1. gslphoto

    VHS to DVD+R

    My Daewoo recorder copies VHS tapes to DVD+R (only) DVDs. I have a home video that i copied to the DVD and it plays back well on the Daewoo recorder. However, when putting the DVD into my Samsung DVD player it does not load or recognise it. Further, when putting the Dvd into my iMAC computer it...
  2. Z

    Question VHS to DVD conversion and file transfer

    Hello all, First time posting here, go easy on me. I've got two questions. I recently bought a VHS/DVD combo set (this one, if it matters) for my mom so we can start transferring some VHS tapes to DVDs for safekeeping. I'm using DVD-R format discs since that seems to be what this player calls...
  3. FlyingPete

    Any practical uses for VHS left?

    I currently have an old VCR hooked up to my TV setup. It gets used for occasional VHS playback and archiving of home videos onto my HTPC. Obviously, since the analogue switch-off its internal tuner is useless, but it's in the antenna loop so that its modulator can send various AV upstairs via...
  4. FozE

    Panasonic DMR-EH50 vs DMR-ES10 for best VHS Passthrough?

    Hi Guys, Ive heard the ES10 has better TBC for VHS, but i own both of these models. Which of the 2 would produce the best result in your opinion when using it to passthrough to my PC/Capture device. I know i could run tests etc using both and see which i prefer, but i wanted to ask people...
  5. C

    Question re old VHS Panasonic NV HD680

    Thinking of using this old 1998 vcr, which is still working, to play old vhs tapes and copy them to my DVD recorder. Its not clear from the vcr manual whether the scart outputs have component video or s-video signals, or composite only. Can anyone help please.
  6. A

    Question Encoding line showing on the top of recordings (VHS)?

    This happens on some tapes but not on others, some home recordings, some ex rental. The video plays fine for a couple of seconds then the screen blinks, rolls up from the bottom to refill the screen but leaves white shifting blocks along the top only a couple of pixels high but shifts around...
  7. litefoot

    VHS to PC, Video Capture Problem

    I've been having a clearout recently, which includes some old VHS tapes. I wanted to transfer some stuff on them to my PC before I binned the tapes (non-copyright, I hasten to add). I purchased some equipment to do this, which came with software, but it wouldn't pick up a signal from my VCR...
  8. M

    record vhs tapes to sd cards or usb stick

    i have got a little problem if anyone can help me with this does anyone know of a way to record vhs tapes to sd cards or usb stick i have got some old vhs tapes and i thought is it possible to record them to a sd card or a usb stick is there anything i can huck up to my vhs player and record vhs...
  9. Bowzelly

    Question Pinnacle USB dongle or Canopus analogue to digital box

    I am in the throes of capturing/editing many VHS tapes up to 20 years old of events which are significant to me (So quality is a consideration but by no means the most important one. So far I have been using a Pinnacle USB dongle which I am using to capture to my hard drive in mpeg 2 "best...
  10. C

    VHS to PC / Laptop - Help

    Hey all, so after doing some digging found a few family vids and going to transfer them to the laptop. Managed to get the usb lead and software than came with it (arcsoft showbiz) but having a few probs when the tape reaches a point where the footage goes blue or starts stuttering the program...
  11. C

    VHS to DVD or PC transfer software

    hey all, so after doing some digging found a few family vids and going to transfer them to the laptop. Managed to get the usb lead and software than came with it (arcsoft showbiz) but having a few probs when the tape reaches a point where the footage goes blue or starts stuttering the...
  12. TVNovice2

    Question Using Panasonic DVD VHS Recorder With Samsung TV

    I have a Panasonic DMRES30VEB DVD Recorder & VHS combination, it is connected to my Samsung Series 5 UE32J5500AKXXU Smart TV with a component cable. When I play a DVD disc everything works correctly, however if I try to play a VHS cassette nothing happens, I have tested the DVD Recorder & VHS...
  13. Bowzelly

    VHS to digital upscaling problem

    I am using a Pinnacle device to digitise old VHS tapes and am now turning to the problem of editing etc. The tapes are in 4:3 aspect ratio and I have been using Wondershare Video Converter ultimate to convert the digitised filed fro MPEG 2 to MP4 and at the same time change the aspect ratio from...
  14. A

    Mitsubishi HS-HD2000U D-VHS SVHS to DVD?

    Hi, I was wondering if the Mitsubishi HS-HD2000U D-VHS , SVHS VCR Has High playback quality? Also, can I hook it up to a DVD Recorder (Toshiba R-410) through the (4 pin) Firewire, DV, IEEE 1394 Cable, to record on to a DVD? Or is JVC decks better playback quality? I have an AG 1980, Not that...
  15. B

    Best way to transfer VHS to DVD?

    tHi all, I have about 40 old rugby games on VHS from my amateur days and want to transfer to DVD, which is the easiest and hopefully cheap way to do this thanks? Hopefully with no loss of qualify though its VHS so wont be the best anyway lol. Anyone ever done this?
  16. cinenoir

    nicam matsui model vp 9700 vhs to Freeview TV

    Hello there, I have an old Nicam Matsui Model VP 9700 VHS - without the remote. The VHS works, however, I am having issues connecting it with my Freeview TV. Using a SCART connector I have managed to get the sound working, but I cannot get any visual. Any suggestions? Thanks CN
  17. G

    Converting VHS tapes: DVD or PC?

    I've decided it's about time I converted my old home movie (ie. family stuff) VHS tapes to a digital format. The guides I've read say the easiest way to do it is to get a VCR/DVD recorder combi and just record them onto DVDs, however this might not result in the best quality. To get better...
  18. A

    how to connect a vhs player with scart to a flatscreen tv?

    Hi all I'm hoping to digitise my vhs collection an would like to hook up my vhs player to my Sony Bravia. My Vhs only has scart outputs and I tried to connect it to the red, yellow and white input on my TV but without result. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks a million
  19. JohnWing

    Question Where can I buy a VHS player or VHS/DVD Combi

    Hi, I have over 100 VHS cassettes, I want to convert using my computer. The VHS player that I had has died so I need to buy another one. I want a quality player but dnt want to break the bank lol. Can anyone please help? Cheers
  20. SKAN

    VHS to PC via UVC video USB

    Hi All, I am trying to copy the VHS video file to PC via newly bought UVC USB video utility , but video in the screen is flickering and many lines showing and its completely shaking. Is it because of the UVC hardware or any settings issue ? I am MOVAVI video capture software ! Please kindly...
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