1. momotachikawa

    Question Onkyo RC-970R Volume Help

    Hello everyone, Recently, we installed an Onkyo RC-970R. The volume is sometimes too low and sometimes too high. For example, sometimes when watching a TV show the volume is fine, but then suddenly gets super loud when it changes to a commercial. Any suggestions on how to stabilize the volume...
  2. Pretorian24

    Question What volume on your sub are you using?

    I understand that all of us have difference preferences and room size and all of that but I am still interested in hearing what volume on the sub YOU are using. I recently did the recommended settings on the receiver side with setting my speakers to Small and cross over and all that. But when I...
  3. J

    Weird problem: volume on Samsung K335 soundbar

    Hi I have an existing K3335 soundbar, and it worked fine with my old panasonic tv. Just bought a Hisense Tv, plugged in the soundbar via the optical cable (only option) and now the soundbar volume is cchanged also via the TV remotes left and right volume buttons (the ones on the usual circular...
  4. C

    Sub volume is super low even with volume cranked

    I purchased a pro-ject sub box 50 to go with my hifi setup. Every component in the system is a pro-ject poduct. when I received it I switched the power supply switch to 110 as I am in the us. plugged in the rca into my pre box ds’s sub out and connected it to subs mono rca and powered on. I am...
  5. B

    C7P sound volume display won't go away- Help

    Hi All, Our C7P has had this problem from the beginning (approx. 2 years old) but it's intermittent. Sometimes the bar is on, sometimes it's off. Once it's on, it stays on. LG suggested a factory reset but I'm worried about losing the picture calibration I paid for. Is there any way to fix...
  6. J

    Samsung QLED TV with HW-R530 Soundbar massive volume fluctuations

    I have Samsung QLED 2019 TV with a Samsung HW-R530 Soundbar connected by HDMI ARC. It works fine, apart from the MASSIVE volume fluctuations depending what I'm watching! For example, when I watch Youtube, i have to turn the sound level to around 15, but when I watch a movie I can't hear the...
  7. r9800pro

    Some Atmos tracks on discs are much lower in volume than TrueHD core and lossy DD 5.1.

    I have this really strange problem with a few Atmos tracks with some films while the majority are just fine. The problem is that the Atmos mix sounds so much lower in volume than the TrueHD core of the same track or the lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 mix. The Atmos mix for Midway is fine but when I...
  8. R

    Yamaha rxv371 issue

    Hi, I seem to have an odd issue with my trusty yamaha rxv371. If it has been off for a day or 2 and I goto setup and test tone when first turned on and then check the levels the test tone is audibly equal volumes on 3 of the four speakers but one is noticeably quieter (rear right). All the...
  9. W

    Question 65PUS6754 - Can I program the TV remote volume for my av receiver

    Can't spot anything in the paperwork that came with the TV but I have the TV connected to my AV receiver by an optical cable and want the TV remote control to adjust the AV receiver volume instead. Can this be done?
  10. M

    Question Amp doesn't sound good unless mid volume but too loud

    Hi, I have a Cambridge Audio 540A amp paired with some Sony CMT-WS2D speakers (old things that came of an old micro cd/dvd system - rated at 4 ohms). The problem I have is I can't really get tham amp past about 5-10% volume before it become too loud for general listening but at that volume the...
  11. M

    No Volume With Onkyo 585 Through Sonos Port

    When playing records through my Sonos Port that is connected to my Onkyo 585 receiver, I can't control the volume. When I turn the dial on the Onkyo, it says Volume is Fixed on Sonos. I have the Sonos line out configuration on Fixed (per the manual this allows the Onkyo to control the volume)...
  12. W

    Question LG C9 hdmi earc output volume low

    I have a bluesound powernode 2i hdmi version connected to LG C9 on the HDMI arc port but the digital output signal seems low in volume. I have to crank up the volume on the amplifier to 70-80% to get decent level. From other sources like spotify etc. 30% volume will give equal loudness. is...
  13. W

    Question How can I adjust the LFE volume / subwoofer channel of my Denom AVR-1910?

    Hi, I now have my passive subwoofer powered by a Sony STR-DE475 with audio input from the LFE of a Denom AVR-1910. The Denom AVR-1910 is setup as: All speakers set to Small. All bass out of LFE. The sony is setup so that only the Front L/R and Center outputs are in use (all...
  14. H

    Question Panasonic Plasma volume blanks out

    I have a 9 year old 50” Panasonic Viera. Recently, the volume will blank out for approximately 2 seconds, then resume normally. I thought it might be the cable box, and the cable repair guy came out and said that it was the HDMI cable from the tv to the cable box. He replaced the cable, and the...
  15. B

    Need to Amplify the volume of a toslink signal for bluetooth transmission

    I've got a problem I'm not sure how to approach. I recently purchased a pair of wearable speakers for use with the output of my HDTV. The wearable speakers accept their source signal via bluetooth. The HDTV has a cable box and apple tv 4K hooked up to it. I took the toslink audio out of the...
  16. Homeby51

    Volume too low when using Cable Box but loud when streaming?

    Hey Guys... My parents are elderly and just got a new LG LED TV. They have an ATT Uverse cable box. The volume when watching the cable box channels is not really loud. They have to turn it up all the way to 100%. I have a cheap sound bar and the issue is the same. But when I stream...
  17. Z

    In ceiling wiring - volume controller

    I have two pairs of soundstage 6.5” in ceiling speakers that I intend to control from a single impedance matching volume controller and wondering what is the best way to wire them. They are powered by a Yamaha rxa780. My electrician thinks that I need two volume controllers, is that right?
  18. R

    Why are my new speakers (Klipsch RP-600M) so much quieter than my old speakers (ELAC Debut 6.2) with the same amp?

    Hello all, I have a Beocreate amp that has 2x 60 watt channels supposedly capable of driving 2-8 Ohm speakers. It uses 3x of these TI class D amplifiers: https://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/tpa3129d2.pdf. I originally paired this amp with ELAC Debut 6.2 speakers which have 6 Ohm impedance and a...
  19. OnlyLeura

    Max volume size for USB flash drive on Samsung UN43MU6290FXZA

    That's the model number of the Samsung TV that I bought: UN43MU6290FXZA. I cannot find in ANY literature what the maximum volume size is for drives attached to either of the USB ports. I need to know how big an external USB drive I can hang off this TV that will be fully recognized. Also, I am...
  20. B

    Just got Hisense H55B7500UK whats best settings with Sky Q & any remote volume code ?

    Just got THE Hisense H55B7500UK whats best settings with Sky Q please, also any Sky Q volume code? I've gone from a plasma to this and the picture is very new to me, it looks great but is the word more digital? Or is that the sharpness? It's very different in look and feel pic wise from my 8...
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