1. M

    Copying VHS tapes to DVD

    Hello. Because my 3 hour VHS tape could not fit onto my 120 min DVD ram disc on SP I tried the LP option. After setting the LP option before playing the tape when the tape does play on screen at the top right hand corner it says SP. Does that mean I can't change it to LP? Steve
  2. G

    Question VHS to digital questions and problems

    Hello Not sure if this is the correct place, sorry if its not, can it please be moved not locked or deleted. I am trying to get some old VHS-c tapes (using VHS player) to digital. I have brought a conversion kit and the adapters, but it won't focus on the video, I just get a jumpy frame every...
  3. R

    VHS recorder not connecting properly to DVD recorder

    I have been recording VHS tapes onto an LG DVD recorder. The set up is via a 3 way scart junction with input to the DVD recorder which in turn is linked to the TV. I switch between input depending on whether I want the VHS signal, the Cable TV signal or a 2nd DVD player signal. So all signals...
  4. X

    Banding/Artefacts in VHS image when transferred to Mini DV and PC

    I'm currently in the process of converting some of my old VHS tapes to a digital format - to do this I have been recording my VHS on to Mini DV and then capturing the tape via Firewire and Adobe Premiere to the PC. It all seems to be working reasonably well, but I've just noticed some weird...
  5. alancam

    How do you erase old VHS tapes?

    I have a large collection of VHS tapes which I will shortly no longer need. I am converting them to DVDs using a Toshiba RDXV60KB. My question is about erasing the tapes after copying. There doesn't seem to be a way to erase tapes in this machine, so I wonder - How do you erase old VHS tapes? I...
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