1. S

    Searching on prime video?

    Niot sure if I am doing something wrong when using my laptop to do a search. If I am looking at i.e. 4k UHD movies and click on the icon to read the synopsys, all I can read is about the actors and nothing else? If I then go back, one click it takes me back to the beginning of the scroll for...
  2. Sammyez

    For Sale Darbee Darblet DVP 5000 HDMI Video Processor

    Darbee Darblet DVP 5000 HDMI video processor For sale: with box and remote control. Having a clear out of accessories and cables etc. Price: £90 plus £6 P&P (tracked courier to UK) If you’re unfamiliar with the Darbee’s performance read this review...
  3. McCole

    Question Long distance video drone 2020 which to get?

    I never had a drone. But I want one now. I would use it mainly for two porposes. 1) Taking video of people, either I am there or not, when hiking in the mountains. 2) Recording cool stuf for music videos. I am a compposer / producer I have seen in TV drones that follow you, come home before...
  4. M

    Agittis canyon & petroglyphs in cave of Orpheus Greece video with sony a7iii

    Good morning to everyone.. A short video from a walk with the tenere xt660z at north Greece at the gorge of Aggitis and in the cave of Orpheus that is located there. To my great surprise I saw the rock paintings inside the cave and doing a little research in the house later I saw how it is...
  5. J

    For Sale Murideo Prisma video processor (17^3 3DLUT, colourblindness correction)

    I have a Murideo Prisma video processor, boxed and in excellent condition. Bought from Mr Withers a couple of years ago. The Prisma is a highly advanced single-in single-out video processor. The Prisma’s 17x17x17 3D LUT and PrismaVue technology give unparalleled control over image fidelity...
  6. kevingreystones

    Cinema Room set up for Sky/Netflix/Amazon Video

    I have always bought Blu Ray films to gain the best sound from my home cinema set up in my dedicated cinema room Pioneer SC-LX86 Oppo blu Ray Player Kef Speakers ( set out in 5.1 format ) Rel Sub The sound through Blu Ray is awesome ,( Dolby HD ) however I struggle to hear sound at the...
  7. NHHgamersurvey20

    What do you think of monetization practices of video games (master thesis survey)

    Hello, We are two graduate students (and gamers) at The Norwegian School of Economics and we are researching gamers' views on monetization practices of virtual goods in online video games. The survey questions are about what you think of virtual goods sold in games for real money as well as how...
  8. caz2005

    New Ryzen build no video output SOLVED

    Hi there, I’ve just put together a new AMD pc and when I switch it on all the lights come on, fans spin but there’s no video output from my gpu. msi x570 unify ryzen 3900x corsair hx750w nvidia gets 1060 6gb corsair vengeance pro rib 4 x 8gb any help with this would be greatly appreciated...
  9. L

    Amazon Prime Video - 1917

    Somebody will probably tell me this has been available for ages but I've only just noticed it! Well I was excited anyway... :rotfl:
  10. lgans316

    Netflix cuts 4K bitrate in half, promises same 4K quality video

    Bad move. If Apple does this then I might go back to discs. :eek: Source: Netflix cuts 4K bitrate in half, promises same quality 4K video
  11. S

    no video via hdmi splitter to tv

    i have a pioneer vsx-519 receiver with a denon 1930 dvd player i hooked up the tv sat and dvd player into the receiver and everything worked. i need to hook up a bluray player so i got an hdmi splitter and hooked it up to the bd-dvd port on the receiver plugged in the bluray into on port and...
  12. mrminibus

    Humax Foxsat HDR custom firmware how to video help please!

    I have a Humax Foxsat HDR and for many years I have wanted to load the custom firmware but it looks complex. I have searched for a step by step video and just can't find anything to follow, can some kind person please point me in the right direction?
  13. F

    MAVIC AIR 2 - The best settings for NIGHT VIDEO!

    Hi guys, I took my Mavic Air 2 out to test its video settings at night and here are my findings. Hopefully useful to some of you?
  14. K

    Camera recommendation for YouTube channel?

    Hi , Can someone please recommend me a good camera or a phone with a good camera to record overhead videos for YouTube? I have a art channel where I do Timelapse of drawings and have been using my phone Xiaomi mi max 3 to record videos but I feel that the quality could be much improved. I...
  15. Saxo Appeal

    For Sale Panasonic DC-TZ90, 30x Optical, 20.3MP, 4K Video Recording

    Brand new, never been used Panasonic DC-TZ90 Digital Camera (Black) Only European Mains 2 pin plug not UK, no receipt is provided Camera will be sent RMSD £180 for camera plus £10 RMSD 4K at 30fps, and Full HD 1080p at 120fps for a dramatic slow-motion effect Incredible 30x optical zoom...
  16. LaDjA

    My LG G6 died, maybe also time to upgrade for better indoor video?

    I've been using my LG G6 to shoot indoor talking head videos (the lighting is OK, but not amazing). The phone screen broke yesterday, so I need a new one. The G6 did an OK job for my videos, but it wasn't great (and also not the easiest to control while shooting myself using the back camera), so...
  17. colinstone

    Question Shark Wire Audio Video Cable SC1910V OFC 80/0.1mm

    Found a length of Shark Wire Audio Video Cable SC1910V OFC 80/0.1mm. A quick Google confirms Shark Wire is reputable and also 75 ohm. Would this be usable to put on a couple of phono plugs and use as a subwoofer to AVR interconnect??
  18. B

    Question Sony internal media player freezing and video quality questions

    On a XG950, the internal player is giving me lots of problems with content from USB and NAS. Some searching has led me to find that other people experience freezing when playing from a USB drive after 40 minutes or so. I have tried different USB ports but same result, also when playing from NAS...
  19. JabbaNut

    Bargain Get VSDC Video Editor Pro (Save 80%) 1-Year license up to 2 PCs, offer £9.99

    Use first offer
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