1. nonsoloinglese

    HDFury Vertex - Audio only on the 1080 output

    I have searched high and low and cannot seem to find the answer and the GUI is a little tricky to understand. Does anyone know how to set audio only output on the secondary output on the HDFury Vertex? Many thanks in advance. Luca
  2. R

    HDfury Vertex setup

    Hi Here is my problem and was hoping the Vertex would easily sort things out. I cannot get my NAD T777 v3 to pass the signal from a Sky Q box at 2160 10 bit, it should do it it but all combination of HDMI cables has not worked. My TV is an LG E6 and works if the Sky Q box is attached directly...
  3. M

    For Sale HD Fury Vertex 2

    I'm selling my HD Fury Vertex 2. It comes with box and PSU. There are some very minor scratches around the HDMI sockets but other than that its in great condition. - £240
  4. KFlynn

    Vertex 2 with Apple TV 4K or Sony X800M2 with LLDV

    Owners of the Apple TV 4K or X800M2 using either with the Vertex 2. On the Apple TV 4K, will it output LLDV from other apps, such as Plex? As for the X800M2, I’ve been unsuccessful in getting network or external storage media to output in LLDV. Only discs, anyone have luck with this? Thanks!
  5. B

    HDFury Diva/Vertex2 Sanity Check

    Hi All, I've recently upgraded to a 4k projector (Epson EH-TW9400), and need to direct the 4k (2160/50) output from SkyQ to both the projector and a 1080p HDBitT for distrubution around the house. I bought a cheap ££30) splitter that does the job, but it's termeramental with 1 second dropouts...
  6. C

    Pioneer SC-LX83, 4K & HDFury Vertex 2

    Setting up an old but good LX83. Is HDMI 1.4. I think that is pre 4K. Would that be right? But I think we can use an HDFury device such as the Vertex device to feed 4k direct to the set and use the LX83 to do the audio. Anyone doing that? Is it a happy scenario? Very interested hear folks who...
  7. Paul D

    Anybody good with HDFury Vertex?

    Is there an existing HDFury Vertex thread? (I've looked but haven't seen anything) I don't want to come across as lazy, but can somebody help me with which settings i need to set. I'm using the phone app (via go blue), so maybe some settings are not on there? I have got it working, but it is...
  8. 8

    Issue with 3D playback through HD Fury Vertex 2

    Hi all,i accidentally posted this issue in another thread and as it was off topic i thought i'd try starting a new thread. Wondered if anyone can help with a issue I have with 3D bluray rips I'm having. Everything else works fine (DV & HDR). I have the following: source is Zappiti One 4k Hdr -...
  9. P

    Question Would an HD Fury Vertex solve judder and refresh rate issues?

    I am one of the many who has had issues with Philips TV's and judder/stutter etc. Last night I switched on adaptive refresh rate in Kodi on my Nvidia Shield and when playing back my archived media from my NAS on it, previous issues were no more. Hooray! With this in mind, I want to fix the...
  10. Steve Withers

    HDFury Vertex Review & Comments

    The HDFury Vertex is technically an HDMI splitter and scaler, but that description simply doesn't do this AV Swiss Army Knife justice. Is there any HDMI issue it can't fix? Read the review. Write your own review for HDFury Vertex
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