1. S

    Question Win 10 won't boot, dead Ssd?

    Hi chaps, My win 10 install won't boot, I just get a blue screen as attached image. I've created a recovery USB drive but the repair options in that don't work. In command prompt I've tried to access the C drive but I only get the info in the attached, it should show me the root folder I...
  2. Geoff_W

    Question Humax Foxsat HDR - Device not showing in Win 10 File Manager

    Whenever I want to copy a recorded programme from my HDR to my laptop, I have always used File Manager to drag and drop the file. Recently, the HDR doesn't show under the Network folder on my laptop, only Desktop. I've checked on the web for various solutions and my setup appears to have all the...
  3. T

    Latest Win 10 Update

    Hi Everyone, I've been seeing this on my desktop for a couple of months now: The Windows 10 May 2020 Update is on its way. Once it’s ready for your device, you’ll see the update available on this page. Does anyone know why the delay, please?
  4. scarty16

    Will Trump win in November?

    Simple question - Yes or No
  5. W

    Promoted What is the first DVD you owned? [Answer and Get WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Free]

    Do you still remember the first DVD you ever owned? Leave your comment below, we will reward each responder with a license copy of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum (originally $67.95 Valued) (The license code will be sent to you via forum private conversation within 24 hours) WinX DVD Ripper provides...
  6. DemonAV

    Help needed. Win10 stuck file on desktop issue

    Hello all. I have a problem with a corrupted file I created that is stuck on my Win10 desktop. I've tried using a CMD prompt that I found online but it just does not work. I've included a screenshot of the file (named MKV RAW FILE) and another screenshot of its properties. Can anyone help me to...
  7. razer za lazer

    Question win 10 upgrade cant downld torrents

    hi just have upgraded to win 10 from 8.1 and was able to download stuff from 1337x & limetorrents through my vpn but now cant connect to these sites whats going on please help
  8. JabbaNut

    New York Court for allegedly offering a €3 million bribe to a top football manager to win International TV football rights for Imagina, Mediapro’s par

    " The founder of Mediapro, Gerard Romy, and major shareholder in the group until just a few months ago, has been charged in a New York Court for allegedly offering a €3 million bribe to a top football manager to win International TV football rights for Imagina, Mediapro’s parent company. He...
  9. captainarchive

    Win 10 update woes

    So on Thursday I found my laptop was running really slow and wouldn't connect to the internet. Accessing the internet by other means I learnt the cause of these problems is the latest win update. The suggested solution is to uninstall the offending update. So I went into view update history but...
  10. reevesy

    Can't connect to internet now I've moved to win 10

    Hi all.....have just moved from win 7 to 10 I can't connect to the net. Keeps saying saying there's a problem with my network adapter /ethernet cable...tried resetting etc....rang my provider and the router is working fine their end...and I can't still connect wirelessly with my phone...
  11. JabbaNut

    Share Your Mind, Win USB DVD Drive & More!

    I was asked to share this link, if interested.
  12. Mezuri

    GPD Win 2 - Worth buying?

    So I've been tinkering with the idea of getting myself a GPD Win 2. It'll take a while to save up for it, and I want to make sure to get my money's worth when I eventually can afford it. Is it worth buying? Does anyone here own one or have you used one before? What are your thoughts on it?
  13. Cliff

    How will the new Labour party reform to win support?

    After the election it is quite obvious that the policies and leader were not popular with the electorate. (worst since 1935). So there has to be a re-think, and a clear out, rather like Blair/ Brown/ Mandelson did when the party needed rejuvenating. We can all talk about a new leader, but...
  14. Garrett

    Software To Play Blu Ray's On Win 10 Operating System.

    Can someone recommend some free or cheap safe software to play Blu rays I had a player installed a few years but cant play blu rays on it, for some reason Windows does not support the format only DVDs. Thanks Garrett
  15. B

    Question Win 7 Update Issue

    Hi I’ve been tasked with fixing an issue with a win 7 lap top that’s never been used on the Internet, hasn’t had an update since 2012 and doesn’t appear to want to find any new updates Also doesn’t want to down load any windows defender definitions anyone have any idea what to check / try ...
  16. T

    Upgrading to Win 10

    Good afternoon, I'm (reluctantly) preparing to upgrade my desktop Win 7 system to Win 10. I have several partitions, one of which (F) contains FSX Flight Sim. Re-installing FSX and a TB of scenery would take forever, so I'm anxious not to disturb it. I've read that I can upgrade to Win 10...
  17. Darren Heal

    Question RAID in Win 10?

    I have finished my home server project, or so I thought... Bought three WD Blue 3 TB spinning rust units, brand new for US$70 each, expecting to build a RAID5 array for storing ripped BDs and CDs mostly. Problem is the motherboard I have will "do" RAID 0, 1, 10 and JBOD but not RAID5. So can...
  18. DJT75

    No Win No Fee Accident Claims

    Just wondered if anyone had used one of these firms recently, and their experiences? A month ago, my wife opened a sash window in a bar because it was too hot inside, and it slammed down shortly afterwards cracking/breaking 3 metacarpals. The bar in question is currently unaware, it was late...
  19. reevesy

    Scrolling probs in win 10 help !!!.please

    Hi all. My daughter's got an Acer aspire using windows 10 and just recently it's had mad auto and erratic scrolling problems with the wireless mouse..tried a hard wired mouse ..same problem..tried a different wireless mouse.same. Googled it and tried a few suggestions..including trying the...
  20. Promoted Content Poster

    Promoted Win The Ultimate Football Festival Bundle with BOTB!

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