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Virtual Reality
  • Synonyms vr
  1. S

    Vive Pro vs Valve Index vs Reverb G2

    I want to get the best VR mainly for gaming atm. But I am in Australia so the Valve Index is not available to us. Is there anyone who can chime in on which VR headset I should get out of: 1. Vive Pro ($2200 AUD) 2. Valve Index (Import through Amazon for $3100 AUD) 3. Wait for HP Reverb G2...
  2. kenshingintoki


    As I keep saying.. wtf is oculus or valve gonna drop a big box of cash off at Samsung and say hey lets revolutionise VR forever!!. ***.
  3. R

    Question about VR videos

    Hi all, Newbie here, just got my Oculus Quest 2 on the 13th (thanks, Amazon!). This is just an amazing piece of technology. I do have a question, though: I've noticed that some of the VR videos are what I would call "real 3D", while others are 360 degree but are not 3D. What is the difference...
  4. Atmos

    Who has controllers like these? DecaGear.

  5. Atmos

    HTC prep new XR2 stand-alone?

    Looks like HTC are prepping a new headset according to a FCC filing. No doubt this ‘could’ be a Qualcomm clone using the XR2 chip. Let’s hope it comes with better tracking than the Cosmos
  6. parryade

    Wanted The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR Steam Code

    Any codes not being used? Cheers guys
  7. Atmos

    Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

    You can now find the Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Steam page here. The Developer is showing as Respawn Entertainment and the Publisher as Electronic Arts. No sign of Oculus or Facebook. 😂 Anyway it's got a December 11th release date and looks pretty decent. Think I'll be getting this...
  8. Lim Sastrya

    Can i run Windows Mixed Reality Or Windows Mixed Reality With Nvidia Gefroce 930MX?

    hello. I have A laptop with 8GB ram intel core i5 62000u and nvidia geforce 930mx. can i run VR or WMR? i worried when i get lagging.
  9. K

    For Sale Oculus Quest All-in-one 128GB VR Gaming Headset - Black ⚡️ Free Accessories ⚡️

    Oculus Quest 128GB VR Headset - Black The 2 Glass Lens is mark/scratch free and like new! Very good condition, Selling due to getting Oculus Quest 2. Good condition with original packaging. Before purchase please have a look at photos and let me know if you need any further photos. I have...
  10. Garioch

    Jurassic World: Aftermath (Oculus)

    After The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, this is the other game I've been looking forward to. The cel shading graphics looks cool I think. From the description and trailer, it appears that you are supposed to creep / crawl/ hide from...
  11. sandman666

    Quest 2 Vertigo room?

    Hi, I have just purchased the oculus quest 2 and have been told there is built in app that has multiple doorways in a large white room which you can enter for different experiences,one of them being a vertigo room experience. I have tried and tried but cannot seem to find this app or white...
  12. u8myufo

    Quest 2 refresh

    Not sure if it`s been asked elswhere but what is it with the 90HZ experimental option? At first I just came across it and enabled 90HZ, I must admit I thought things did look a tad sharper and smoother, but it was not till later when I realised it was an experimental mode. Surely it can either...
  13. N

    For Sale Sony Playstation VR Headset with Camera

    I am selling my VR headset with camera, never been used. Collection only for now, will try to get postage cost later today and update.
  14. H

    A student's request for feedback on VR.

    Dear reader. My name is Angelo Verberne and I'm a student at BUAS in the Netherlands. I'm studying Creative games and media technology. For my graduation project I need to gather feedback from frequent VR users. It would help me greatly if you'd fill this out...
  15. V

    Can you recommend equipment

    I am overseas and would like to VR with my grandchildren in US. Is there VR equipment I can buy to help me do this? Thanks,
  16. Thug

    Steam survey and VR

    Just been invited to my first ever Steam survey and ran the script. Looking at the results i was surprised to find that my Rift CV1 was not detected, so ran it again with OH open and my CV1 on. It still wasn't detected. I guess its ONLY detected if you are actually running it via Steam. This...
  17. ++ Jase ++

    Rift S ?

    A few months ago I was going to buy a Valve Index of Rift S. I decided on the Valve Index but the delivery time was 8 week or more so I never got around to ordering. The delivery time is still 8 weeks or more on the Index so I'm thinking of getting a Rift S as they are in stock but I also see...
  18. T

    Best stand alone headset Oculus Quest?

    I'm about to buy my first VR headset. It needs to be stand alone and I'll use it for watching videos of real locations. My elderly parents will use it so it'll primarily be used sitting down. Is the Oculus Quest the best for this? How long of a video and battery can I expect to get? At least 2.5...
  19. ManuLor

    Bargain Buying Oculus Accounts

    Hey there, looking for old Oculus forum accounts that can post links. Can anybody help me out?
  20. thedukeofearl

    Two Vr sets in same household simultaneously

    Anybody running two Vr sets in same household simultaneously. I cant get friends off my head set once I introduce them so was thinking about a second occulus something or other ...
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