1. A

    "Real 4K HDR Test Pattern: Brightness stress test" via YouTube App

    I just ran the following video on my 2020 Frame via the built-in YouTube app, and I was able to see all 5 steps (100, 400, 1000, 2000, 4000 nits) with significant jumps in brightness between each. I didn't think the Frame would be capable of displaying over 1,000 nits since its panel appears to...
  2. Zone


    Saw this on HUKD Maybe of use to someone LINK
  3. S

    Would you buy a car without test driving it?

    So a search last night on auto trader showed that BMW M140i’s were now just about within budget, and have been chatting to a guy today who has one for sale at his dealership. the monthly figure is a little high so he is going to see what he can do etc, however he told me that whilst viewings...
  4. A

    Can I test a TV without taking it out of the packaging fully?

    I am wanting to buy a new large screen TV, but live alone and because of the lockdown, can't have a friend round to assist. This makes it risky for me to lift it out of the packaging, affix the stand and then put it onto my unit, but I know I have to check the TV on receipt for damage. So...
  5. SteveAWOL

    Antibody test accuracy and immunity passports

    Looks like even when the UK finally achieves 100,000 tests per day we’ll still have thousands of people being incorrectly diagnosed, as whatever the NHS eventually end up using will provide similar accuracy to the antibody tests recently approved by the FDA over in USA. This Cellex test has a...
  6. C

    9V battery test to determine speakers

    Is this a real thing? I read somewhere you can match the 9V battery terminals to the corresponding cables and the speaker will then ‘pulse’. I’m just about to rig up my AVR but the tape which was wrapped around some of the cables has come loose during the build. The cables are chased through the...
  7. dante01

    Boris Johnson Tests Positive For Covid-19

    Boris has tested positive for the virus
  8. nheather

    Test Cases

    One thing that would be really useful, but I have not seen yet, is a set of examples of how people may experience COVID. Clearly, some people die, and some get seriously ill. But I also gather that some people shake it off more easily. What is lacking is a set of such examples explaining the...
  9. Killak

    Does anyone have Dolby Atmos Test tones on MKV

    Hello everyone, hope you're all keeping safe! Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I'm looking for some specific Atmos test material on an MKV. Im looking for a video which says "Front Left", "Front Right", "Rear Surround Right" etc or something to that effect so I can make...
  10. Jimster71

    Test Drive Unlimited 3 (2020)

  11. R

    Question Color banding test video, what your results ?

    Hello All, Here a quick two color banding test videos, would be interesting seeing who has banding issue and which model you have. Here is one more test: Would love seeing your comments with your results and model details, would help the community.
  12. P

    Dolby Atmos test tones output level?

    Hello, Could anybody please tell if Dolby Atmos test tones available from Downloadable Dolby Atmos Trailers | Dolby Laboratories have all channels at same level or is subwoofer channel 10dB hotter than other channels? Thanks
  13. Cameron583

    Which tracks do you use to test equipment and why?

    Wasn’t sure if there was a thread for this already, so I apologise if there is :-) As per the title, which tracks do you use to test new/old equipment, and why? Does it have a particularly demanding bass track? Is it rhythmically complex? Is it sonically complex? Im generally a bit of a bass...
  14. M

    Question Test tone settings..

    Hi, I have a setup, 5.1 Denon X250BT with q acoustics 3010 and center 3090C. This receiver does not have a audysee setup nor mic to setup. I'm testing it via my phone app, the Mrs won't allow me to buy some fancy setup so I'm stuck with trying this way. I'm confused on what to do, I'm in tone...
  15. deesta

    Question Sub test soundtrack for 'the crawl'.

    Finally have a new Double Gem on the way as one, in the right colour, came up on the BK eBay page. Decided on the DG as it will give me more options for positioning and the smaller footprint pleases her-indoors. It's my first 'proper' sub so very excited.. So I'm planning on trying the sub...
  16. D

    Question Can you test Netflix speed on bluray player?

    My tv license is due to run out so its time to move to Netflix, Problem is my bluray player doesn't support 5ghz and I know there is a problem with the 2.4ghz sometimes I get good speeds other times I dont, So I would like to make sure everything runs fine before I go ahead.
  17. David Griffiths

    Does this Dolby YouTube test work on LG TVs?

    Hi, I have a LG OLED55C9PLA connected to a fairly old Panasonic Home Cinema SC-BTT290. I'm trying to verify that Dolby 5.1 is working correctly and have been playing this YouTube video: I have tried it both using the LG YouTube app and also the web browser (after reading problems people had...
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