1. V

    Question Speaker Volume Fluctuating

    Hi, Recently got a record player and set it up with the Creative Cambridge Soundworks FPS1600, which is an almost two decade old Hi-Fi that my parents had. Still sounds amazing and don't want to spend money on a new speaker setup. Was fine for a couple months then suddenly had volume spikes at...
  2. A

    Question Ipad Air 1 gen volume . Need help for my son

    Hello, my son has iPad Air 1 gen, He is an autistic child so he has a problem with understanding commands. The problem is the volume of the device when it plays Netflix Disney chanel ... I can't find anywhere the volume down (and blocking the possibility of changing) I would ask for help
  3. F

    H50B7500 - using hdmi CEC control power but not volume ?

    Hi, I have a H50B7500 and a recently purchased Marantc NR1510 Amp and I have having an issue which is likely me rather than the tech, if I enable hmdi CEC control on the Amp as soon as I turn it on the Hisense switches the speakers setting to ARC and when I increase the volume on either TV or...
  4. L

    Sony Walkman NWA-105 Bluetooth volume

    Needing some help i recently got a Sony Walkman nwa105 (android version) which I am using to connect to a Sony bluetooth srsxb20 speaker. issue I have is the volume controls on the Walkman make the audio coming from the speaker either really loud, or really soft. when I connected my iphone to...
  5. T

    Dac Volume

    Can anyone tell me Does Lowering dac volume. Lower xlr output voltage?
  6. bones`

    Question Amp max volume in relation to the range

    Just a quick one. I have little experience of the AV type receivers but I have been playing with a Yamaha WXA50 network amp. Trying to get any decent output from a set of the new bronze 100 speakers required the volume to be set somewhere between -10db to 0db, complete waste of time at anything...
  7. vaderag

    Question Fire TV Volume Normalisation

    I've been noticing recently massive volume swings between apps on my FireTV 4k Netflix is much quieter than Amazon content and YouTube is even louder than both. YouTube I need volume at around 7 on my receiver, where as Netflix seems to be around 25! What can I do to resolve this?
  8. M

    Question Only one speaker working unless volume turned up?

    Hi, Dragged my old Mission floorstander speakers, Rotel amp and Sonic Link Red cable out of loft to use with new QLED Samsung TV. Connected using Cyp Dac, and QED RCA and interconnector cables, Initially, when using Aux setting on amp there was a scratchy static sound from both speakers, but a...
  9. E

    Samsung UN43TU8000FXZA Issue with menus popping up when volume is adjusted.

    Since yesterday my TV has had an issue where anytime I would try and adjust the volume the samsung's picture menu would pop up and then trying to exit out of that would bring me to the policy set up menu in an endless loop. Yesterday I thought I had fixed the issue but today it has come back...
  10. D

    Netflix Volume Xbox One

    Hello, I watch Netflix through my Xbox and the volume is pretty low, so I need my soundbar on pretty high around level 30. If I was to watch something on prime also through the Xbox and had the volume on at 30, i’d be passing solids as 18-19 is stupidly loud. It’s always been like this for...
  11. sqek

    Question Bluetooth (BT handsfree AG audio) windows 10 gaps at low volume / power saving weirdness

    Hello I recently got a cheap generic pair of bluetooth earbuds to use while exercising When I connect them to my windows 10 laptop and play something like a TV show through them, they cut out completely for an instant every time there is a gap in the dialogue, or a quiet moment. There is a bit...
  12. O

    LG 65 c9 Bluetooth speaker no volume control

    Hi all Apologies if this subject has been murdered but I could not find any threads. I have an oled 65 inch c9 tv, I connected my zeppelin via Bluetooth but can only mute it, no volume control I tried the same with another Bluetooth speaker with same results. Is there a fix for this? Can you...
  13. M

    Yet another strange volume problem

    Q80T/ 49" Switched it on last night & the volume display on the left hand side of the screen was shooting up to 100. I couldn't stop it & as fast as i could turn it down it would shoot up to 100 again. Had to power down & off. Any one else had this happen?
  14. C

    Adjust LFE level with Yamaha receivers

    I think the answer is no, but does anyone know if it Is possible to adjust the relative level of the 0.1 LFE channel level separately with Yamaha receivers? That is the very low bass track, I’ve had in the past a 3067, 3040, 3050 and 3060 and not found a way to do it. I don’t think it’s there in...
  15. E

    Yamaha R-N602 - two Qs (Line out/headphone amp, wired speaker A/B volume)

    First question: I'm thinking about adding a headphone amp to the setup and am confused about how I would connect it. There's no dedicated passthrough as far as I can see but Lines 2 and 3 have both input and output. Are the outputs on these constantly live/outputting, regardless of the input...
  16. Amutforan

    Denon Master volume issue

    Hi guys. I've got a question, that troubles me a lot. I bought Denon ASR a11 many years ago and was using it for stereo and Home Cinema luckily for many years. Then I upgraded my system and bought new loudspeakers Canton Vento reference series 7 and then after a month or a bit more, my ASr11...
  17. B

    Amp gets distorted at higher input levels. What's wrong?

    I'm using a DAC which is connected to a graphic equalizer and goes into my Marantz PM7200 amp. When I turn up the volume on the DAC, at 12 o'clock position the amp already start to distort even on low volume. First I thought that the equalizer is the problem, as it increases the gain a bit too...
  18. WarHog

    TV default volume level?

    My Panasonic TX-P42GT60B defaults to volume level '30' when when the TV is switched on. But I now have a sound bar and would like the TV volume to be turned off when my TV is switched on, but I can find anywhere in the setting to do this. It always comes on with the volume at level 30. Anyone...
  19. R

    Philips 55PUS7394/12 App Volume (Tidal)

    I’ve just signed up for Tidal and very impressive it is too. One small niggle though. My system is the above tv connected to a Cambridge Audio A5 amp with dac in between. There’s a big difference in the volume levels between casting from my iPhone to the tv and just using the app on the tv...
  20. MrFraggle

    Question Soundbar with clear dialogue at low volume suggestions.

    I currently have a LG B7 TV with a Samsung HW-MS650 soundbar and have noticed that at low volumes dialogue can be unclear or slightly muffled and as this set up is in my bedroom where health issues mean I spend much of my time the volume is invariably low particularly in the small hours. Looking...
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