1. suzonka

    what simple video stabilizer can I use like the one YouTube once had

    You tube had a beautiful drag and drop video stabilizer now gone ,so what can I get to replace it as simple as it was with out any addition hard to use effects and other adjustments other than just STABILIZE MY VIDEO
  2. B

    LG 55" 55UJ634V HDR Flicker w/ video

    Hey everyone, I've been noticing this problem when playing HDR content that the colours seem to flicker randomly. It's mostly when using the actual LG OS Apps like Netflix or Disney+ so it won't be anything to do with a cable or connection e.t.c... If anyone has any advice that would be great...
  3. Ommywanchenoui

    Lago di Garda (Italy) - Mavic Air 2 - Cinematic drone video

    This is my first footage filmed with a Mavic Air 2 and edited with Premiere... Comments and suggestions are very appreciated!
  4. D

    Recommend a good inexpensive video card to replace old one

    My computer that I built 10 years ago with an i5-2500 at 3.3 GHz is still plenty fast but I have a Ge Force GT 430 and the max resolution it supports is 1920x1080. I just got an ultrawide monitor with a 3440x1400 resolution and want to upgrade the video card to support that resolution. I don't...
  5. F

    Denon AVR-S950H HDMI Video Issue Solved

    I recently purchased a 2019 Model Denon AVR-S950H which is a great receiver. Loud and proud! The receiver is hooked to a TCL 75R615. It’s replacing my trusty Denon AVR-E300 which I’ve had for a long time and has worked flawlessly. I needed a receiver with 4K inputs, so I purchased the new one...
  6. S

    Philips 65pus7303/12 picture & video settings

    Im really sorry but i can't find a thread with the proper settings for this model. Can anyone help me please? Thank you. Sarah
  7. JabbaNut

    Amazon Prime Video 5.2.43 for Android TV, new APK ready for upgrade

    " Today you can download a new version for the Amazon Prime Video streaming service APP, compatible with the Android TV OS. The new version of this APK is the 5.2.43 and it still cannot be downloaded normally from the Android TV app store in many of the TV-Boxes and Smart TVs that have this...
  8. Atmos

    A video I made at Penrhyn Castle.

    Hi I made this video with my daughter a few weeks ago. Hope you enjoy.
  9. C

    Prime Video app

    I recently bought a TCL 4K HDR tv, it came with a Netflix app built in but not an Amazon Prime app. Does anyone know how I can download the app?
  10. raigraphixs

    Firewatch (TBC) Video game adaptation

    Firewatch, the popular indie video game that was released in 2016, is getting a film adaptation. Snoot Entertainment, the production company behind movies like Blindspotting, The Guest, and You’re Next, is now developing a Firewatch movie after the film rights reverted to Campo Santo, the...
  11. G

    Splitting AUDIO / VIDEO Output (Marantz NR 1504)

    Hi, I am passing an HDMI signal from my SONY Blu-ray player into my Marantz NR 1504 amplifier. The sound is being processed successfully and I am hearing this out of my attached speakers. However, I am also trying to connect an old NEC projector that I use for outdoor cinema and I am unable...
  12. JabbaNut

    Bargain Expired Humble Software Bundle: Your Sounds. Your Movies. Professional Video and Audio Creation, 1day 8Hr left. £20.00
  13. EvilToast

    U7QF prime Video without HDR function

    Hi, for a few days the integrated Amazon Prime Video App does't switch to HDR mode, when i want to watch HDR Series or Movies. Does anybody else has thats issue? Also i see in self diagnostic the error Message CPU_High_Usage_Alert. Firmware Version: k0703
  14. JabbaNut

    Amazon Prime Video 5.2.41 new APK for Android TV ready to download
  15. kungfuman

    Darbee 4k Video Processor (coming spring 2021)

    Looks like Darbee are going to introduce a 4k processor next year: i still use a 5000 for my 1080p sources so would be interested in the results.
  16. Y

    Question Canon XL2 to PC video capture (no Firewire port)

    Hi all, It's been more than a few years since I've been on here, but I remember this being a very cool and helpful resource. I did dig through previous posts as per good forum etiquette, but didn't find anything that wasn't potentially a few years out of date. So, I have an unusual question...
  17. A

    Cheapish TV for video conferencing

    Am looking for the above on behalf of work, and as it will only be used for video conferencing, nothing else save for maybe the occasional presentation it doesn't have to be amazing. The TV will be wall mounted. Have been looking at the Hisense 50A7100FTUK which seems to be decent for the...
  18. Figorulz11

    Best laptop for video editing - Budget £650-1000

    Hi all, Needing some help deciding best laptop for doing video editing. I'd ideally like to get AMD laptop as they seem to be really good value for money based on the performance you can get from what i've been reading up. These are my requirements. 512GB + SSD storage 15" or 14" size laptop...
  19. JabbaNut

    Amazon Prime Video 5.2.30 new APK for Android TV ready to download
  20. newbuild2020

    Home audio and video - please help!

    Hi I'm currently in pre-wire stage of my house and am a newbie to home video/audio/surround sound. I'd like to do three things: 1) Have video distributed around the house from a central media room 2) Have surround sound for my living room, toy room and master bedroom 3) Have whole house...
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