1. puntloos

    Dolby Atmos deeper tech questions

    So this week I moved from "3½.1.0" (2 great front speakers, 2 terrible rear speakers, great subwoofer) to 7.2.0 where my surrounds are prosumer quality. Audyssey MultEQ done.. and now.. WOW. I have already achieved what I hoped for which is a true cinema-level quality. (ok maybe not full IMAX ;)...
  2. B

    How much time do your kids spend on tech?

    I have a couple of kids and I always monitor how much time they spend on their ipads, tablets, computers, mobiles, tv etc for health and social reasons. I just wandered if anyone could tell me how much time their kids spend on tech, and what is considered a reasonable amount of time? I know this...
  3. I

    For Sale Snap on ethos tech diagnostic scanner

    brand new unused snap on ethos tech scanner,latest 19.4 software.long story short but I wanted a new one and ended up buying 2,one new and one used,happy to keep the used one and sell the new one.this came free from snap on with the purchase of a very expensive toolbox,current promotion...
  4. shoestring25

    Hisense Dual LCD tech

    Been watching youtube vids talking about this is tech from hisense basically one 1080p lcd to distribute the light and one 4k lcd to display the colours gives thousands of dimming zones. very interesting
  5. P

    Any Tech assistance appreciated ...!!

    Hi All Im not a tecno dummy but id like to get some community assistance if possible. Just Invested in a Sony Bravia KD-49XG9005BU and Sony Beam connected to Sony Playstation PS4 and running Freesat. BTW Getting the Beam set up with the Bravia was a real pain.....Took me hours and a lot of...
  6. LuvCVs

    Question Excellent repair tech people for AV gear

    Can anyone tell me where a center is that repairs AV gear? AV amps, Subwoofers etc etc I have searched high and low and can't fine a single place that can actually do this but a few shops that can I do not trust as it seems they don't have a clue on what to do first.
  7. michael5039

    Making use of older AV Receivers with new tech sources

    I'd just like to preemptively thank you all for any help you may offer! So I recently bought a new 4k TV (Sony AF9) 2nd hand and now have to address my old AV equipment which is ridiculously now not entirely compatible if I want to use 4k sources. Ideally I'd like to come to a solution without...
  8. amtsk92

    TCL P8S or TCL C6US?

    Hi guys. I don't have many options when it comes to budget TVs here in Singapore. For my budget, these two happen to be the best I found. Could someone help me to asses these two TVs? My usage is mainly gaming on PS4 and watching movies...
  9. sep8001

    Essential Tech in Lego Form

    Hi This was a very hard theme, and have had to think outside the box, and just hope this one counts. Trying to show that in today's world we cannot do without our mobile phones.... Lego_Tech by SEP9001, on Flickr ƒ/1.8 8.8 mm 1/80 200 Thank you
  10. S

    For Sale Combat tech wireless controller and other xbox one bits

    Xbox one wireless controller combat tech edition unboxed Great condition, had a frew hours use, lovely pad but i've ordered a gears elite and a white elite pad £35 Xbox one x vertical stand taken from scorpio edition £10 500gb usb external hard drive was originally 1tb but swapped the...
  11. L

    For Sale Smart Home tech - xiaomi sensors/cameras/4g mifi

    Shifting some stuff on. Bundle of Xiaomi Aqara sensors and button (Work with Smartthings using correct DH) 6 X Unused Window/Door sensors, boxed. 4 X Unused Motion sensors, boxed. 1 X Used button £65 delivered. Yi Home camera 720p - used for roughly two months, boxed - £20 delivered. Yi...
  12. Atmos

    Pico G2, the Most Powerful Lightweight Headset Yet.

    Pico G2 uses the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 XR platform with 4+64GB of memory with up to 256GB of micro-SD card expansion, and the Snapdragon™ 835 ensures a smooth experience by optimizing processing core and workload. At the same time, The Pico G2 on the Snapdragon 835™ supports strong...
  13. S

    For Sale Games and recon tech pad

    Morning guys Having a clearout Recon tech pad, had general use nothing extreme, very good condition but not boxed £35 Overwatch game of the year never played £15 Destiny 2 steelbook £10 Agents of mayhem steelbook,£10 South park the fractured but whole sealed with stick of truth code, taken...
  14. shango

    Smart tech and app reliance

    Just wondering what others opinions are on the growing number of smart tech devices that are reliant partly or sometimes completely on a companion app? The reason I bring this up is I have a DJI mavic drone that cost me £1000 that I can't use because the DJI app immediately crashes upon loading...
  15. D

    Answered New to Smart Tech - Lights, Windows, Sound

    Hi, Completely new here, and i've read a number of posts but im struggling to find anything that describes my lighting situation and a solution for it. So thanks in advance. I've been reading up online this week about various smart technology and I understand enough to know i already want to...
  16. Promoted Content Poster

    Promoted Lion AV Tech, THX Video Training coming to Stansted UK, June 26-29th

    Promoted Content By Lion AV Lion AV Tech, THX Video Training (Certified by THX Ltd), coming to Stansted UK, June 26-29th, hosted by Pulse Cinemas. Now in our 2nd year of the added 4th day of training and including UHD / 4K, and HDR calibration and theory. From THX, the brand your customers...
  17. mikeysthoughts

    Security concerns from your home tech?

    A recent report by Which? suggests Samsung TVs are the worst offenders for releasing personalised/identifiable information to 3rd parties. UK homes vulnerable to 'staggering' level of corporate surveillance I've been increasingly aware of the amount of personal information that I make...
  18. GingerRocky

    For Sale Miscellaneous tech items, HDD, motherboard, RAM, AV equipment

    Hi Mods have allowed this, i sold a fair bit and have the rest here for sale. I want/need due to space, top sell as one bulk lot. I can deliver this for £100 as i'd need to hire a van. up to 3 hrs journey each way, i live in essex. EDIT: now some items are priced up individually, will get...
  19. AyuCon

    Question Repairing Definitive Tech ST-S

    Hi, I bought some ST-S speakers that seems to have been either broken before shipping or broke during shipping. The powered sub element coil seems to be misaligned with the magnet. Any ideas on if it's repairable or just to replace the whole thing?
  20. MikeKay1976

    F8 oculus tech, finger tracking and new dev kit hmd

    knuckles needs to launch sooner rather than later imo if it wants to be at all relevant Oculus progress on developing gloveless finger tracking for VR • r/oculus but this is what interests me. 140 degree fov and eye tracking... yes please! Oculus Reveals 140 Degree VR Headset Prototype with...
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