1. stanzani

    Yamaha NS-303: entering new Tidal credentials

    As per subject: I canged my tidal password and cannot find a way to exit from the old subrisction and subscribe again with different login and username I fell so dummy (or maybe the musicst app si :) )... please help
  2. avp

    For Sale McAfee Total Protection (1 year subscription) - £8

    Got 2 x product keys for McAfee Total Protection (1 year subs). After £8 for each key delivered via PM
  3. T

    Sky Q in two rooms without mini box subscription

    I used to have a magic eye setup with my old Sky HD but abandoned that setup when I upgraded to Sky Q . Now Sky Q has been available for a few years. I was wondering if there was a Magic eye replacement for Sky Q that will allow Sky Q in two rooms without mini box subscription? Tia
  4. millerlfc

    Bargain 'The Athletic' subscription £12 for a year

    Subscriptions for The Athletic are usually £7.99 per month but they have a special offer at the moment: £1 a month for the first six months and then £7.99 a month after that. However, when you're on the sign-up page if you delete the '6' in the URL and change it to '12' you'll see an improved...
  5. D

    Xbox live subscription

    Hi Cd keys are currently selling the 12 month eu xbox live subscription for £39.99. Will this work in the UK or would I be better of buying the UK version at £44.99
  6. Toasty

    The future of PlayStation Subscription services

    Sony Subscription services have been around for 10 years, they offer gamers great value access to AAA, Indie and exclusive games and are most likely to offer the same great value into next gen. Sony currently offers (Annual RRP): PS+ £49.99 Online play At least 2 games added per month All plus...
  7. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Qobuz launches Family Plan subscription option

    Quobuz has announced the launch of a long awaited addition to its subscription offerings - the Family Plan which grants access to the service for up to 6 members of the family under a single account. Read the news.
  8. tigermad

    Nest Hello massive increase in subscription

    I’m not sure if everyone who uses the nest hello is aware do this. The £50 sub that includes live streaming is no longer available. If you want live steaming and recording you have to pay £120 now! For £60 you just get event recording. They have done this for people with more than one product...
  9. Bakey

    Bargain Total Film Magazine Subscription Black Friday Offer

    For anyone interested Total Film magazine have a great black Friday subscription offer on. It's only £29.99 for a year (13 issues) this weekend anyway but if you use code EVERYTHING20 you get an extra 20% off. Not sure how long the code is valid for but if you have a current subscription you can...
  10. Steve Stifler

    Question SKY+HD - no subscription - what can you watch?

    As it says on the tin. Is it just the normal 5 channels in SD or can you get more with a sub? Reason for asking is thinking about changing to SkyQ with the BF offers. I know there is no recording but what else will I not get? Thanx
  11. JabbaNut

    Bargain CuriosityStream: 2-Yr Subscription Journey Through Our World & Beyond with Unlimited Access to 2,000+ Documentary Features and Series $29.99

    CuriosityStream: 2-Yr Subscription Journey Through Our World & Beyond with Unlimited Access to 2,000+ Documentary Features and Series Available to new users only
  12. StephaneBosman

    Cord cutting 2.0: We just stopped our Netflix subscription

    Years ago we stopped paying for cable. Expensive and nothing we wanted to watch. The Netflix experience has been getting closer and closer to the same feeling: their latest productions have been sub-par the movies and series catalog is dated and pretty static (we're on the continent) fed up...
  13. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Sonos trials Flex speaker subscription service

    Sonos has announced a limited launch of their new Flex subscription service in the Netherlands, where consumers can choose between one of three monthly tiers to rent a package of the company's speakers. Read the news.
  14. IceAx

    Question Subscription tv coming to an end - Humax FVP5000?

    Afternoon all, My Tv sub expires next month and is due to double to £90 a month. Looking at what we actually watch i dont need all the channels they offer so im looking to go to a freeview PVR. After reading reviews it seems the FVP5000 is the one to go for, i have an aerial in palce curretly...
  15. slicker55

    YouTube - Subscription List Not Showing (Resolved)

    Apologies if this is not the best place to post this message - mods help if necessary In this post I am referring to the YouTube Apps on my AppleTV and Samsung Smart TV Those familiar with Youtube will know there is an icon on the left-hand side which when pressed shows a list of all the...
  16. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Netflix increases subscribers and raises subscription charges for US users

    Netflix will increase its US subscription charges while posting a rise in subscribers outside the US. Read the news.
  17. S

    HD TV Without A subscription

    Hey Guys & Gals If this is in the wrong forum please move it to the appropriate one. I have a Sony LED tv with freeview. I'm in Gravesend and currently can't access any HD channels. I'm mostly interested in Channel 1-4 HD more would be an obvious bonus. I'm wondering if there is a device or...
  18. T

    Cctv subscription free with night vision

    Hi there, can someone recommend a home cctv camera that has good night vision capability, preferably subscription free so that I can view images on a smartphone or tablet etc, preferably easy to install too. I know very little about cctv cameras so any advice greatly appreciated. Apologies if I...
  19. JabbaNut

    ITV unveils Hub+ subscription offering

    Was doing my online reading when I saw this and thought I would share Not sured I would pay to skips adverts. ITV unveils Hub+ subscription offering | There is also a Netflix boost movie watching, news post, on same site.
  20. fxv300

    Qualify for a discounted Sky Q subscription

    Just been looking at some TVs and the LG OLED get a "Qualify for a discounted Sky Q subscription" offer. Terms & Conditions - LG Sky Bundle I had an online chat with SKY rep and he would not tell me what the offer consists of at all. Tried the same with LG and they said to talk to SKY. I feel...
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