1. T

    Second hand subs on a budget...

    Hi all, After previous success with a post on here I'm returning for more helpful advice. I've been slowly replacing my antiquated and out dated system through out this year. Not flush with cash so I've been buying second hand, refurbished etc.. So far acquired Marantz 1609 av receiver, radius...
  2. morganog37

    For Sale BK Electronics Monolith DF in Black Ash

    Reluctantly due to room and wife constraints I am selling my BK Electronics Monolith DF in Black Ash Veneer. I have owned it for four years and for the past three years it has been sat in the spare room unused, its in great condition apart from one or two tiny little dings on the top which ar...
  3. S

    Svs pb-1000 vs Monolith 10 thx

    Hi As the title suggests. Both within my budget, chose ported over sealed. But stuck between these 2 subwoofers. Which one would you recommend? Mostly for movies. Thanks
  4. S

    Svs Pb-1000 vs Monolith 10 THX

    Hi As the title suggests. Both within my budget, chose ported over sealed. But stuck between these 2 subwoofers. Which one would you recommend? Mostly for movies.
  5. butcherpete

    A new 12" sub needed...

    I bought a brand new BK XXLS 400 18 months ago, and it was very good, then something happened to the speaker, making it necessary to return it for fixing. I got it back a couple of months ago, and all was well.. But in the last few days it has been playing up again, making an electrical noise...
  6. T

    Which monitor audio sub?

    Looking between the monitor audio subs listed below from the second hand market. Which would you choose and why? Will be for use in a 7.1.2 system. bronze w10 Bronze bxw 10 Mrw10
  7. R

    Mission M-Cube m Cube Sub-Subwoofer stopped working

    My Mission M Cube subwwoofer as now developed a problem. When I powered it up lat week, it started humming. The hum sound changed when I toggled the 'Suto Powr' button at the back. After a few days the subwoofer completely stopped. I changed the clear fuse in the back of the subwoofer (below the...
  8. Doodlethepoodle

    Wanted BK, REL, SVS, Velodyne Subwoofer

    Looking for one of the above brand subwoofers to replace an old Tannoy ported sub. Ideally would be a sealed box designs. Seller must be willing to ship to Inverness, Scotland. Budget around £250-300.
  9. Anton2015

    For Sale MK 850SF sub for free

    Hi all. I have my MK 850SF subwoofer for free if anyone wants it. Recently when I run the usual speaker setup on my denon amp, the sub didn’t like it much and it kept saying the sub had to be turned up. But when playing a movie / music etc it was far too loud so I had to then turn it down...
  10. russraff

    Sonos Arc, sub and surrounds and the Beosound Stage

    I thought I'd post this a I have owned both and thought people may be interested. There are a few folks that are particularly evangelical to either systems so maybe this will add some balance... TL : DR Music first, AV last - get the Stage. If you can only accommodate a single sound bar - get...
  11. M

    Sub for yamaha ysp 2700 dead

    Hi guy's...wondering if anyone can help.unfortunately the sub for my yamaha ysp 2700 has died and don't known where to start for a replacement....ideally I'd like the sub that goes with the ysp2700 but I think it's going to be difficult finding are there any alternatives out there...
  12. A

    Placing Blu-ray Player on a Gemini Subwoofer

    Hi All, Just planning my Panasonic GZ2000 with DPUB9000 Blu-Ray. This is going into a small room/snug so am hoping the TV Speakers with Dolby Atmos will do a good job. It's possible to configure the Headphone socket to act as a Subwoofer output so the plan is to get a Gemini 2. As it's a...
  13. IndianaBlues

    For Sale Onkyo LS7200 Atmos/DTS:X Soundbar with wireless sub and receiver - £170 ONO

    Onkyo LS7200 Atmos/DTS:X Soundbar, Receiver and Wireless Sub for Sale 4 years old, in full working order. Scratches on the subwoofer (see photos), and one retaining pin missing from one of the WiFi antennas (although it still works and can be positioned). Comes with remote, set-up microphone...
  14. imac1971

    Echo Studio vs 2 Echos' + Sub

    Hi folks In my kitchen I stream Amazon HD through 2 echos and Echo Sub. Would 2 'Studios' be a big upgrade or just comparable? I feel I may be missing out regarding the 3d sonic aspect of the Studios.
  15. Doodlethepoodle

    Old Tannoy sub upgrade help, SVS, BK, KEF?

    Recently bought some nice KEF Q550's, 600C and Q1 rears along with a Denon X3600. The only old/budget part left is the Tannoy EFX Sub. The specs for it are; -100w RMS -45Hz - 140Hz (-6dB) -200mm/8" paper cone -40cm X 23cm X 40.5cm I'll be buying second hand, budget around £200. Room size is...
  16. Anton2015

    For Sale Anti mode 8033 cinema - subwoofer equalizer.

    Hi all, Due to a change in setup I am selling my Anti mode 8033 cinema. This is a highly regarded sub equalizer. Info obtained form DSPeaker site. Anti-Mode 8033 Automatic Subwoofer Equalizer A typical listening room resonates in low frequencies. Because of this, even the best subwoofer may...
  17. Maninblack

    For Sale Kreisel Sound dxd-12012 subwoofer DUO for Sale. MINT PAIR.

    2 x Ken Kreisel DXD 12012 active sub-woofers. No introduction needed hopefully. Near MINT condition. No scratches. No damage. WORKING. Worked last time I tried. Can be demonstrated to work while I still have a processor, I have sold my active speakers so any Demo will be subs only. However I...
  18. P

    Mains with sub (s) final round

    Hello all, currently running IPL S2tlm in a 14'x12'x9' room, facing the long side so I have a wide stage but not much depth. I built these a few years ago but need to get more on the top end as my ears are fading. Talking to Ivan at IPL suggested changing the tweeter resistor but I've only 0.5R...
  19. jovil

    LG SK9Y is missing subwoofer

    I cannot get help from LG or any postings on the internet. Where can I find a replacement subwoofer for sale.
  20. D

    Selling Harman Kardon wireless sub

    I bought a sub. But it turned out it was a S16 wireless powered sub speaker only w/o sound bar. Please buy this monster off me. Or help me wire it.
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