1. craigc84

    Yamaha RX-V681 Passing Audio but not Video

    My unit had been working fine for a year until today. Engaging a device connected via HDMI turns the unit on as normal. In this case I'm using an AppleTV, which in turn powers on my Sony TV. Audio works, but there is no video coming through. Not from the AppleTV but also not from any other mode...
  2. K

    Question (LG OLED55B7V) Amazon Prime Video - HDR Black Level Issue

    Been having major problems with watching 4K HDR shows on Amazon Prime. I'm using the Amazon app in my TV to watch shows. Should the black levels (if that is the right term) look like this? What could the issue be? Is there any way to fix it? This is basically how any shadow looks, and I really...
  3. R

    Amazon Prime Video - Profiles!

    Finally, just logged on on my Samsung qled tonight and it asked me to choose a profile. Yay! At last! 😀
  4. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: New H.266 video codec promises 50 percent data saving

    Fraunhofer HHI has officially unveiled H.266, the next evolution of international video codecs, which can reduce data requirements and provide efficient transmission and storage of video resolutions from SD all the way to 8K. Read the news.
  5. JabbaNut

    Next-generation H.266/VCC Versatile Video Coding standard released
  6. JabbaNut

    Next-generation H.266/VCC Versatile Video Coding standard released

    " Fraunhofer HHI is proud to present the new state-of-the-art in global video coding: H.266/VVC brings video transmission to new speeds "
  7. S

    Video call sound

    I teach virtually. Lately, my violin students are broadcasting particularly noisy, sometimes garbled, sounds. I'm not sure if there is anything I can do.
  8. SilverGamer

    Wireless Headphones for Tv & Video Games

    Hi guys, I’m looking for a Wireless set of headphones that would be very well suited for watching TV, playing games via the PS4 Pro (think God of War) & PC Gaming. I‘m not wanting something massively bass heavy, but must be able to convey the full depth of a good film / video game. Thanks for...
  9. E

    DV Video to Thunderbolt

    Hi, Can anyone assist with my video transfer connection please. I have found out my Panasonic NV-DX100 camcorder and Mini DV tapes. I want to transfer the tapes to my late 2014 5K iMac. The camcorder has what I believe is a Firewire DV output socket, the iMac has a Thunderbolt 2 port. I need...
  10. JabbaNut

    Amazon Prime Video 5.2.17 APK for Android TV, ready to download

    " New APK version ready for download for the Amazon Prime Video streaming service app compatible with the Android TV operating system that we can find in some Smart TVs and TV-Boxes. The version of this app is 5.2.17 and it still cannot be downloaded normally from the Android TV app store in...
  11. pcdunk

    Question Roku Streaming Stick + Video settings info required

    Looking for a bit of info about the best video settings to use with a Roku streaming stick + (4k). I an only using the free channels All4 ITV player Five and UK tvplay etc which all broadcast in HD. I assume the stick which has video setting set to auto upsamples to match the 4k of my...
  12. A

    Sanyo JJ-P4 belt replacement video

    Hello, I have recorded a video of the belt replacement on a Sanyo JJ-P4 personal cassette player. Posting here as I thought you may find it interesting. I have another repair I need to carry out on my Sony WM-EX610 and so I will probably make a video of this too shortly. Let me know if you...
  13. C

    Question Fault with camcorder footage (VINTAGE CAMCORDER SAMSUNG VP-L850D)

    My Samsung VP-L850D has a yellow overlay at the right hand side of all the footage it plays. It’s not a problem with the tapes as I have played several through the camcorder and they all come out like this. It’s not a problem with the LED screen either as it came out like this when the camcorder...
  14. Atmos

    Mavic Mini - The Church Video.

  15. Atmos

    Mavic Mini - Boat Museum Video.

  16. S

    Drone videos of travel destinations

    Hi, I made a website where you can upload your private drone videos that you filmed on vacation or anywhere else on the go. The site is meant to be used by people planning a trip to watch the area in advance as a drone video. The site is called CheckTheSky. At the moment there isn't too much...
  17. D

    Digitising video from older digital 8 Sony TRV-110E firewire out camcorder

    Hi all, I have an old Sony TRV-110E Digital 8 camcorder. Its not had a lot of use and works perfectly. I also have a collection of digital 8 mini tapes which are probably 15 years old. I'd like to make copies/digitise them for preservation and maybe to manipulate some/upload to youtube etc. My...
  18. M

    Atmospheric pollution from factories day and night, video time lapse

    hallo to everyone and good rest of summer! Here are some pictures of what's going on in the atmosphere of Kavala city in Greece. from the factories mainly the fertilizers but also the oils that work non-stop day and night. You can't stand around there. With a motorbike you pass and you throttle...
  19. kah22

    Question Where to find video plus cd player

    I’ve just factory reset my old Packard bell laptop. It was just full of junk, pop up and virus. Any personal info I wanted or needed was backed up. I’m trying to restrict the number and types of programs I’ll put onto the computer There are two programs though I feel I do need: a dvd/cd player...
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