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  1. Waynester

    Question Tabletop TV Stand needed and struggling to accommodate my setup, suggestions need help ?

    Hi Folks Got a new table TV stand yesterday off of Amazon, it’s to raise my TV up so I can fit my MA Bronze Centre Speaker underneath it and give me a better viewing angle and better sound, which it already has... trouble is the stand is on its highest lift setting, it’s just not high enough...
  2. M

    Movie and streaming 55" TV - Q64R, Hisense U8B, TCL c815?

    hey all, decided to upgrade my office/man cave TV from a 47" LG to 55" so far interested in 3 - but need advice and recommendations ASAP, so all input much appreciated Samsung QE55Q64R - 750 Euro Hisense 55U8B - 570 Euro TCL 55C815 - 570 Euro (this model has the built in Onkyo speakers and...
  3. paulyoung666

    Wanted Now tv sport passes....

    As per title , what ya got !!!!
  4. 55NF

    Panasonic GZ950B

    Hello all.... I've just taken delivery of a 2020 GZ950B 55". I'm looking for the best sound settings. The TV is wall mounted on a single arm. The Oled screen is very good but I'm not a so impressed with the sound, after only a few hours. Music seems to be very loud and speech to...
  5. M

    Question C9 HDMI Arc PCM delay

    Hi guys Been searching around for a fix to this but not found a solution. I have a C9 hooked up to a Polk Signa S2 sound bar via HDMI cable to the Arc port. There's noticable audio delay on the TV's apps (Netflix, YouTube) when the audio output is PCM. If I changd it to Auto it fixes the...
  6. herespaulo

    Disney + and Game Mode

    I just purchase a Q80T (amazing), and I'm using Disney + on my PS4. But when I run Disney, the TV stays in Game Mode. Is this ideal, or is there a way to turn Game Mode off for Disney, and then have it automatically turn back on when the app closes? I was going to post this in the Q80T...
  7. domik

    Question What to buy around $5000 (stereo / streamer / TV connection)

    Hi, I'm looking for some guidance of what to buy around mentioned price tag. I'm listening rock + sometimes classic like 2Cellos or chillout. I have already listened to multiple cheaper solutions just to throw a bit more money to get more (MA Bronze 500 / DALI Oberon 7 + NAD 368). This is...
  8. J

    Wanted 65" OLED TV

    Looking for 65" OLED TV for sale either near London or delivered. Ideally if it has some warranty left that would be great. Looking to pay around £800-1000 dependent on model age.
  9. Enzomaster79

    Question Sony x900h or x950h 55 inch tv

    I want to buy my next 55 inch tv and I would like to read some recommendations. I would watch tv in my room, mainly for movies & sports. Are Hisense H9g, TCL R625 or even wait to Vizio H1 Oled in my radar.
  10. S

    Question Best set up for KD55A8

    Hi , I've got one of these coming from John Lewis next week . I'm hopelessly behind the times with wifi stuff and would appreciate some advice to get the best out of what should be a massive upgrade on the much cheaper 8 year old LG set we have now . We have a BT router , in the same room ...
  11. T

    LG OLED Perfect Setup advice

    Guys / Gals, forgive me, its been a while since I got anew TV. Also I am a perfectionist and just want to be sure I'm doing things right. Received this week.. LG 55GX (2020). Wow. I have a very tricky wall mounted situation where its a struggle to pass through wires, I can get maybe a few...
  12. JabbaNut

    Amazon Prime Video 5.2.17 APK for Android TV, ready to download

    " New APK version ready for download for the Amazon Prime Video streaming service app compatible with the Android TV operating system that we can find in some Smart TVs and TV-Boxes. The version of this app is 5.2.17 and it still cannot be downloaded normally from the Android TV app store in...
  13. E

    Connection Advice - Audio Via TV

    Hello all, I am after some advice on outputting my TV audio to my AV receiver. Both are fairly elderly models; TV is a Samsung 65" UE65JS9000 and receiver is a Sony SDR-DN1060. Both 2015 vintage I think. Currently I have all my devices connected to my receiver and then a single connection to...
  14. S

    For Sale LOEWE ACONDA 9381 ZW - 32" 100 Hz CRT television - ideal for gamers

    Time to say goodbye to my beloved Loewe Aconda 9381 ZW 32" CRT television. Works perfectly - incredible picture quality. Pristine condition, comes with glass stand, remote and manual. Ideal for gamers - low latency, high refresh rate and reduced input lag. Screen size - 32" Format - 16:9...
  15. R

    LG GX TV - UK Power Supply for Wall Mounting

    hi all - i am looking at picking up an OLED 65 GX and looking for it to be mounted to the wall with no downward cabled. On the back of the TV the HDMI all seems to be able to feed ok as there is space for that, but I'm not sure how flush the TV will be as I will need to put in the plug behind...
  16. S

    Question VonHaus Tilting TV bracket advice

    Hi. I installed the VonHaus tilting TV bracket (3005004) yesterday for my new 55inch TV. The product itself is good but the instructions are terrible. Is it correct that TV just literally hangs off the top of the bracket with no securing to the bottom of the bracket? In fact the bottom of the...
  17. A

    Need a tv but I'm stuck!

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a new tv. I want it to record one channel while watching another (I don't do adverts). At the moment I have a separate box but am trying to combine the box-tv function in my new panel. I don't mind buying a separate usb memory stick if it works out cheaper rather...
  18. K

    Flickering tv

    Hi anyone know what’s happing here my tv is only a few weeks old? I switched the tv on and it started flickering. About our ads You may also like LG - OLED55CX6LA 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV
  19. F

    H50B7500 - using hdmi CEC control power but not volume ?

    Hi, I have a H50B7500 and a recently purchased Marantc NR1510 Amp and I have having an issue which is likely me rather than the tech, if I enable hmdi CEC control on the Amp as soon as I turn it on the Hisense switches the speakers setting to ARC and when I increase the volume on either TV or...
  20. D

    For Sale Apple TV 3rd generation (A1469)

    Apple TV (3rd Generation) HD Media streamer (A1469). In good used condition. Works perfectly. I’ll include a mains cable with it too (unless you don’t want it)
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