1. giggsy1950

    Question Tacima - not a benefits of using thread!

    Hi all, hope you are well. Just a quick one, I have the Tacima Mains block, and wondered which end of the block to plug devices with more current draw? I know people will question putting my av amp in the block, but I have to as my sub is plugged directly into the wall. Should my av amp go at...
  2. I

    Samsung Q900TS Series Owners Thread

    Looking forward to hearing from others who have purchased this wonderful TV.
  3. Bilbo 69

    Question R.E.W help thread

    I was woundering r e w says to use a calibrated mic now then could I use the mic that came with my Denon avrx4400h for set up ?????
  4. KyleS1

    DIY projects thread

    Leading on from the power tools thread, this is a thread to post your DIY project pictures. Hopefully I didn’t miss an already available thread. I’ll start in jest with a makeshift mount for an Alexa and google home next to my turbo trainer so I can listen to music and podcasts over the sound of...
  5. M

    Optoma hd28e owners thread

    Hi all just bought the Optoma hd28e for £490 via richer sounds. Very happy so far, I'm using it outside and it gives a very good picture after dark. Anyone else got one of these I'm looking for some setup tips
  6. Zone

    The "It's Not Valid But I'll Post It Anyway" Thread

    Anything Still Life goes :thumbsup:
  7. Zone

    April 2020 Photo Competition - Voting Thread

    Well done to those who entered this month :thumbsup: The theme for April was "Open/Anything Goes":cool: Please view the attached thumbnail file to view all the entries; please let me know if yours isn't there! Now I have allowed a few pictures again that don't have exif attached! We all have...
  8. Flashgordon1982

    Is there a Q70 thread?

    Hi Just installed my Q70 82. Going from a projector this is taking some adjusting. I am at the minute a little regretful. Not only am I unhappy with the position it’s mounted in (my fault). But I thought the picture quality would blow me away and I wouldn’t miss the size. Don’t get me wrong...
  9. FlagshipDevice

    The Coronavirus Thread Of Good Deeds

    As per title. We’re all in this together. We must all help one another. My brother fears for his job. My nephew wants a Switch Lite. I’ve managed to order him one, and Zelda BOTW. We’ll be telling my brother points of some kind paid for it. Job done. I did a shop for an elderly friend a few...
  10. Zone

    The "It's Not Valid But I'll Post It Anyway" Thread

    Anything goes....literally; apart from porn and stuff :confused:o_O:nono::D:thumbsup:
  11. Aj33

    CV Lockdown drinking thread

    First up - drinking alcohol to waste time or as a coping mechanism is not a good idea - full stop. if you find yourself doing this please seek help via the usual avenues. That being said, What are we doing with perhaps limited supermarket stocks, reduced ability to travel or have alcohol...
  12. Sampinto89

    Zidoo UHD2000 Owners Thread

    I wanted to post a firsthand review of the Zidoo UHD2000 for anyone who is interested in it as media player. I noticed that there is not much discussion surrounding the UHD2000 even though it comes with a newer chip, but priced lower than the Zappiti pro. I also want to declare that I am not...
  13. Zone

    The "It's Not Valid But I'll Enter It Anyway" thread

    Landscape :)
  14. FlagshipDevice

    The Pie Thread

    As per title, this is all to do with pies. I unintentionally posted this in the wrong section of the forum and a mod quickly pointed me here, for which I’m eternally grateful. So, pies - we’ve all been disappointed when buying a so-called deep-filled pie from a supermarket, only to find a thick...
  15. FlagshipDevice

    The Pie Thread

    As per title, I do love a good pie. That said, you know the routine - you buy a so-called deep-filled pie from a supermarket, only to be greeted with a thick layer of air and disappointment when cutting into it. Well, I’ve had enough. . . I’m mostly talking about savoury pies, but all...
  16. Zone

    The "It's Not Valid But I'll Post It Anyway" Thread

    Otherworldly :)
  17. W

    Stereo speaker recommendation.

    Hello, I did have my Denon CEOL PIccolo DRA N5 for sale but considering if it would be more cost effective to keep it and add 2 stereo speakers for the bedroom, I've removed my Logitech Z5500 from my bedroom as it was again and not sound very good to be honest. Now I currently have...
  18. Silverblack

    Philips 55 Oled 804, 854 Owners Thread

    As per title thought it made sense to make an owners thread as i’ve just got the 804. A thread is nothing without pictures so heres one, and more to follow as it’s been a long day! I will say this i’m super impressed with the deep rich blacks smooth motion crystal clear picture. I’ve got the...
  19. milano j

    Pioneer SC LX 704/904 Owners Thread

    Hi thought l would start up a owners thread for this new to the market receiver,l have just taken delivery of my second one as the first receiver was damaged in transit,going to set it all up tomorrow and give my thoughts on it.....all owners welcome to post theirs thoughts about it how they...
  20. K

    Samsung Q90T thread

    Are there any official specs of the Q90T out yet? I'm specifically wondering whether the Q90T supports HDMI 2.1, or whether Samsung are only leaving HDMI 2.1 as a 8K TV luxury.
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