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  1. D

    Additional speaker

    I'm a bit hard of hearing and would like a speaker in opposite corner of room to TV. I have a LG webOS TV, I've connected to amazon echo but if sound plays through echo it won't play through internal speaker and vice versa. Can I get sound to play through both and if so how. Or will I need a...
  2. K

    For Sale Panasonic DX902 65" FALD TV

    Panasonic DX902 in 65" - this was purchase from John Lewis in Aug 2017. Condition is very, very good but it does have a scuff on the bottom side of the stand from storage and the tiniest of marks on the bezel (see pic). It has been wall mounted for most of its life - the stand was damaged in...
  3. Johno0885

    Samsung to Stop QD LED production

    Last April hearing that Samsung is Closing its Q LED LCD Factories in Korea and China by the end of this year ? Q LED is the best TV ever but they have decided to go in Favor of Older Tech but a 8k version. last March 31st 2020. Was watching Vincent Teoh You Tube Blog and was surprised to hear...
  4. B

    Philips 6604 50"+No Sound from Netflix +multichannel passthrough

    Hello All From my TV when I'm setting multichannel passthrough option , no sound is coming from Netflix into my Sony 5.1 setup (model BDV 490), connected to the TV using HDMI (ARC). But Youtube plays fine with that same option. Sound is fine from Neflix when selecting Stereo (Uncompressed)...
  5. R

    Switching between game mode to other on PS4? Samsung QE50Q65TAUXXU

    I recently got a Samsung QE50Q65TAUXXU 50in and the problem is the switching picture mode. When using the PS4 it auto goes into game mode, but when I go to picture settings to switch between game, movie, etc it's turned off and I have to go through the advanced settings to turn off game mode...
  6. Ekko Star

    For Sale Spectral Just-Racks JRM1650 Snow White TV Cabinet

    Spectral Just-racks JRM1650 TV stand Snow white 165.0W x 41.1H x 48.0D Beautiful TV stand from a high class manufacturer. In pretty much mint condition (no kids, pets, smoke). These things retail around £1k new. Price £300. Delivery is possible (within reason) for cost of fuel
  7. MrShabz

    For Sale Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

    Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K no longer needed. In excellent condition & used no more than 5 times in 6 months. Fully boxed & factory reset. Will be sent by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery.
  8. G

    iPad to tv

    Hi I want to watch something on my iPad on my LG B8. Is there a single cable to connect the iPad to my LG? Or do I need to buy adapters too?
  9. A

    BEST 65 INCH TV UNDER £1000

    Hi all im currently looking for a new tv i want a 65 inch upto £1000. i watch a lot of sport so motion judder is an issue for me. any advice much appreciated. ive looked at the hisense U8Q but some reviews said motion judder was not good. thanks
  10. C

    New TV recommendations - 55"

    Need some advice to stop me spending £££ unnecessarily. Currently looking to buy a new TV - currently have a 32" Toshiba LCD which was fine in my old house but I now have a much bigger living room. Any new TV is going to be a huge improvement. The plan is to make a fake fireplace and wall...
  11. G

    iPad to LG

    Hi I want to watch something on my iPad on my LG B8. Is there a single cable to connect the iPad to my LG? Or do I need to buy adapters too?
  12. S

    PHILIPS Ambilight 55PUS733412 55 Bluetooth Question

    Hello all, PHILIPS Ambilight 55PUS733412 55 Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV with Google Assistant We have the above TV and my question is about bluetooth audio. As I'm hard of hearing I wonder if it's at all possible to listen to the TV audio via my bluetooth buds without disabling the TV...
  13. J

    Question Can I run VM signal though house TV Coax ?

    As title really. My house was built around 3 years ago and has TV points dotted around in various rooms. I want to change the room my VM comes into. I was wondering if I can connect it to another room using the in built aerial coaxial cable. I was thinking i'd join the cable from the feed...
  14. U

    Vertical line

    Hi, I have a vertical line on my LG 55UH6150 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model). When I watch netflix, youtube video, USB video and on the TV interface he have a purple line but I don't have a purple line on the LG menu bar and when I play video games. When I test ''Picture Test'' on...
  15. H

    Arc setings Hisense tv

    What is the best adjustable arc option Automatic, pass through, dolby digital plus are sent to the home theater? Thanks
  16. J

    Samsung UE55KS8000 - Currys PC World Replacement

    Good afternoon everyone, I purchased a Samsung UE55KS8000 55" television back in November 2016, however over the last few months I began to notice an issue with the screen. I contacted Currys PC World as I had a 5 year guarantee with them and they picked up the television almost two weeks ago...
  17. M

    Question Sony AF9 and PS5

    As the Sony AF9 has the same processor as the AG9 does that nean it will perform as well with the new PS5 when it is released? Little bit confused by all this HDMI 2.1 stuff that I am hearing about as I get the impression that HDMI2 ports cant be upgraded to 2.1.
  18. RealityDysfunction

    Looking for HDR capable TV with wide viewing angles.

    As per title. Are there any TVs that combine decent HDR performance with wide viewing angles (almost 45 degrees). I'm thinking ideally in the 49 to 55 inch size and a price less than £800 (don't mind waiting to Black Friday for prices to come down. Options as I see it: OLED - would be ideal, but...
  19. T

    Switching Devices through AV Amp or TV

    Hi, I expect this is a very basic question, but having just purchased a new TV - Samsung Q90R, and having an existing AV amp - an old Denon AVR-1910, it occurs to me that each has multiple HDMI inputs and each can switch between devices. I have basically a Sky box and PS3. And obviously my TV...
  20. W

    LG 32LM630BPLA loses channels

    I persuaded my parents to buy a LG 32LM630BPLA 2019 LED HDR HD Ready Smart TV, 32" with Freeview together with a Manhattan T3-R HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart Freeview Play TV Recorder, 1TB I am beginning to wish I hadn't :-). I am hoping that its something stupid that I have done wrong but I set it up...
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