1. Robin66

    hdmi OUT on tv to send video to projector

    Hi. I've recently created a chill-out room with a drop down screen and a projector. I want to add a TV for casual viewing during the day and I thought I'd get one with hdmi OUT so that I can throw live tv onto the screen if I wanted to (mainly football). However this doesn't seem to be widely...
  2. SXK1277

    Is it possible to run 4k video on 1080p tv?

    On my computer, on 1080p monitor, I can still play 4k video and the quality is much better. Is this possible on TV without using HDMI cable to hook it up to the computer and just its apps like youtube, netflix, etc.
  3. S

    Materials for darkening the video projector camera

    Which material would be best to make it completely dark in the room, I mean the curtains. Thank you!
  4. omillier

    Projector setup advice / HDMI video + Wifi audio (?)

    Hello everyone, We just moved into a new apartment, and we have decided to invest in a video projector instead of getting a TV. I need some advice on the setup I have in mind, before I buy the wrong equipment. It might be very straight forward, but I'm not exactly really knowledgeable in the...
  5. wschroter

    Good Home Video Distribution Device (not Control 4)

    Just starting down the path of finding a good video distribution unit for my home and would like to stick with a fairly DIY friendly option, so avoiding stuff like Control 4 that is fairly controlled by dealers. Suggestions of where to start? Looking to control about 12 TVs.
  6. jizzlejimbo

    tips to sync up audio and video?

    Hi, I'm having a nightmare syncing up my Denon 1600 and LG C7 OLED. I used a YouTube video to sync and I thought it worked but it seems to change depending on whether the TV is on HDR or not. What's the best sync method?
  7. C

    Issue with watching "Jack Ryan" on Amazon Video?

    Hi all...I'm currently watching the Jack Ryan series on Amazon Video through the app on my blu-ray player. (tried watching through the TV app but get no sound just picture...this problem for another day!) Whilst watching the programme, there are a lot of scenes where the language is in Arabic...
  8. A

    Question Using a HDMI Matrix/Switch to route video to a 4K HDR capable TV and audio to an old HD (not 4K) capable amplifier (Onky TX-NR818) will that work?

    Currently I have the following sources a Nvidia ShieldTV, PS4Pro and SetTopBox connected to my amplifier. The amplifier is connected to my TV. The amplifier does not allow to forward 4K video to the TV. The TV is eARC capable but the amplifier is just plain ARC capable. So connecting the sources...
  9. VistaDream

    Denon X4300H no video with HDBaseT HDMI input

    Hi all, hopefully a simple answer for a simple person! I have this receiver receiving an HDBaseT HDMI signal into AUX 2 but it’s not showing. Is something interfering with it perhaps? HDBaseT works on the three other TVs that are connected directly to their respective HDBaseT receivers. This...
  10. marcaaron22

    Video files will not play from HDD on TV

    Hi, I have just connected an external HDD to my Samsung TV all the video files and folders come up ok, but the video files will not play, also tried it through the Panasonic Blu Ray player, same thing happens, The video files are .AVI TV is Samsung QE65Q6FNA Blu Ray player is Panasonic DP-UB820...
  11. JabbaNut

    New Amazon Prime Video 5.2.25 APK for Android TV ready to download
  12. A

    Amazon FireStick HDMI plugged in to HK AVR 247 -- Video OK; No Audio -- Help!

    Hello, I have owned an HK AVR 247 receiver since 2010 -- which has 2 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output. Recently I purchased an Amazon Fire Stick (which has an HDMI connector), configured it, and plugged it directly into HDMI input source...and was able to project a very beautiful image of the...
  13. Tempest

    Free Video Editor - Alternative to VSDC ?

    I've had VSDC for some time, and ever time I try and use it, I get simply frustrated, and quit it. I know it's lack of training on my part, but I find it so unintuitive. Very simple things that should just be easy and obvious even for someone without any experience, seem a million miles away. So...
  14. JabbaNut

    Amazon Prime Video 5.2.20 APK for Android TV, ready to download

    " New APK version ready for download for the Amazon Prime Video streaming service app compatible with the Android TV operating system. The new version of this app is 5.2.20 and it still cannot be downloaded normally from the Android TV app store in many of the TV-Boxes and Smart TVs that have...
  15. barry7767

    Video rentals

    Not an individual movie post as such. But can anyone remember in 80's/90's going to a video rental shop and the movie you wanted being out on loan (usually Ghostbusters) and a little plastic triangle 'on loan' sign being slipped on plastic covers of VHS (or Betamax) case? Anyone got a picture of...
  16. T

    Question Suggestions for used camera for fixed-location video recording

    Hi all, I'm looking for a low cost camera capable of these features. I'd like to get something used/pre-owned/open-box to minimize the cost, and of course there are so many options out there, it's hard to know which might be good. In particular, one feature is rarely documented in my...
  17. JabbaNut

    Amazon Prime Video 5.2.19 APK for Android TV, ready to download

    " Today you can download a new APK version for the Amazon Prime Video streaming service compatible with the Android TV operating system that we can find in some Smart TVs and TV-Boxes. The version of this app is 5.2.19 and it still cannot be downloaded normally from the Android TV app store in...
  18. T

    Panasonic UB820 - Accessing mp4 video files from DVD disc

    Hello, I've searched all over the internet but can't seem to find an answer. I'd like to burn some videos onto a DVD without converting the file format for playback on the UB820. The UB820 recognizes the files without any problem from a USB stick but won't read the DVD unless it's a specific...
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