1. Samuel040549

    Def Tech suggestion

    I need advice... Living room setup with 120inch screen innovations BD screen, but here is the audio setup I'm considering. Def Tech 1000 monitors x 4 Either Procinema 1000 or CS8040 center. SVS PS1000 x 1 or maybe x 2 Onkyo RZ710 The living room is not ideal for audio, I know... but do you...
  2. BoroFanUK

    Wanted Monster Tech Warthog Jstick * throttle table mounts

    Long shot but putting it out there. As title. Thanks Location: teesside ______________________________________________________ This message is automatically inserted in all classifieds forum threads. By replying to this thread you agree to abide by the trading rules detailed here. Please be...
  3. Thug

    Women and tech, they just dont get it.

    Well, ok, not all women, but the ones I know just don't understand why we are the way we are with our tech. For instance, I have just bought the box set of Game of Thrones as I had never seen it before, so me and Mrs Thug decided to give it a go. We have so far watched the first 5 episodes of...
  4. K

    For Sale Crowson Tech Tactile Transducer Bass Shaker

    Details: Amplifier is in mint condition. The actuators (that go under the sofa feet) are in as good as new working condition, physical display quality is good. This package brand new costs $2,500 from USA, plus huge shipping and customs costs put the cost of this product to ship to UK to me...
  5. S

    Anyone used Microsoft remote tech support

    I have Win 10 laptop that was upgraded for free from 7 to 10, but I can't activate it. I googled the issue and ended up on the MS support site. There's a chat function which I started using and they suggested I let them remote access my laptop to fix it. I declined for now. Anyone done this...
  6. silvercue

    Anyone Mining Bitcoins with Tech designed for it?

    MODs - Apologies if you think this belongs somewhere else, really not sure where it sits. If anyone is doing this I would be interested if it actually makes any money when overheads are considered?
  7. bapodra

    For Sale Feiyu Tech G4S GoPro Gimbal

    I am selling my Feiyu Tech G4S GoPro gimbal, Its been used twice and has then lived in it's carry case. Features: Pan/Tilt/Roll 3-axis 360 degrees coverage. Newly designed quick-access clip improves camera attachment efficiency. 10-pin mini-USB interface built-in to the gimbal's body. Support...
  8. RGent80

    Wanted Tech 21 Smokey black evo frame case

    Hi all I'm looking for a tech 21 evo frame case in Smokey black for the s7 edge in reasonable condition if anyone's upgrading and will have one going Thanks Location: brighton ______________________________________________________ This message is automatically inserted in all classifieds...
  9. dave1956a

    Tech Spec for ITV Inc HLG

    This may be of interest to some here http://dpp-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/specs/itv/ProgrammeDeliverySpecificationLiveITV.pdf
  10. raigraphixs

    Xbox Wireless Controller Tech Series

    Microsoft unveiled the new Tech Series of Xbox Wireless Controllers, including the first in the series: The Xbox Wireless Controller – Recon Tech Special Edition, which is set to launch April 25, 2017 for $69.99 USD. According to Microsoft, the new controller series was inspired by military...
  11. W

    Question Weird info from Samsung Tech team

    I have this tv Samsung UR40JU6410 and have been trying to find out whether this tv supports HDR, I decided to contact Samsung and see if they could help the told me the following. Yes it does support HDR but I would need to do the following, enable UHD HDMI Color and the change my picture...
  12. Gringer

    Wearable tech security and privacy concerns

    Wearable tech has increased in popularity. Came across this link which has ringed the alarm bells. I currently own Samsung gear as well as moto 360. These might as well compromise based on this article. The dark side of wearables: How they're secretly jeopardizing your security and privacy -...
  13. transwest

    SURROUND SOUND 5.1 - tech advice please

    Hi guys, I want to add 5.1 S.Sound to my set-up. TV: LG E55v930c PVR 1: Humax 4000T PVR 2: Topfield 5800. All units have optical out. Humax also has usb, hdmi & rca L/R stereo audio out. Toppy also has scart, usb (don't know if it's In or Out) and rca L/R stereo audio out. I assumed all S.S...
  14. webontheweb

    Question Tech nerd looking for the right TV

    Hello! First time posting here! I am in the market for a new TV, and I want to optimize my outcome (obviously...). I'll give a little background to how I use my television to facilitate suggestions and help. I'm an avid video gamer and movie-watcher. I have essentially every single game system...
  15. pop80_uk

    For Sale Puma Future Lite Tech Disc Trainers & Clothes & Beanie

    Wardrobe clearout. Everything shippped royal mail 2nd class with proof of posting 1) Puma Future Lite Tech Disc Trainers Size UK 11 (more like a 10 - 10.5) Brand new boxed - Unwanted present - These are over £150 new Subtle details, reflective materials and tonal basic colours. These are the...
  16. swayzak

    What sort of price drop is seen after big tech events e.g. CES 2017 ?

    Hello I'm torturing myself over whether to upgrade from my 4 year old HD Sony 55 HX853 to an LG OLED55E6V (currently £2499 at Richer Sounds, with 6 year warranty). I assume this price may well go up again after tonight (end of Black Friday weekend). However I gather there is a big tech event...
  17. D

    For Sale Mixture of pc gaming tech for sale

    Number of items all working as should and in great condition, Dell Seagate 1TB 7.2k SAS 2.5" hhd, brand new not used still in packaging, model nu ST91000640SS feel free to check online for prices, it's the 2.5" SAS. Cheapest I've seen new is £180-£150ono Oculus Rift DK2, fully boxed with all...
  18. M

    For Sale Inca Tech Claymore amplifier

    For sale my Inca tech The Claymore amplifier, issue 6 which is the last version made, in excellent condition.50W @8ohms (measured 60W) Checked and calibrated by Colin Wonfor 2 months ago and sound superb, plenty of reviews online (sorry Colin if you are browsing this forum) Was my main...
  19. M

    Hughes Home Tech Show 2016

    This annual event is worth visiting if you want to see the latest AV equipment demonstrated by most major manufacturers. I'm not in receipt of anything for plugging this but often there are bargain prices on a lot of AV and domestic white goods from this East Anglian store owner and on-line...
  20. kah22

    Question Advice on new ISP for non tech girlfriend.

    After considerable effort my GF has been released from her TalkTalk package. She is now looking around for a new ISP with phone line. As of now I'd say she was at most a casual internet user, she doesn't do Facebook or any of that social media stuff but I can see her sigh with Prime or Netflix...
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