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  1. J

    Modern Equivalent of WD TV Live

    I really don't want to post a "what is the best.." question so I will try and be specific. I am on lockdown because of this dreadful Coronavirus and have taken the opportunity to sort out my digital media. My films are pretty well all in VOB format and VLC Media Player says they are MPEG 1/2...
  2. H

    Is 4k / Ultra Netflix package worth upgrading to over the standard HD package for the LG C9 TV?

    Will i see a big difference between "Standard HD" and "Ultra HD" for the extra £3 a month?
  3. B

    Help with gaming TV

    Hello all, needing help with picking a TV for gaming. I have an OLED downstairs for films and normal television. I'd prefer an LCD for gaming so I don't have to worry about burn in. The TV I was using was the Sony xf9005 and it was great, until it broke. John Lewis have offered me a...
  4. W

    Best 43 inch TV for sports

    Hi all, Just after some advice regarding a new TV. I mainly watch sport so want the best in terms of stability. I also watch general TV shows on netflix etc and am a casual gamer. Not really fussed about anything else. Ive been considering the Samsung q60r as can get for £425 or one of the...
  5. dbeevers

    Question TV iPlayer icon added?

    Hi All, Just turned my tv on and selected iPlayer and as well as my name another icon has appeared for children. It wasn't there yesterday and I don't have kids anymore so wouldn't have added it and can't find a way to delete it. Anyone else noticed it, TV is a Samsung MU7000. Cheers
  6. fozzeh

    For Sale 2 month Now TV Entertainment Pass

    6 months for redemption then usual terms apply.
  7. X

    LG B7A Only Plays Dolby Atmos With Netflix, Not Plex/External Device

    Has anyone else experience an issue with only being able to have the Atmos track play with Netflix films, but when using external device it doesn't? I have a Samsung Q90R soundbar, and if I am playing a Netflix film it locks in Atmos, not allowing me to change the sound mode. However, I know I...
  8. R

    LG 4K OLED TV and old Sony STR-DG710 A/V receiver

    Hi all! I have a 2007 Sony STR-DG710 A/V receiver which I don't plan to replace for now. I am getting a new 4K LG C9 OLED TV and I need to rethink all the connections. Right now my 4K Set top box and PS4 are connected to the receiver, and then I have an HDMI connected to my TV, which is not 4K...
  9. G

    Question I'm looking a TV show with alien or fantasy fauna

    I love star wars but mostly the fauna, I was searching a Tv show with alien fauna, I tried watch star trek but it doesn't have much alien fauna, so if you know some shows please tell me, thank you all
  10. N

    No subtitles when playing from usb stick - Samsung QE43Q60R

    I have movies in my usb stick that play perfectly on vlc media player, for years. However, in plain 2020, samsung qe43q60r is not able to do it, some movies are not played at all, others are played without audio (animes with dual language) I've checked and the tv firmware is updated. Does...
  11. W

    Panasonic plasma tv Flickering/Twitching

    Hello, i have had my 50" 720 Panasonic plasma since 2013 from new and recently i have noticed a strange problem with it. The edge of the screen seems to periodically, like every few minutes or less, have this weird flicker/twitching problem where you can actually see the edge of the screen jerk...
  12. superfox

    For Sale Samsung 40 Led TV 1080p UE40C5100

    Samsung 40 Led Tv 1080p. Condition is Used and it’s around 8 years old. It is not a smart tv. Model number is UE40C5100QWXXU. Tv and remote only. No issues with tv. Collection only from W3 in London.
  13. S

    Question Picture settings

    Hi I have a 50inch TX50GX800B model can anyone please let me know what the best picture settings are for 4K as it doesn’t have the wow effect I expected yet am told is a fairly decent model ..I’ve tried to change some settings myself the sound is great as through a 4K AV Receiver but in no...
  14. D

    H65U7BUK Vs H65B7500UK (xbox one x)

    Hi not including price, which set is better - i can either got one or the other, and the price is more or less the same, is one set better than the other, and would i notice it on the xbox one , in hdr 4k thanks
  15. P

    Question H75B7510UK Firmware won’t extract to .pkg

    Hi got sent new firmware for my tv from hisense but it only extracts to .tar file not .pkg. Anybody got any ideas instructions say it must be .pkg or .bin
  16. G

    New TV

    Hello, I’m trying to help out my brother finding a new tv. I have had a look at @Dodgexander guide and see that the Samsung QE55Q60R Is offered as an option. what are peoples opinions on this model. they will be using the tv for freeview, Netflix, prime and Blu-ray viewing and both would...
  17. error2000

    XF9005 stutter/judder KODI/IPTV/YOUTUBE

    Hi all. First if all sorry for my english. Have almost week 55XF9005. When i play anything via android app KODI/KUKI TV(IPTV)/YOUTUBE, or via inbuild video player content from network picture is not smooth. I must set motionflow and cinemotion to maximum, but in this case i have soap opera...
  18. K

    Amazon Prime and Digihome Smart TV model 43287dfp

    Am considering applying for Amazon Prime but not sure if I can use with this model. Also can you add the app to the tv or do you need to use an Amazon Stick.
  19. J

    For Sale Alphason Finewoods FW1100 Light Oak Wood Veneer TV Stand

    Beautiful stand with black glass. In excellent condition. Buyer collects.
  20. B

    Corner wallmount bracket for 55" TV

    I've just ordered a 55" Samsung Q85R (£799 through the Blue Light card!) but need to purchase a wall mount bracket for it. Our current TV is a 40" Sony (circa 2012) sat on a corner unit and is really stable as the base is large and has suction on it, but I don't trust the new TV with a 1 &...
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