1. MikeKay1976

    F8 oculus tech, finger tracking and new dev kit hmd

    knuckles needs to launch sooner rather than later imo if it wants to be at all relevant Oculus progress on developing gloveless finger tracking for VR • r/oculus but this is what interests me. 140 degree fov and eye tracking... yes please! Oculus Reveals 140 Degree VR Headset Prototype with...
  2. S

    For Sale Recon tech wireless controller

    Xbox one recon tech wireless controller Excellent condition, used maybe an hour from new Unfortunately unboxed £30 plus postage Price and currency: £35 Delivery: Delivery cost is included within my country Payment method: Paypal Location: Fife Advertised elsewhere?: Advertised elsewhere...
  3. J

    Question Hi All, I have an old but in good condition Yamaha DSP-A990. Is it old hat or up to todays tech

    Is it old hat or up to todays technology. I have B&W speakers and sub set up but wanted to do some radio presenting from my PC ?
  4. M

    For Sale SEKONDA One Watch.

    SEKONDA One men’s watch, no box, no paperwork. I think it’s around 5 years old but has had little use as I have many watches. Stainless steel, including the strap, very good condition, I think I have some spare links too. Looking for £50.00 Ono plus £2.90 postage. TW STEEL. OW SOLD ELSEWHERE...
  5. Sessen Ryu

    Random online stores to buy expensive tech

    Probably going to buy an HP Spectre x360, - looks to be £300 cheaper than most places on "Alza.co.uk" Also a Note 8... - very cheap at "techinabasket". What's the catch? Would I be simply covered by the manufacture's warranty? Or is it risking buying from these place, as if something goes...
  6. Mr Incredible

    Wanted Feiyu Tech G4S

    Looking for a Feiyu Tech G4S for use with a GoPro Hero4. Anyone have one they want to sell? Just a FYI/heads up - OneDigitals UK have a new one for £149, so obviously looking for something cheaper that's pre-owned. Thanks for looking Location: LYTHAM ST. ANNES...
  7. L

    Where do you buy your smart home tech?

    Hi, Just a general straw poll to see where you head to when you want to buy your smart home tech (switches, sensors, thermostats, etc.). Do you head straight to Amazon or do you have a preferred online store you keep returning to? Thanks, Neil
  8. wiz

    Have you ever been embarrassed by your partner knowing more about tech than you?

    Just been shown by my wife that I had to log onto a BT wfi app before it'll let me connect to BT Fon networks ( Holds head in shame):D:D
  9. Chrisgixer

    New tech with older tech...?

    so upgrading my pioneer plazma to a n other newer tv to be decided poses some questions re my 1080p gear, not that sky+ is 1080p anyway... I have a Sony STR DN1040 receiver/amp through which I run; Sky (pre sky q) sky+2tb box Ps3 Xbox 360 1) will the 1040 amp pass HDR signal through to the...
  10. Firefox

    For Sale Feiyu Tech Summon 3-Axis Handheld Brushless Gimbal with Integrated 4K Camera

    Feiyu Tech Summon 3-Axis Handheld Brushless Gimbal with Integrated 4K Camera, in as new condition only used a handful of times. PLEASE READ: Sound Quality on this camera is shockingly BAD, you only normally hear the gimbal motors, this is not a fault it is how they released it, this is the...
  11. funinacup

    For Sale Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor

    Hi there, Received this after backing it on Indiegogo ages ago. Turned up in the post and by that time I had bought a new car with built in pressure monitoring, so no longer need these. I have opened it and tested them to see how the functionality works etc. All works really well, and the...
  12. Cherrywood

    Movies on the Go - Best Tech Set Up Advice

    Back in May i got a promotion at work and have reverted back to working 12hr shifts. This results in a lot of quiet nights, no one in the office and have found time on my breaks is best spent watching movies via streaming services (SkyGo, Prime etc.) However i am finding it very under welming...
  13. Beezy

    For Sale Xbox One Recon Tech Controller

    Purchased at the end of August from Game, has had a bit of use but is in excellent condition. Box included £35 Price and currency: £35 Delivery: Delivery cost is included within my country Payment method: PPG Location: N Wales Advertised elsewhere?: Not advertised elsewhere Prefer goods...
  14. Jdog2017

    Def tech speakers difference and B & W mixing?

    Hello! I currently have some BP9020 front speakers with a cs9080 center and rear sr9080 speakers and thinking of two options to expand. one question...is to add a second set of front speakers, I like the clairty of the B&W fronts for voice but not sure if that would create a voice stereo...
  15. Philips TV PQ

    Promoted Philips TV invites you to discuss best picture processing tech

    With the introduction of the new P5 engine Philips TV believes you should look again at picture processing. Danny Tack, Philips TV PQ guru, reveals the what & why. Better not Less Processing is the key to the optimum TV picture quality It’s amazing to consider what a central role TV plays...
  16. S

    Question Old tech, Sony HCD-DZ230

    How can I connect my sony HCD-DZ230 to my PC which has a MAXIMUS VIII RANGER mother board? I would like to have surround sound from all of the speakers. I can connect via the audio port on the front of the HCD-DZ230, but that will only allow sound from 2 of the speakers. I have it it all set up...
  17. M

    Hughes Home Tech Show - Norwich

    This is just a reminder that the annual Hughes Home Tech show is at the Norwich Showground from Oct 20th - 22nd. This is a big event which has been running for over 20 years. Usually well covered by representatives of all the main TV/AV manufacturers as well as ancillary devices such as...
  18. T

    For Sale Tech Clearout! Dell Venue Pro 7140+Keyboard+Dock, B&W P7 Wireless, More to come

    Planning a big clearout of a load of things I don't use anymore, get yourself a bargain! SOLD 1) Dell 7140 Venue 11 Pro This is a fantastic little convertible laptop, it's a pro grade machine and is surprisingly fast for it's spec and size. It's a 10.8" tablet with additional keyboard dock...
  19. A

    Is it just me or are tech companies telling us what we want?

    I've been a member of AVForums for a long time. I usually lurk and very rarely post but recent advances in technology and some of the Trending Topics have made me start to think. Do we really need/want 8K TVs? Can the human eye even detect such high resolutions at sensible screen sizes and...
  20. Y

    E Global Central / tech in the basket

    Anyone had an experience of buying from them?
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