1. mattressback

    Question COVID tracing app uk tech question

    My step dad would like to have the covid app but his phone is a basic one, he’s an old man and doesn’t want to really change his phone . I have a 2 yr old smart phone I’m not using. IF I installed the app and he carried it with him , used it to check in places etc. It it didn’t have a SIM card...
  2. leebroath

    AppleCare+ Monthly Payments Expand to the UK and Germany

    After Expanding Applecare+ monthly payments to a number of new territories in July, Apple has now made the scheme available to customers in the United Kingdom and Germany.
  3. Brocky120

    Wanted Buying all PSN UK Top-Ups

    Buying all UK PSN top-ups @ 80%.
  4. RealityDysfunction

    Question LG 2020 TVs and UK Catchup Apps.

    Am I correct in thinking that apps such All4 and ITVHub are still not available for 2020 LG TVs? I think this is to do with dropping their connection with Freeview Play? I'm thinking of buying an LG tv, but would like to hear that this problem has been rectified before spending the dough. Thanks
  5. RedDevil85

    Dragon Ball Z: Season 3 (Amazon UK Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: Release date: 21/12/2020 Status: Available to Pre-order
  6. RedDevil85

    Dragon Ball Z: Season 2 (Amazon UK Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: Release date: 23/11/2020 Status: Available to Pre-order
  7. RedDevil85

    Dragon Ball Z: Season 1 (Amazon UK Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: Release date: 09/11/2020 Status: Available to Pre-order
  8. dr no

    UK iTunes Movie & TV Bargains

    Many of us decided against building US movie library and just stick to the UK iTunes Store. So this thread is to focus on the UK sides of things and keep all the other white noise out of it. Remember it’s all about buying movies and collection building NOT about watching any of them :p
  9. B

    For Sale As NEW Sony VPL-VW570ES WHITE, one month old, £4000 with collection

    NEW Sony VPL-VW570ES projector - selling as I found I smaller projector more suitable. £4000! (vs original RRP of £7999) Box has been opened and projector tested. But now back in box and as new. No hours on lamp. I can show receipt as proof that projector is only 1 month old, which provides...
  10. shaf1667

    For Sale Vintage Rare Dynastatic Speakers Electrostatic Speakers Alan Shackman Made in UK

    Vintage Rare Dynastatic Speakers Electrostatic Speakers designed by Alan Shackman speakers, the speakers were used with a Quad set up i have tested and are working and sound great. Can demo on collection Quad set up in my other listing The cabinets are in very good condition although in some...
  11. M

    Question Eutelsat 9B UK Reception?

    Unfortunately, Super Tennis appears to have moved from Hotbird (13.0E) to Eutelsat 9B (9.0E). Is Eutelsat 9B receivable here in the UK? I already have a dish pointing at Hotbird with a second LNB mounted on it to receive Astra 1 (19.2). I'm half hoping that I can just mount a third LNB on...
  12. J

    Nest Thermostat e uk

    Hi, Looking for some help identifying which wire on my old thermostat is common and which one is not open. The instructions supplied with the nest are as clear as mud. Attached the wiring diagram located inside the housing and picture of the wiring itself. Black is in terminal 1, brown is...
  13. J

    Marantz C6006 (UK) Fault?

    Hi, I bought the above CD player a couple of months back and all was well, my old CDs worked and I was happy. UNTIL, I realised that none of my new discs that display information (album, song title etc) will work even remotely reliably. They start to play but the minute I try skipping a track...
  14. S

    For Sale Air Jordan 1 Mid Black/Red UK size 8 EUR 42.5

    Air Jordan 1 Mid Black/Red UK size 8 EUR 42.5 Purchased after watching Last Dance but just sitting in box hidden away Will be shipped double boxed From a smoke and pet free home £155 delivered fully insured NOW £150 NOW £145
  15. RiseAbove

    Wanted Ex-machina & Lucy - Blu ray UK slip cases please

    Hi guys, Had abit of a spillage on these 2 blu ray’s slipcases tonight. I wondered if anyone had either one spare in U.K. Blu ray format? Ideally as mint as possible as I collect slips happy to buy inc blu-ray. thank you!
  16. Waynej

    Xbox All Access (UK)

    Now this is pretty interesting if you don't want to part with a lump sum on day one. No upfront fee, no interest, just the rolling monthly fee for 24 months that also includes 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate. I guess we can consider this the catch. I get the big-daddy Series X to total to...
  17. L


    Hi all, i registered myself as a drone flyer in the UK. I would like to use my drone while travelling Europe and rest of the world. Does this licence apply worldwide or will I need to apply in each country? also does anyone have history of flying in russia?
  18. bigry

    For Sale The 5th element UK 4K release with mint slipcase

    Brought new,watched and ready to sell on includes both discs and mint slipcase £17 ppg posted first class
  19. Wigley Woggled

    Best Outdoor TV aerials for receiving high definition freeview (Granada region, UK)

    Hi Folks, This is our first purchase of a dedicated outdoor TV aerial for freeview. There seems to be so many options: number of elements, different shapes etc., quite overwhelming! Do you have any advice on which specific aerials would suit? We live in the North West of England. We've been...
  20. R

    Question Samsung S10e on 3 UK

    Hi folks, I'm hoping to buy an S10e for use on the 3 network: So in order to support WIFI Calling does this device have to be carrier locked? Also is 3's 'Super Voice' VoLTE facility still in use and likewise is this only available on phones direct from 3 ? Incidentally, I would buy from 3...
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