1. B

    Upgrade from Klipsch RP600m's to RP6000f's worth it?

    I mostly use my HT for movies, and was thinking about upgrading my Klipsch RP600s (for front L/R) to a pair of towers (RP6000f). I already have an SVS PB1000 sub, so would the upgrade to towers be noticeable and worth the extra cash?
  2. S

    Svs sb1000 VS Rel HT1205

    Hi. I have a question regarding 2 subwoofers. The SVS Sb1000 has 300 watts of power, with a 12 inch driver, and goes as low as 24htz. And the REL ht1205, 500 watts and 12 inch, at 22htz. I am blind buying, does anyone have recommendations from the 2? The svs sb1000 piano gloss is the same...
  3. L

    Q acoustics B12 or SVS PB 1000

    Hi I’m looking at adding a sub to my Q acoustics floor standers centre and surrounds speakers and height. I mostly listen to music at high levels and a lot of movies. Room size 4 metres by 4 metres with a space under stairs for whereI’m thinking of placing a sub. ive looked at reviews for the...
  4. jason1wood

    Wanted SVS PB1000

    Looking at changing my M&K sub to dual SVS So if anyone has a single PB1000 to get me started, that would be great. Located in North East so may need couriered
  5. C

    Wanted SVS SB13 Ultra

    Looking for an SVS SB13 Ultra in Gloss Black to pair with my existing SB13. Although a pair of DIY subs is my long term aim i just dont have the time right now, so looking for a second SB13 Ultra.
  6. L

    SVS SB1000 v BK P12 300SB PR v REL HT1003

    I'm upgrading my Wharfedale SW150 subwoofer, which I've been quite happy with performance but always think what a step up would be like. I've chosen the 3 subs above within my budget, which will give me the best performance upgrade from the Wharfedale? I use the sub for music as much as I do...
  7. J

    For Sale SVS pb 2000 pro

    Just really testing the water with this. Didn't buy direct from SVS or I'd have upgraded. Been given the go ahead to convert a massive garage so looking at 4000s or ultras now as I always get the itch. The sub was bought in Jan 2020 so 8 months old. It's awesome in my smaller cinema room at the...
  8. ChauhanSaab

    Urgently Need Sub! SVS or Polk or BIC America?

    Current Setup: 5.0 Front: Wharfedale diamond 9.5 Floorstanding Speakers Rear: Wharfedale diamond 9.1 Bookshelf Center: Wharfedale Diamond 9.CS AV Receiver: Pioneer VSX-522 Before this, I had Logitech Z906, so quite a big jump for me personally as far as my budget goes. Now looking for a decent...
  9. S

    What amps are recommended for powering SVS Prime Pinnacles?

    I’ve heard these require a decent chunk of power to get the best out of them, so, any amp recommendations in the circa £1-2k range? I know testing is ultimately the best way to make a decision on speakers, but for anyone that has a pair, how do they perform? As good as the various reviews out...
  10. Killzone

    Question 2x Svs pB3000 or 1x SVSpb 16 ultra?

    Hi guys I'm in the market for new subs as the amp on one of my klipsch R115sw has blown, and going by what I have read the other one won't be far behind and getting replacement amps has been a nightmare. So I am think of 2x Svs pb 3000s, or for roughly the same price a 16 Ultra, or is that just...
  11. S

    Q Acoustics B12 or SVS PB 1000

    Hi I have tye QA 3000i range for home cinema 2 x 3020i front 2 x 3010i rear 1 x 3090Ci centre I am now considering the QB12 to match up with the series, but after reading the review on here for it, it wasn't the best for its price. I've been told about the svs pb 1000, which goes deeper...
  12. J

    SVS sb3000 or Dali K14

    Hi folks, Would really appreciate your thoughts. I currently have a Dali K14 (specs here: DALI SUB K-14 F - A part of the EISA award winning OPTICON 5.1 Set-up) It has some really deep sounding bass, but at times can be quite boomy. I have recently got a test SVS SB3000 (specs here...
  13. J

    Sealed/vented? SVS vs Arendal

    Hello all, Further to an older thread which I’ll now delete, I’ve narrowed my sub choices down to either the SVS-Sb3000 or one of the new Arendal 1961 subs. I’m wondering what your thoughts are? If I go with the Arendal sub, I need to decide between sealed or vented. Never really understood...
  14. superbizho

    Question Denon 1400h + SVS 5.1 -> 5.1.2 atmos InCeiling upgrade recommendations

    Hello, My home cinema setup includes 5.1 SVS prime speakers & SVS SB2000 subwoofer - all powered by Denon avr x1400h. I would like to add atmos layer and upgrade my system setup towards 5.1.2. Please see attached current room photos and dimensions. Because I'm limited in space for massive...
  15. longwori

    Question 5.1 Receiver recommendations to run M.A. Bronze BR5 and SVS PB12 Plus/2 sub

    Hi all, I have been using a 2011 Sony receiver that according to the reviews is a good entry level receiver. It is the Sony STR-DH820. I used to use it on some a small 5.1 speaker set up but then a drunken night on Ebay and the speakers got bigger and bigger! I am now using Monitor Audio...
  16. Rizvan

    Question Atmos 7.1.4 Sound Bar to AVR 5.1.2 + Jamo Speaker System + SVS Elevations

    Hi all, after some advice, I have been testing the latest LG SN11 RG 7.1.4 Atmos Sound Bar and have decided to send it back due to its limitations. I owned the Samsung HW-N950 before this and that too hard its limits. So I have decided to bite the bullet and go down the full AVR + SVS Speakers...
  17. Daddy k

    B&W pv1d vs SVS sb2000 pro

    I have a very aesthetics based av system. Running Anthony Gallo micros and a b&w pv1d in a 7.1 layout, and 75” screen. The pv1d is ok.... but I’ve never had a wow factor from it... but it’s pleasing to the eye. Now I’ve seen the white sb2000 pro. I could put up with that in my room. Question is...
  18. Ali Raza

    Question Svs SB3000 or PB2000 Pro

    Hey guys, ive made my mind and going for SVS but can’t decide between SB3000and PB2000 pro. There is about £300 difference and the size as well. I just want to know how much of a difference there is in the two? I want hearth thumping bass in movies mainly. I know PB would be huge and I have a...
  19. Ali Raza

    Question SVS PB2000 Pro and KEF e301 atmos setup?

    hey guys, I have a large room about 8 x 3 meters but my setup is on my side thats about 3 x 3 meters. I am going to put 5.1.4 KEF e301 speakers and thinking about getting the SVS PB2000 Pro. Hows thats sub? I want a powerful sub that will shake the sofa even at lower volume. Would that be a...
  20. Steve Withers

    SVS PC-2000 Pro Subwoofer Review & Comments

    The SVS PC-2000 Pro is the latest iteration of this popular cylindrical ported subwoofer – promising deep bass from a limited footprint and at a competitive price. Read the review. Write your own review for SVS PC-2000 Pro
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