1. Mega Womble

    For Trade Swap for Dragon Quest

    Looking to trade this for Dragon Quest if anyone interested. Thanks! Sale price- £31 including postage.
  2. mr magnolia

    Question left and right speakers in a standard 2 speaker stereo setup - do you swap them around?

    Back in the day I ran a pair of TDL RTL2 floor standers. They were marked with matching serial numbers and also marked L and R. I'm currently running my original L speaker with a replacement RTL2 speaker that also came from another pair of RTL2s that were NOT marked with L and R. My originals...
  3. Hrtbt72

    LG tv mainboard swap upgrade

    Hi, i have an lg 43um69 i purchased a magic remote and found out that its not supported by this tv. anyways after some research i found that the LG 43um7300 is basically the same tv with slightly better specs and supports the magic remote. My question is can I put the mainboard and power supply...
  4. R

    HHD Swap ?

    Hi, I’ve a old WD My Cloud DL4100 NAS, that’s ready for replacement, I’m looking at a QNAP TS 453B, does anyone know, or has experience to tell me definitely if I can just remove the hdd’s from the WD and install them in the QNAP without loosing any data ? All HDD’s are WD30EFRX in Raid 5
  5. P

    Motherboard acting "differently" after case swap?

    OK, I have a weird one here. I recently took an X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming motherboard out of a Fractal Design R4 case and put it into a Fractal Design Define 7 case. Same CPU, RAM, Chip, Graphics card, etc. All I did was change the case. For some reason there is now power going to the Phanteks...
  6. B

    Could I swap Gas hob to larger one, pic attached.

    We have seen a 5 burner gas hob to replace our 10 year old one. It's slightly longer at 75cm. The draws below are 3cm wider then it. We are getting a new worktop fitted next week so getting new gas hob. Fitting wise I would imagine it will fit. Only issue is it will slightly underlap the...
  7. Andy Taylor

    Turntable Socket Swap

    Hello, everyone. I have recently bought a second hand Audio Technica AT-LP60X turntable. I suspect the 3.5mm jack socket in the back is knackered as the lead needs jiggling to get the best sound from it. I've got no problem in fitting a new socket to replace that one. I'm handy enough with a...
  8. Eltee

    Question iPod Classic 160 HDD Goosed! How Easy To Swap To Flash?

    My beloved iPod is stuck in a boot loop on the Apple screen. Tried everything including disc-mode but it looks like the HDD has had it. A couple of questions: Does anyone know if it’s worth while swapping out the HDD for a flash drive? Can I go bigger than 160Gb? Is the battery easy to change...
  9. A

    Boiler Programmer / Controller Swap Help

    Hi All Looking for help. My sisters boiler programmer is faulty, so I've bought a like for like programmer (Worcester Bosch DT20RF), think her boiler is a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i/28i Junior. Seen a video online that showed a few seconds of installation, I.e. taking old programmer out...
  10. Mayandi2

    Forced Soundbar swap

    I had bought a Samsung HW Q90R soundbar for the planned Home Cinema system in the lounge of the penthouse into which we are moving in a few weeks. Unfortunately, the layout of the room - the sloping outer wall, door opening arcs, place for necessary furniture etc made decent placement of rear...
  11. shotokan101

    Digital Movie codes - SWAP Them Here !!! :)

    Hi again everyone :) First of all I have already had Mod. approval for this thread from @Apsilon so many thanks for that :cool: I sought approval for this thread as the current Trading Rules class Digital Movie Codes as "Prohibited Items" and as such should not be "Traded" on Avforums...
  12. Sandman

    Help me swap a radiator for a heated towel rail please

    I have been instructed to swap out the rad in our ensuite for a heated towel rail. I know they don’t produce as much heat as a radiator but it is a very small room that is plenty warm anyway. Below is a photo of the radiator and valve. You can see the inlet is on the side of the radiator but...
  13. pop80_uk

    Question Should I swap my TX-L42ET60B for a TX-49EX580B

    Hey all I have a TX-L42ET60B 42" Smart Panasonic VIERA LED TV, nothing up with it. It works fine and has been a good TV. Specs - TX-L42ET60B VIERA LED - Panasonic I have just seen a deal though on a 49" Panasonic Ultra HD 4K HDR LED Television - TX-49EX580B Specs - TX-49EX580B 4K Ultra HD LED...
  14. TheAdmiralCS

    Swap a light switch

    Afternoon all So, my living room has 2 switches controlling one light fitting for some reason. I want to swap one of the switches to a WiFi one. I have a dimmer in one side that has a white brown and black wire and another on/off switch that has loads of cables. See the pics below. The dimmer...
  15. G

    Question How do I swap channels over ?

    hi all I have a Hisence 6800 and want to swap the order of some channels. I would like to make the bbc hd channels as number 1 and 2, they are at present 101 and 102. How do I do it? Thanks
  16. raigraphixs

    Swamp Thing (DCU) 31 May 2019 Status: D.O.A

    A live-action series based on the DC character Swamp Thing is in the works for DC Universe, DC’s new streaming service. Mark Verheiden (Battlestar Galactica) and Gary Dauberman (It) are writing the script and will serve as executive producers with James Wan and Michael Clear.
  17. JAYKOP

    Need advice on how to swap connections lights batteries pack

    hello I need help on this ASAP I am looking for a converter cable or a way to change this connection below To this connection below
  18. StanleyKubrick

    Question Hot swap caddy BUT front loader with usb output..

    Hello again! Okay, so I have these 3.5 sata hard drives with various bits on them, currently I use a hot swap caddy (the top loading 2.5 & 3.5 type) but what I'd ideally like, as I just hate the look, is a hot swap caddy that is front loading, okay I am aware of ones you can install in a desktop...
  19. C

    Question Which HDMI splitter for Xbox one S - to swap output to either of two TVs

    Morning. We have a conservatory and living room wall which are back to back and a TV on each wall. The Xbox one s is in the living room in a unit and I have a HDMI cable coming from each TV. When I want the Xbox to play in the living room, I connect the living room hdmi and vice verse. The...
  20. G a f f e r

    BMW F30 direct swap sub install with Focal IF-BMWSUB.V2

    I have the HK system in my F30 (the OEM 16-spkr option). The system actually sounds great, especially when equalised using REW software. However, that's with one caveat......I think the bass could be improved slightly (extension not loudness) so I've just ordered two Focal IFBMW-SUB.V2 from...
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