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Virtual Reality
  • Synonyms vr
  1. rory660

    I've made a tool that you guys might find helpful!

    Hi guys, I'm a CS student from Scotland and I've made a VR headset comparison site! You can use it to view the specs of any headset and make comparisons between headsets. I'd really appreciate if you guys could give it a go and tell me what you think, it's called VRcompare. Thanks :) VRcompare -...
  2. TwoJs

    For Sale PSVR Headset V1 and Camera V2, (no VR Worlds)

    In excellent condition, everything boxed from new and headset earphones unused also. VR Worlds Starter pack, but code already used and not included.
  3. D1gita1

    How do I get VR up and running in my set up

    Hopefully someone here can help, but I'm interested in getting set up with VR, and beside choosing which one I might want I also need to work out how to set it up. My PC is in an office room the floor above my living room. My living would provide a good space for standing up and playong VR but...
  4. A

    VR Crowdfunding

    Just wanted to get you alls thoughts on a vr specific crowdfunding website/app. I know there are other crowdfunding sites that have vr ideas, but was thinking to gear something to vr only might work? Thanks for any input!
  5. K

    Looking for a wandering/touring App

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for an app that I can tour cozy houses, buildings etc. Do you know any for pc or quest? Thanks.
  6. C

    Question Anyone using separate Facebook (or google) accounts .... eg. for gaming, social media...

    I am not a keen fan of the way Facebook/google track our every move. I have generally stayed away from simple things like liking videos on YouTube or using my Facebook/google ID to setup accounts on sites requiring registration I noticed that my Oculus account has my middle name as well...
  7. Atmos

    StarWars: Tales from Galaxy's Edge

    If you liked ILMxLABs Vader Immortal series you’ll be interested to hear about their latest VR experience now in Development. https://uploadvr.com/new-star-wars-vr-game-tales-from-the-galaxys-edge-announced/
  8. Atmos

    The Mighty Eighth

    This looks interesting. A game similar to Iron Wolf but rather than take control of a Subnarine you take pilot a WWII bomber. Team up in multi player and relive those iconic air battles. https://www.roadtovr.com/the-mighty-eighth-announcement-vr-wwii-bomber-game-cooperative/
  9. B


    get it here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1432570016 Just installed and played the first level....its wonderful fun.
  10. T

    Pimax Artisan with Laptop?

    I would love to buy a Pimax Artisan, but yet I only own stand alone VR-Headsets and a PSVR. My Question is: Will the Artisan eventually be able to work with my Asus TUF Gaming Laptop Ryzen 5? (AMD RadeonTM Vega 8 Graphics) And how about the connectivity / cables...? (I do not need Lighthouse...
  11. solosheep

    VR Gaming rig advice needed

    Hello Long time no post from me!! Its my birthday next week and I know I'm being got a Oculus Quest by my wife. However she does not know much about PC and Gaming and did not realise that my Very Old PC with an 775 motherboard wont be able to play Half-life Alyx etc. So it looks like I'm...
  12. C

    [Study] Participants needed for an experiment in virtual reality (18+, Oculus/Cardboard)

    Hi there! Do you own an Oculus OR a Google Cardboard (or similar mobile-headset) combined with an Android phone? We could really use your help to explore the potential of Virtual Reality techniques! We are doing a study on a VR Training aimed at helping people cope with loneliness or...
  13. B

    Question Rift: Where to get a long facial interface for wearing glasses

    Appreciate its probably been covered tons but couldnt see anything on the first 5 pages. Just getting into using the rift again and want to give it a good shot before I decide to sell or keep. I cant find the longer faceplate anywhere. I think not wearing my glasses has hindered my enjoyment...
  14. Atmos

    Impressive Unreal Engine 5 Demo - VR supported.

  15. T

    For Sale PSVR Games - Superhot VR, Astro Bot & Firewall

    I have 3 games for sale, all in fantastic condition. Superhot VR - £16 Firewall - £10 ---SOLD--- Astro bot - £17
  16. V

    Help!! HP Reberb control

    Hello, i'm new around here! I tell you, last Saturday I bought my HP Reberb. After play about 3 hours at Half life Alyx, the right controller begins to lose the tracking it had at the beginning and had to constantly shake the hand and move it from one side to the other to get it back. I changed...
  17. TechMatt


    Hi All, The Feelbelt promises an additional immersion level, with which music & sound can be felt in the body. For example, shots or explosions should be experienced even more realistically. There are still a few super early birds on Kickstarter...
  18. BenjaminLM

    Art VR $

    Hello all and thanks for any help in advance! I want to make virtual reality art with Google Tilt Brush, but I can't think of how to make money off it. Any ideas? Kind regards, Benjamin L.M. ***
  19. kenshingintoki

    Valve Index Column correction

    What are your column correction settings? One issue I feel the Index has (if you look for it) is the scan lines vertically in some rare scenes (torture testing being Beat Saber as the bright red and bright blue cause lines to appear when blocks move very close to you). Not a big issue and...
  20. C

    Wanted VR Capable Graphics Card, VR Kit (e.g. Rift S), Ryzen Motherboard (mATX / ITX)

    Hey guys, I've placed an order for the majority of a new Ryzen build (3600). I was hoping to put together a VR rig but unfortunately there is a bit of a parts shortage! As such, I'm on the lookout for a VR Capable Graphics card (1070 onwards), a VR Kit (Oculus Rift S would be ideal!), and an...
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