltea

    Best mid range 55" for streaming?

    Hi all, I’ve just discovered your great community and I wanted to ask for your help to find the right choice. I’m looking for a mid range 55” tv mainly for films on streaming to mount it on a wall. The important aspects for me are: - Good quality for streaming on Netflix, Amazon, HBO… - Good...
  7. B

    picture quality streaming vs Roku

    I have a samsung Q60 and also a samsung MU2960 and have always used Roku as my streaming device. Lately ive noticed when streaming thru the TV apps directly I get much better overall picture quality. The colors are more rich and the contrast is better. Is this normal? All the reearch (google)...
  8. JabbaNut

    Amazon is developing a game streaming platform (code-named Project Tempo)

  9. tim68

    media streaming library ?

    wasn't sure what to title the thread I have spent the last few months redoing my movies from disc for media-library streaming, I don't have a huge library of discs only around 200 movies and 14 tv shows, looking at it now I am wondering if the effort was worth it because I'm not sure if I will...
  10. I

    Streaming from PC to TV Wireless..

    Hi All.. I have a samsung UE55RU7020. Wanna show photos ont TV from PC how can i do this.. also some videos.. using windows 10.
  11. J

    For Sale Roku 4K streaming stick

    I am selling a brand new unopened, factory sealed box Roku 4k streaming stick for £40 ono. I live in Birmingham city centre.
  12. thewait

    Wanted Roku Streaming or Premier 4k Stick

    Hi all, Looking for a Roku 4k Streaming or Premier stick if anyone that has one available for sale. Streaming stick is the preference but happy to be offered the Premier box as an alternative. Cheers
  13. L

    Question No audio when streaming DD+ (eac3) from PLEX to Onkyo TX-NR676E

    Hey guys, hope all are ok... My setup is as follows: 1. Using Plex server to stream 4k HEVC with eac3 audio movie 2. Streaming to Plex player app on LG SJ800Y TV 3. LG Sound settings: HDMI-ARC set to Auto, DTV set to Auto 4. HDMI connected to Onkyo TX-NR676E receiver (supports Dolby...
  14. ilovelife

    Question Streaming services limiting to stereo?

    I have Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, all seem to be playing stereo only via my Nvidia Shield, I initially thought its due to throttling due to the current corona situation, but the same services via my tv's apps are all multi channel audio. Are they limiting certain devices to stereo?
  15. KM1967

    Yamaha R-N303D, Tidal and MQA

    Hi I was delivered a new streamer, Yamaha R-N3030D, recently and have signed up free trial for Tidal. I'm curious if the high quality content, e.g. MQA, they offer really are significantly and noticeably better than those offered by say Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc. The Yamaha unit has Tidal...
  16. JabbaNut

    News and Streaming offers during Coronavirus.

    I have started this thread to reduce my posts flooding this froum. Instead they will be in here. https://advanced-television.com/2020/03/27/uk-mps-to-consider-psb-future/ https://advanced-television.com/2020/03/27/euro-96-coming-home-to-itv-hub/...
  17. C

    Question Streaming advice/question

    Good afternoon, I was after a little advice please regarding potential bang for buck improvements reference streaming. I currently stream spotify/Mixcloud/soon to be tidal music utilising my MacBook Pro connected to CA CXA-61 by USB cable utilising the CXA-61 onboard DAC. The CA is wired to MA...
  18. Peter fromL

    Apple iTunes Streaming Throttling

    I have no idea how to measure bitrates formally but I tried to watch an HD film last night and was barely getting SD quality. Switched to a 4K film and similarly got barely HD quality. I have a fibre Hyperoptic 100mbps connection. I’m all for ensuring bandwidth is used for the essentials (I work...
  19. ShmuelP79

    Question Trouble Streaming

    I can't seem connect my Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter to Windows 10. I can see the adapter on the TV (MSDisplayAdapter_54). Added the device on Windows Settings successfully and can temporarily connect it. I even get to the firmware update stage, BUT I always lose the connection after...
  20. Q

    Streaming 2160 From Media Player is Too Dark

    I'd pretty much given up on Streaming 2160 films from my media pc through the Denon Amp to my LG OLED, the content is just too dark. I thought I had a breakthrough this week, in fact I did, I plugged my WD external hard drive directly into the Tv via usb and voila, a perfect picture. The only...
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